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Little Red Book the new lifeStyle APP in China

There is a new little red track in China - and no, chairman Mao has not written it.

Zhao Hangzhou ( ), which literally translates as "Little Red Book", is a social e-commerce shopping app located in Shanghai. The 18 to 35-year-old Chinese women's purpose in this platform helps consumers discover luxury products from abroad, shopping tips and fashion ideas. By the end of September, with 15 million registered users and half-a-year sales of about 700 million yuan (about $ 10 million), China has emphasized the attention of buyers and investors both abroad and abroad.

The attractive name of the company has also given attention - though its leaders do not want to attract.

Recently, there is only one small red book in the Middle East: the famous volume chairman is full of quotes from Chairman Z. Zong. More than 900 million copies are printed, Tom is just the second for the Bible, as the most printed book in history, and its widespread rotation in 1960, plays an important role in the personality of Mao personality. Used to pay

The selection of book references between zingers that "it is necessary to understand every communist reality," political power increases from gun barrel, and "if" America's monopoly capitalist groups have aggression and war If your policies have been emphasized, the day is bound to come when they will be executed by the people of the whole world. "

To be fair, there is nothing wrong with Chief Geo's book in Chinese, which is written as 红宝书 (literally, "Red Treasure Book").

However, in English, the platform's name presents something to a condom - and the company is not going to translate it literally, instead of choosing a simple manager, Red.

Red Little Spokesman Linda Zain told China Realtime that "Little Red Book" is a "very sensitive voice" English name.

"In Chinese, Xiao Hongzhou is fine, and our users are born in more than 80s and 90 breeds of youngsters, which will not be related to this kind of kind." Ms. Zen said. He added several times: "Please do not use 'Little Red Book'."

To make things more complex, the company's name is also Mao. Charles Mao - who has no relation with Chairman Mao - named Ji Huongshu, because Stanford Business School, Ms. Zeng said that a book is knowledgeable and its color is Alma Pea's color. After catching business emotions in Silicon Valley, the founder of Miss Company, Miss Mao, decided to return to China to start Jiao Hongzhou.

So far, the site name does not seem to be surprising in China. The RGG attracted the attention of the GGV Capital, which visited $ 10 million in this summer, and site users made an average income of $ 9,000,000 ($ 15,060). Which is compared to average average of 13,476 yuan ($ 2,114) of the average Chinese citizen, according to the recent company's offer.

It is difficult to find China's most popular products cosmetics and beauty products. Panasonic hair dryer on sale for one day, the entire month of sales on the traditional e-commerce platform was equal. And a three-year-old sales company on Red for Japan's CI, the online sales of a one-year-old online-run line in Hong Kong was removed.

This site is a strategic partner with many American, Japanese and Korean brands, including Japanese skincar company SK-II, designers VVV Westwood and Anna Shi, and nutrition company GNC. The order also includes Mini Guide Book for Purchasing in America, France and other fashionable fashion.

On Red Website, the last item appears in Q & A about the only reference company of Mao's famous Tom.

"Why is not your website" Little Black Book, '' 'Little Blue Book' '' Little Purple Book 'or' Big Red Book '? The question is that.

The answer reads "We do not know". "But by the way, due to our name (Mao's Little Red Book) is not."

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Tubemate: the best video downloader for android and PC

What is Tubemate?

Watching Youtube videos is one of the most popular ways to get entertained these days. however, it is not possible to download videos from Youtube site, but now this can possible with Tubemate. Tubemate is a video downloader using which one can easily download the Youtube videos onto one's device. It comes as an application for both android platforms and personal computer. This app is known for its downloading speed, as one can download any number of videos at the highest video quality only in a few seconds. Other than Youtube, one can also download videos from various other sources like Dailymotion, etc.

What are Tubemate’s popular features?

Some of the popular features that make this application effective are:

·         The Tubemate applications come with a media player which is built in the app, and one can sue it to play the downloaded videos easily from the phone storage.

·         It also has an Mp3 converter in it means one can convert a video into an audio file especially for music file s and podcasts.

·         Handling the video downloading has become super easy, as one can download several copies of a file at the same time. Also one can pause the downloading process anytime thus reducing the chances of download failure.

·         The application has one of the best user interfaces as one can listen to music and still use the internet simultaneously. Also, the app has effective drag and drops feature along with a useful search option using which one can find any video from an external source in a few minutes.

·         One can choose any resolution for their videos ranging from low, medium, HD to even 4K. it depends on the device’s resolution and also the speed of the internet one has been using to know which quality will suite one better.

·         One can also stream the videos directly without downloading them, also one can choose the playlist option to play the videos from the local playlist.

How to download Tubemate?

As one will not find Tubemate in the google play, so one will have to reach out to its official website where one can find an official download link. Before downloading the app change the setting of one's phone to except external file from other sources. As soon as the apk file is downloaded, install it into one's device. And done, the application is ready to be used.

How to download videos using Tubemate?

Downloading the video using the app is super easy. One has to first search the video using the search bar, then select the video and play it. one can see a download icon, which when clicked upon will open a choose the format option. One can select the format in which one will want to download their video. after that start the download and keep using the phone as usual because the video will keep downloading in the background. One can also queue download for later times, especially if someone wants to download using the wifi.

All You Should Know About Price Hike of Maruti Baleno Diesel and Baleno RS

Baleno has been listed as one of the most loved cars of India in present and all this happened because of the popularity of the car and amazing features. The rise in the popularity of the car has resulted in the increased sale of this car. This helped the company to have a great amount of benefit from the customers. The makers decided to bring some of the modifications to the existing models of the car. The manufacturers of the car brought some modifications to the car and now they have launched the best versions. The new Maruti Suzuki Baleno India is launched with a hike in its price.

New Features Loaded in Maruti Suzuki Baleno

This car has undergone some of the mid-life facelift in the starting of the year 2019, and now Baleno has received a multiple number of the cosmetic tweak in exterior as well as the interior of cars. This car has now received a dual-tone color scheme in the interior of black and blue color, with new SmartPlay Studio Infotainment system which is touchscreen of size 7.0-inch. The SmartPlay studio of the car is co-developed by Harman and it was first seen in the /Maruti Suzuki recently launched new Wagon R which bring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, in-built navigation, the function of voice recognition, and it can double the display by reversing the camera.

Also check more details about Honda Grazia

 The rear parking sensors of the cars now have been set standard across the range as the speed alert warning and the reminder system of the seatbelt. This car has no changes under the hood as it continues with old under hood features.

Price of Maruti Suzuki Baleno

The Maruti Suzuki Baleno diesel price got a rough hike between Rs 12, 000 to 20, 000 which depends upon the variant of the car.

However, Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS price got a hike of Rs 13 thousand approximately and it is a general revision of price. It also helps in creating some of the space for breathing for the variants of DualJet Smart Hybrid which was priced at Rs 7.25 Lakhs for Delta variant while Zeta variant is priced at Rs 7.86 Lakhs. These two variants got a hike in price between Rs 7, 000 to Rs 14, 000 in correspondence to diesel variants.

Choose Your Ideal One

Maruti Suzuki cars have been in the market for a long time and you can choose your ideal one from them. Thus, Baleno is one of the best cars to be owned for the use and luxury feel.

Do you know that finding a car rental discount is easy?

Need a shoddy vehicle rental? The key to finding the most ideal rate each time is a two-advance procedure. To begin with, you have to locate an incredible rate by applying limits and coupons and after that you have to keep a hawk eye for value drops.

Try not to possess energy for such research? Here's the manner by which to do it rapidly and effectively when you want to go for
lax car rental.

a) Instructions to Get Money-Saving Rental Car Discounts

There are commonly two sorts of rental vehicle limits. The first is offered by the rental vehicle organizations for gathering a particular criteria. You may get a rebate for reserving for a specific measure of time—like for a week or over an end of the week. You may get a markdown on the off chance that you are in a specific age gathering—like in the event that you are a senior. There can likewise be limits for specific areas. These limits are normally accessible through coupon codes; on the off chance that you apply the code to your rental reservation, you'll get the markdown.

When you need to get the absolute best conceivable rate, try to utilize everything in your armory to locate the greatest limits for your particular rental needs. This exploration can be tedious in the event that you do it all alone. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you approach AutoSlash for a statement, we'll factor in the best limits and coupons from rental vehicle organizations in addition to the majority of your qualified enrollments when we look through the Internet. Now and then your participation will convey the best rate, some other time we may locate a superior arrangement with a coupon code, and in some cases we'll have the option to locate a low rate through a mix of the two kinds of limits. 

b) How to Track Your Car Rental Reservation for Price Drops?

In case you're a sensibly bustling individual, it tends to be a noteworthy torment in the butt to look for value drops. You would need to remain stuck to your PC from the time you reserve the spot until the time you get your vehicle. Joyfully, it takes just a couple of minutes to ask AutoSlash to follow your booking. We'll remain stuck to the high points and low points of rates and limits and, in the event that we discover you a superior arrangement before you get your rental vehicle, we'll give you an email with the goal that you can rebook at the lower cost. This administration is 100-percent free.

Is It Possible To Get Maximum Discount Using Linio Coupon Code?

Are you looking for the best way to save a lot on your purchase at Linion? Choose linio promo code to make the purchase so easy and cost friendly. If you choose the code then you can confidently purchase all the items you want from the site without wasting time by looking at the seasonal discount sales.

How to choose the best Linio coupon code?

All you want to do is choosing the best code available on the site. There are plenty of codes actually you are required to pick one that offers plenty of offers. You must look at the product you are decided to purchase and then choose the rightful code. The codes are provided with so many details in that check whether the code has a maximum offer for the product you are going to purchase. In such a case, you must make use of some other site that offers the code. After that pick, the code included with so many benefits.

Most of the time choose the code that has so many numbers of offers such as free shipping, buy 1 get 1 and many more. Especially give preference to the code that is provided with 50% and 80% offers. The discount range alone decides whether to choose the code or not. If you choose a code with less discount then you only get less price cut. That’s why always remember and go for the code offered with lofty of discount range. In case if you choose to purchase a product that is expensive in general means you are required to purchase the product only after picking the code.

In case you miss the code and do purchase means you want to pay the whole amount. You won’t save anything from this. In the meantime, by means of choosing the discount code, you can save a lot that you haven’t imagined beforehand. There are plenty of benefits comes in after you choose the code.

What to do with the code?

Once after you choose the code from the list then move on to the purchase mode. Even you will be redirected to the page by default. Click on the likely products and then add it to the cart to start purchasing again. If you are finished the purchase then head to the cart and then choose the products you wish to buy by means of clicking on the “Buy Now” After that click on “Checkout”.

In this section, you are required to provide all the details regarding the purchase of the products. Later move to the code box and then paste the code in the required place. Finally, click on the convert to make the linio discount code as a successful offer. Before you choose to close the purchasing window check one or two times whether you have pasted the code in the right spot. If not then make it correct and then close the wondow.

Jim Feldkamp Educates on Terrorism & Counter-terrorism

James Lee 'Jim' Feldkamp has written and edited a university textbook named “The Theory and Politics of Terrorism” and has also reviewed and edited university textbooks named “Counterterrorism” by Jones & Bartlett Publishers. The Theory and Politics of Terrorism book helps in understanding the cause of terrorism, and finds out how various forms of intrusion are used to handle terrorism.

Jim Feldkamp: The person who teaches terrorism and counter-terrorism

Theory and Politics of Terrorism by James Lee 'Jim' Feldkamp explains the occurrence of terrorism by focusing at the theories and causes behind it, in addition to the roles of politics, religion, and public relations. In addition, the book discusses about the ability of terrorist groups to progress fundraise, political agendas, and use media to promote their visions and ideologies.

Jim Feldkamp has vast knowledge about terrorism and counter-terrorism as well as domestic and international terrorism. Domestic terrorism is basically the acts of fear which are performed by those who are based in and operate from the United States. On the other hand, international terrorism is a kind of terrorism which includes acts of fear carried out by individuals linked with overseas countries. He is the Commander USN Ret., who has been able to obtain a M.A. in international affairs from the Catholic University of America. He is also a graduate of the Naval War College. At present, at George Mason University, he teaches domestic and international terrorism, and gives lectures on terrorism and maritime security at US and international conferences.

Currently, James Lee 'Jim' Feldkamp has more than two decades of experience in Federal government and military and specializes in foreign policy and international security policy initiatives. He is famous for leading a successful international outreach and coordination initiative to develop maritime security and maritime domain awareness. Before coming to the world of academics, Feldkamp flew combat missions as a Naval Flight Officer. After this, he has been linked with the FBI as a Special Agent and has been a founding member of the Tidewater Joint Terrorism Task Force in Norfolk, Virginia. After this; James L. Feldkamp has put down his resignation from the FBI to take part as a contender for Congress in Oregon’s 4th Congressional District. He then went on to become the Republican nominee in both the 2004 and 2006 elections.

Jim then served for The Office of Global Maritime Situational Awareness in Washington, DC.  and the National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office as the international outreach officer.  He has skills and competencies in the following areas such as:

           International Affairs/Strategic Planning
           Inter-Agency Communications
           Countering Violent Extremism          
           Foreign Policy and Global Security
           Outreach & Coordination
           Maritime Domain Awareness

Jim Feldkamp has been summoned up to active duty in the year 2007, where he helped in setting up the international outreach branch for the precursor office of NMIO. In this ability, he has been accountable for the harmonization of all international and domestic non-classified information sharing. This helps in improving maritime safety and maritime area attentiveness.

5 Theme Party Ideas to Celebrate Mother's Day Grandly

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we are sure that you would want to surprise your mom in the best way possible. And to help you with that, we have curated some of the most unique and fun themed-party ideas that will help you celebrate this Mother’s Day:

Tea & Toast Party

One of the perfect ways to throw a party this Mother’s Day is by arranging a tea and toast soiree. You can invite your aunts and let your mom enjoy an evening with her close friends and relatives. Be sure that the ladies have enough snacks to nibble. Also, you can have a variety of teas, muffins, tea cakes, etc., that will add flavor to this special day. You can even raise a toast to honor your mother’s efforts and appreciate her for the same. We are sure that with all these efforts, you will be able to bring a wide smile to your mom’s face.

Pool-Side Party

Since mother’s day falls on the second Sunday of May, the temperature is predicted to be soaring high. And to help your mom celebrate this day without having to deal with this immense heat, you can arrange a pool-side party for her. Here, you can engage your guests in some fun water activities or any outdoor games. You can also have lemonades or lemon teas that will give a refreshed vibe to your mom and her friends.

Retro-Themed Party

Another party to which your mom can completely relate is a retro-theme party. For this, you would have to know about the kind of parties your mom had beena part of in her childhood days. You may also have a dress code and ask all your guests to dress as 90’s actors and actresses. You may also keep some photo props that represent this themeas it will add up to the retro vibe.

Garden Party

Garden party is another way to celebrate this special day. One can have the usual picnic in their garden or arrange a barbecue and enjoy some scrumptious food. You can decorate the place with some balloons or flowers, set a bunch of table & chairs,and enjoy this day with your mom and dear ones. You can also organize some easy-going games for the guests that will make this party a lot more fun and exciting.


The concept of potluck focuses on providing each guest to contribute something to the party. And even though it is one of the most classical party idea, it is still adored by people all across the world. Since it requires minimalpreparation for the host, they can spend most of the time with the guests. Also, your mom would love to know more about her friend’s specialty food and drinks. You may order a Mother’s Day Cake and dessert which will help you celebrate this day in the best way possible.

Also, don’t forget to get a thoughtful gift for your mother and greet her a Happy Mother’s day with a greeting card. We hope that these theme party ideas will help you celebrate this day in utmost merriment.

Everything you need to know about 9apps

What is 9apps?

9apps is an application which helps you to set all your platform and usage into one place. 9apps for Android makes sure that you can get your all sources in one platform, and you can get to use them at your own time. The 9apps help you to play songs, download it and do whatever you want. You can even play games with the help of this application. It is an essential platform which sets you up with all the activities into one place, and you can have a fantastic list of details. It is formed from the Ali Baba group of Multinational Corporation.

How to use it?

To use the 9apps for Android, you first have to download this. Once you have downloaded the same, you can use this platform for choosing a lot of sources at once. For example, if you want to play the straight games which are going around on the internet right now, then this app will help you to achieve the same. The best thing about 9apps is that you can get everything clustered at one place and it is beneficial for people who want to have their sources grouped into one single platform rather than visiting the others.

What are the features of this app?

There are a lot of features of this 9apps for Android. First of all, there are songs and downloading options for the same. And now you have downloaded the songs; you can watch different videos from different sources too. It is that easy and straightforward and it is the best thing about you having a fun time with the usage of 9apps.

What is the security management of this app?

The security management of 9apps is delegate and firm. This app is developed by the Ali Baba group of consultancy and frim and it ensures that you can use this app anytime and anywhere you want in your phone.

How to download in your phone?

To download the 9apps for Android, you need to get to the official site of this app. Once you have done the same, it is time for you to click on the download option. Once you have clicked on it, you will install this app inside your phone. Since it is sourced from a third party, you will have to check off the unsourced button and the checklist on your phone so that it can be installed right in your phone in the best way. It will, and you don't have to face much hassle during the download process.

Is it right for you to use?

The 9apps for Android isamazing for you. This means that once you have got this app, you will have your work done and it is an entertaining filled platform. You can use it in any device since it is compatible for usage. You can source into different tuning and live videos and at the same time make sure that you have a functional element of time management. And this app is safe to use as well.