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NRIs Can Now Make Their Friends in India To Attend a Birthday Bash

Seems impossible. Doesn’t it? But it is true. What does a true family birthday party require? A Cake, Family and Close friends. Even though the people living outside the country have some close friends with them, what they truly miss are the family and friends back home.

But it was not possible for them to have a lively experience of the party in the first-place due to many technological limitations. But the times have changed and these constraints have come down allowing us to share the moments together, virtually.

Do you know about Live Streaming Devices?

The answer is not Skype calls. It is much better and livelier than that. This magic can be achieved through live streaming devices like Freedocast that can transmit large amounts of data while it is still recording. These devices which are named live streaming devices are capable of streaming copious amounts of data which means you can connect a Camera with HD resolution and live stream all that is being recorded. A steady internet connection is all you need.

Live streaming devices lets you stream your video in HD quality which is the first requirement of a lively experience. The device can be connected to a video mixer if more than one video sourcesare existent. They allow an input from the microphone or the sound mixer making the audio clearer which forms another key factor.

How can you Live Stream?

Live streaming with the devices is massively easy as the device is Wi-Fi operated and can be controlled via a Remote App. With just one touch you can start/ stop the live stream and with just one touch you can choose where you want to live stream. The device also allows live streaming to various social media platforms and your personal website simultaneously.

So, when you plan to live stream your Birthday event, all you need to do is connect the device to the camera and pair it with the app. And you are good to go. Ask your friends to log in to the same account and they can enjoy the event which will seem like it is happening practically in front of their eyes.

What makes the live streaming special?

The pain of loved ones not being able to enjoy with us is only known to some people. This application soothes that pain to some extent. The broadcasting of events might seem like a bit of an oversell but the practicality of this application transgresses boundaries. The usage is not restricted to a virtuality as it can be made real with celebration going on at both ends. A Cake is what makes the birthday special.

Insert that into the gathering of people watching the event and you will have a celebration which is practically two-sided. Include another camera and device on the other end and it becomes a full-fledged party with a virtual audience. Live streaming erases the distance that exists between the continents and the people. This feature, is the inception of a virtual realityconversations which can be the future of communication.

Where is this available?

The device is available on Amazon for and you can order it from anywhere in the world. You can know the details of the working from the website manual. The company also provides demos for some plans.Check out the link to know more.

No compromise with celebrations this time!

Navratras are that popular days of the year, which is celebrated throughout India with great pomp and show. It may be known by different names in various parts of the country, but performing Pujas is common to all. It is believed that during these days the deity blesses its choicest blessings on the people. The Pujas are performed at every temple throughout the country.

Every day the DeityBhagwati are dressed with new clothes, jewellery and accessories. Fresh fruits and Satwik food are offered to people visiting temples these days. It attracts millions of people to temples and often the main discussion amongst the visitors is about the dress and the jewellery the deity wears. People at home decorate their Pujas place and daily, adorn the idol with new clothes and jewellery. If you are looking for some reasonable jewellery items that could fulfill your daily or occasional Pujas needs, buy diamond earrings online.

During these nine days,it’s believed that Goddess Bhagwati resides in our house and to honor her presence we offer clothes and jewellery. Beautify your deity with your choicest selection of jewellery from the online store. When you prefer buying matching earrings for yourself then why not for your deity this time? Buy as many earrings as you wish and no doubt you will definitely select few pairs of earrings within your budget.

All the necessary arrangements made for the celebration fills us with immense pleasure and we bring prosperity to the house and family. This is the reason why people spend lavishly and offer free food to poor people during these days. If grand celebration is on your mind, then buy gold diamond bracelet this time. These are not just simple bracelets, but the masterpieces created by the dedicated craftsman. Don’t forget it’s not the jewellery you are purchasing it’s the exclusive masterpieces that comes your way through online.

If you wish to offer ring to a nearby temple or simply present it to the deity at home, then looking for diamond rings is always a smart choice. As these rings are available in various sizes, designs and price range you will surely have your pick. The store is flooded with ring design in diamond you can easily pick the one that fits into your pocket.

In case you have any special design in your mind, then to no worries consult the designer at the store and he will love to mold your thoughts into masterpieces. Share your words and before making the actual ornament they will present you with a preview of what your design will look like on completion. For other choices, you have Punyam collection to meet your special need. Be it a gifting option at some temple or buying trinket for home, the category will bowl you over with its appealing and spiritual designs. Happy shopping!

Thrilling New Zealand: Bungy Jumping

New Zealand is full of thrilling things to do. From hiking on glaciers to climbing mountains and exploring waterfalls, this country is one that brings many a visitor traveling in a campervan hire. For those who want even more adventure than they’ve ever had before, you may be pleased to know that there is plenty of opportunity for bungee jumping in New Zealand.

Because the commercial sport of bungy jumping originated in New Zealand, for the adventurer who wants to pay tribute to those who made one of the most exciting adventures possible, this is the destination for you.

Where to Go Bungy Jumping

New Zealand is full of fun and adventure for those who like take things to the extreme. Bungy jumping is undoubtedly one of the most popular man-made adventures in the country and there are plenty of locations to choose from.

To help you plan your road trip, the following are what are considered the best places for bungee jumping in the country:
  1. The Ledge Bungy and Swing-Located in Queenstown, this bungy jumping location is undoubtedly one of the best around. Not only will you be able to partake of the excitement of the jump, but the view is something that you could never have imagined. The thing that makes this experience unique is that the jump is entirely up to you and its 400m high. If what you seek is excitement, then excitement is what you will have when you visit The Ledge Bungy and Swing in Queenstown.
  2. Nevis Bungy and Swing-Have you ever heard of the world’s biggest swing? If you haven’t, then you will be in for a real treat when you take your campervan hire and head on over to one of the most famous places for jumping in the world—also located in Queenstown. Known as the world’s biggest swing, it’s no wonder that this bungy spot is a must-visit in New Zealand.

    The bungy will have you jumping off a 134-metre platform and the swing will have you swinging at 120. This may not sound like much until you are at the Nevis bungy location and realize what you are about to do. It’s not for the faint-hearted but will definitely be rewarding for those who enjoy extreme activities.

    Another exciting thing about this jump is that you can jump with the straps around your chest and not around your feet. This is a unique way of bungy jumping that is fast becoming popular as it allows the person jumping to have more freedom over how they jump.
  3. Hackett Bungy Auckland at the Auckland Harbour Bridge-As you have already begun to realize, New Zealand is pretty big on adventure, so it’s no wonder that one of the best places to jump from in the world is located in Auckland. It’s a place where you can first enjoy the exhilaration of climbing the bridge and then be “rewarded” with a jump that will have you thinking that you’re diving straight into waters below.

    For adrenaline junkies who can’t get enough adventure and physical challenges, the combination of the climb and jump is a thrilling idea. While you wait your turn, you will be rewarded with views of the Waitemata Harbour.
  4. Agroventures Adventure Park-If you are planning on heading over to Rotorua, you will be in for a real treat if you decide that you want to bungy jump at Agroventures Adventure Park. There you can enjoy bungy jumping at a great price, while also being able to partake in other exciting sports. It’s worth your time and will reward you with plenty of excitement.
  5. Taupo Bungy Jump-Another exciting jump over water, the Taupo Bungy Jump is only 47 metres high but it’s still as exciting as you would want your bungy jump to be. Here you can jump forward or backward or jump whichever way suits your fancy.
Bungy jumping in New Zealand is taken seriously by Kiwis. AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch are known to be the first ones to start a commercial bungy jumping service in the world back in the 80’s and they just happened to be Kiwis.
Now, thanks to their efforts, bungy jumping is a sport that is enjoyed throughout New Zealand and of course, all over the world. Something that makes it stand out in this beautiful country is that nearly every bungy location that you may visit while on your trip will bless you with some gorgeous views of the surrounding city or nature.

From Queenstown to Auckland, there are plenty of opportunities for bungy jumping. New Zealand makes it an even more exciting adventure than in most places, so don’t hesitate. Get in your campervan hire and enjoy the fun and adventure! There is nothing else quite like it!

4 Tips To Find A Good Dermatologist

Irrespective of age and lifestyle, every feminine in this universe wish to look charismatic, adorable, and exquisite; and why not, she has every right to. So they all as woman strive hard to make them happen. However, gone are days of natural skin treatments, in the recent years, there has been an immense advancements in the field of cosmetic treatments, and especially, with the dawn of laser therapies.

So, are you are ready to spend some bucks to get reborn-boost your self-belief and self-confidence?
However, every now and then they come across stories of worst cosmetic treatments and surgeries of celebrities, which have made been a topic of debate, conversation, and trolling on several social media channels.

Therefore, before you undergo any cosmetic treatment, it is fundamental to find the best, credible skin treatment clinic Chelmsford. Therefore, here we put forth, top four killer tips to make sure you get the best out of the treatment.
  1. Scrutinize Their Website-Yes, they all are part of this digital world, where just about everything is done via the internet, right from learning to shopping. Then, why not use when searching for a reputed skin care clinic in our location. Firstly, zero down on some of the clinics operating in your town, those which are having a working website. Check their website thoroughly-, the about us page, treatment information, but most importantly their portfolio. Most of the clinics nowadays usually put forth their rich professional portfolio over their website, with before and after photographs.  So, take a glance at them, and don’t forget to note down their contact details.
  2. Arrange a consultation-Irrespective of fact, whether you have decided on skin treatment, you want to undergo or looking for a solution or our skin problem,  fix a consultation with at least two cosmetic surgeons. Let them have their medical advice based on your skin condition, and what procedure they recommend. Once you are done with consultation part, search the internet to know the pros and cons of the skin remedy our prospective dermatologist, along with the reviews given by ladies, who have been operated for this particular skin treatment procedure.
  3. Does the Doctor Have Board-Certified in Dermatology? Ironic, but there is no such law in most nations prevent doctors from calling themselves whatever they want to. A recent report presented by an independent agency throw light on the fact that more than half of the dermatologists don't have any medical training and certification in this vertical, but have cashed in on skin care services. Ideally, the gynaecologist or the anesthesiologist operating on your face, injecting PRP injections have a certification in dermatology.
  4. What They Advertise? A doctor, having heaps of experience and knowledge, probably won’t have time to advertise. The only reason, why a clinic aggressively advertises over the social media networks, newspaper and TV ads, is that they don’t have enough patients or operating just for cash.
These four tips will help to find the best skin treatment clinic Chelmsford.

The Importance Of Lighting In Our Lives

Lights play a very important role in our lives and that is no secret. Centuries ago, light was invented as a basic need but over the years light has come to be more important as it became a part of various cultures and traditions. Light is the main reason of celebration for various festivals. Also, light shows the triumph of good over bad. Not just that, seasons are also described in various shades. For instance, the colour of summer is something bright and playful like yellow and the shades for winter are often dark like blue.

Also, light reflects your mood which ultimately reflects your clothes. If one is in a cheerful and playful mood then one mostly prefers wearing shades of pink or yellow or orange. On the other hand, dark colours of wardrobe tend to show your moody nature. Lights have an impact on our lives more than you could have thought of.

Similarly, the lights at our homes speak a lot for themselves and now you could buy luxury lightings online too. The online stores tend to have a wider range of collection for fancy lights than your regular hardware stores and they also give out heavy discounts during the festive season. This is one of the reasons why people often like to shop fancy items online.

With the festivities around the corner, we all know the string of festivals has just begun. So, I am sure you must be in a very joyous and playful mood. Well, you could use the lights not just to illuminate your home but also to infuse style and warmth in your home decor. With festivals, we have a lot of friends and relatives visiting us. This is the perfect time to do something wonderful with luxury lightings that would compliment your interiors even more and what could be a better occasion to show them off?

We all are well aware of the festival diwali, often called the festival of lights. Diwali is celebrated as the homecoming of lord Rama as per the Hindu mythology after defeating the cruel Ravana as a symbolic gesture of good over bad. Over the last decades, this festival has been celebrated with lighting the traditional diyas. Although it is a Hindu festival but, 90% of the country’s population celebrates the festival.

But, this year try ditching the diyas and go for a more eco friendly way of celebrating this festival. We all are aware of the situation of depletion in the resources and increase in pollution. You would be surprised by the amount of oil consumption that takes place all over the country. So, think eco friendly and use colourful lamps to celebrate diwali this year.

And, in case you are planning to get the designer lighting online, then hurry because you don’t want to miss out on the fabulous discounts that these online stores are offering. Also, you need sufficient time to have them delivered to your home. So, hurry and place an order quickly!

Geometry: Shaping the World

The significance of Math

Math is one of the most basic forms of understanding for human beings. Since time immemorial, an intuitive grasp of mathematics has been present in the human psyche. Even before Man could write or communicate effectively, the idea of keeping count and using a tally system was present. Mathematics can be loosely defined as the study of quantities (in the form of numbers), patterns, and change (in the form of calculus).

One of the fields of mathematics is Geometry, which is the study of shapes. It primarily deals with length (one dimensional), area (two dimensional), and volume (three dimensional).

In class 10, students begin to learn a lot of topics in Geometry, such as triangles, surfaces areas and volumes, and circles. The book prescribed by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is the one published by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training). It is regarded to be of high quality, with a wide array of intriguing problems and examples, along with solutions and explanations.

Geometry in Class 10
  • Triangles and Similarity-In the topic of triangles, the idea of similarity of figures is introduced. It is extended to the identification of similarity in triangles and their areas. Furthermore, it introduces the Pythagoras theorem which is essential to understand trigonometry adequately.

    Solving all the problems in the exercise section is often difficult due to the amount of time that has to be put in. A simple solution is to download the ncert solutions for class 10 maths triangles. It is readily available online, and can immensely help a student understand the method to approach the complex problems.

    10th standard is considered to be one of the most crucial years in shaping the future of a student. The score achieved in this year can help a student get admitted to prestigious institutes. Thus, the exams are written with a significant amount of seriousness. To achieve good grades in the 10th standard examinations, a student must put in lots of effort and hard-work.

    Solving all the problems in the textbook is essential to get a good score in the exams. Referring to the solution manual can help boost this examination score. One must remember, however, that the solution manual by itself will not guarantee success. Practicing and understanding the approaches to solving the various problems in the textbook is the appropriate way forward.
  • Coordinate Geometry-Coordinate geometry is another chapter in the NCERT textbook. It deals with the idea of distances, sections, and areas of triangles; albeit pertaining to graphs. By giving several thought-provoking examples, it brings about a clear picture of its necessity to understand distances and objects in the real world.

    While the cbse class 10 maths coordinate geometry topic looks fascinating and easy to comprehend, it is not so straightforward. Understanding the concepts in the textbook may seem simple at first glance; however, while solving problems based on these concepts, confusion may arise. Reading the chapter thoroughly and thinking about the examples can help in simplifying the topic.
Practice is the best solution.  Regularly practicing math problems is imperative for a good understanding of the concept and its application. This philosophy can be applied in all aspects of life.

Tips to use WhatsApp

Most of the people have and use whatsapp daily. It is needed and became a habit to communicate with anyone by chatting. WhatsApp Messenger is a user-friendly service that is completely encrypted and secure. There are many amenities and tips to utilize the app in a better way. With these tips, you can improve your usage of WhatsApp and can use it in a new way with more knowledge of this app. 

The people who don’t have this app or thinking to get it will try whatsapp downloading by knowing its benefits. Before any downloading of app, you should know about it thoroughly whether it is useful, safe and having multiple features in it. Here are some tips of WhatsApp.

Tips to WhatsApp

WhatsApp provides you a platform to talk with your family, friends, and other contacts by messaging being in any corner of the world. You need a smartphone or phone which meets its requirements, internet connection for whatsapp downloading and using for your daily activity. With the installation, the app gets stored in mobile and appears with its icon. 

You can create a shortcut for certain contacts messaging by going for More option and clicking on “Add Shortcut” in WhatsApp. This will directly allow you to talk to the selected contact without opening whatsapp and finding the contact from many contacts multiple times. Can change the font size to make it suitable for your eyes. For this, go to settings, and tap Chats. Click font size and select any size from small, medium and large options and done.

If you are weary of seeing one background in whatsapp, then you can replace it with another image or theme you like. You need to go fro settings and choose Chats. Now select the option named Wallpaper. Now select the image from gallery, wallpaper library, default or no. There is a trick where user can read the message of sender but make them not know about it. This is like a privacy trick to avoid blue ticks of the messages.

To get this trick activated, go to settings and choose Account. In it, go to privacy and deselect read receipts option. To type the message with style or to highlight any word or sentence in your message try to put words or message between two stars for bold font and underscore for italic style. You can message to multiple people at once by group chatting in whatsapp.

Security tips of WhatsApp

Smartphones have lock to protect the information and misuse of it. WhatsApp also may have private content, images and videos which are to be secured. For this you need to download an application having locking feature for all apps in phone. You can provide security for your app by pin, lock pattern and other lock features. 

To maintain your app safe and hidden you can hide last seen status, status and profile picture. Go to settings and choose Account. Click on Privacy and change the last seen, profile pic and status by choosing any option from everyone, my contacts and nobody and completed.

Bollywood Inspired Cotton Sarees for Perfect Casual Dressing

If you love the warmth and crisp texture of cotton sarees, get ready to find out the most alluring and beautiful range of these evergreen women staples.

Since Bollywood is what we look up to for every fashion doze and inspiration, check out the stunning traditional sarees draped by some of the most gorgeous ladies of tinsel town and make them work for your personal style to call it a statement. Hurry up, girls!!!
Whether you are on your work mode or living your life freely, cotton sarees are forever best to elate your soul and mood instantly. The best thing about the cotton fabric is that it goes with every season and occasion, pick what suits your personal style and fashion statement to make heads turn around.

Comes in a range of charming hues and striking prints, these ethnic women wears are designed to match the fashion needs and style statement of every individual. It’s time that you sneak into the latest exclusive range of online sarees available at IndiaRush which are Bollywood inspired and engrossed with latest fashion trends to give you the best ethnic wear collection of the season.

Also, find out these 6 selected pieces of cotton staples to revamp your Indian avatar now –

Konkona Sen

The bright combination of pink and orange looked beautiful on dusky skin and flawless features of Konkona Sen. She paired matching chequered blouse and opt for ‘No’ jewellery look to keep the ethnicity and elegance of the attire alive. Isn’t the perfect outfit for special office days???

Mini Mathur
It’s not the first time we came across some gorgeous saree worn by Mini Mathur but we always have bunch of complements for here outstanding choice of handloom and ravishing cotton sarees. The multi printed saree with plain white blouse is the perfect combination to exhibit your bold and beautiful personality for any event.

Tisca Chopra
Rocking in designer grey and white hued saree, Tisca Chopra looked royalty and extremely beautiful. She chose plain black sleeveless blouse to complement her outfit and made sure that she should be in the spotlight of the event with her fabulous choice of matching neck piece and clutch.

The beauty always goes towards cotton when it’s big Durga Puja night. She always opt simple, elegant sarees for these festival occasions and never fails to impress us with her incredible choice and fashion sense. Discover online sarees inspired by her looks and start your shopping for upcoming festival season.

Sonam Kapoor
The most acclaimed and eye-catching fashion expert of B-town slays the world with her dressing choices and fashion calls. That’s why; Sonam Kapoor is the first choice of budding fashion enthusiasts.

Shabana Azmi
We love her and simply love everything she carries with her. If you are looking for that exceptionally raw and rustic appeal, catch with this gorgeous still of Shabana Azmi and treat your eyes.