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STX Entertainment is Bringing Hollywood Closer to China

From Bad Moms to Molly’s Game, Robert Simonds has repeatedly proven his expertise as a master producer across all entertainment platforms with STX Entertainment. Working on new age entertainment platforms and exploring untapped opportunities has become a trademark of the studio, and Robert Simonds is steering his team towards new heights.

With huge support from Chinese investors and partners, the studio has been able to give shape to a number of ambitious projects in the past.
While STX had aimed at working on 8-10 mid budget films every year featuring big stars, it has now taken the number higher to 12-15 films annually. This is because the firm has a strong association with Huayi Brothers, one of the largest film studios in China. In an article on Bob Simonds & Variety: “Can STX Entertainment be the next major studio in Hollywood?”, the magazine talks about how the idea of bringing stars closer to their fans will revolutionize the way we see entertainment in Hollywood and other film industries.

STX is not limiting itself with producing content to be consumed only in the USA. It has its eyes set on delivering immersive entertainment to the Chinese audience. Since its inception, it has been looking out for projects that would attract viewers in the region, and has even been developing content exclusively for the market.

The studio’s variety show Number One Surprise was launched in 2016, and it was the first time a US based studio had created a TV series specifically to be broadcasted in the country. It premiered on China’s Hunan TV and digital platforms Mango TV and PPTV with nearly 300 million views. By the beginning of 2017, Number One Surprise went on to be the #1 show in the country with more than 1 billion views.

Bob Simonds and his team have also decided to take the American New Year bonanza to China by acquiring exclusive Chinese distribution rights to Dick Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Another deal with Dick Clark Productions and Hollywood Foreign Press Association gave the studio rights to broadcast the 2018 Golden Globes Awards in collaboration with Tencent.

The company announced a co-development in January 2018 with the talented action star Jason Statham. The untitled project will be targeting the Chinese film market. For those who don’t know, Statham is very popular in China, and this will be one of a kind project which would bring the star closer to his fans in the country.

The studio also signed a deal with Alibaba Pictures in February 2018 to co-develop and co-produce Steel Soldiers, an action sci-fi movie. While the distribution rights in Greater China will be retained by Alibaba Pictures, it is an amazing opportunity for STXfilms to make new associations and work on bigger and better projects.

Not only these, the studio is working on many more projects targeting Chinese audience and giving them a taste of Hollywood. Whether it is Simonds’ profound love for the country or a strategy to enter one market at a time, the industry can’t wait to see how STX changes the rules of entertainment.

What to see before choosing a Lawyer?

Before selecting a lawyer for the case, we must see some things that are necessary otherwise you can get confused in selecting the lawyer. Lawyer must be capable to handle your case and he should have a lot of experience in handling the case. The fact is that; his experience makes him perfect even to handle the cases that cannot be adjudicated. Let’s discuss more about selecting a lawyer.

Investigate about the lawyer’s status in the court:
One must investigate about the lawyer’s status and for the same, they should ask to the colleagues of the lawyer that; is he an authoritative lawyer to handle the big cases? This thing plays a vital role to get win in the case.

Apart from this, you also get this knowledge from other lawyers and judges about that lawyer to whom you go to choose for dispelling to the criticalness of the case. Particularly, lawyer’s status matters a lot for your case to be analysed deeply so that; the opponent cannot get any chance to snatch the victory from you inside the court.

Ask to the lawyer about his exact fee for fighting the case:
You should ask to the lawyer that; how much of the fee he charges for fighting each case. This thing clarifies to your mind that; the lawyer is serious about your case and he has previously told to you about the fee for the case. All the professional lawyers tell their fee before taking the case in their hands. If you think that; lawyer has told to you the fee then you can positively trust on the lawyer and can claim that; you can win the case in future.

Lawyer’s positive points must be notified:
If you think that; you have to check the positivity of the lawyer then you should meet him and check his positive points. Besides, you should also check that; is a positive personality to test so that; he can positively help you to win the case. You should always remember this in your mind. His positivity in his practice always let him to win the cases.

Therefore, always check that; how much positivity the solicitors has to whom you are going to choose for your case. After checking the positivity if you are satisfied with the lawyer then you must choose him for the case to be solved.

More than 10 years’ experience should be matter for you to choose a lawyer:
If you observe that; the lawyer has really more than 10 years’ experience then you must proceed and choose the Solicitor . A lot of experience of the lawyer can make you feel comfortable and the relief to get the victory in your case.

This should be the first and foremost thing for you to notify because if you do not see the experience of the lawyer then it becomes little confused for you to choose a lawyer. We assume that; there are lawyers who are expert by having the less experience in their work but, experience matters a lot if you are serious to choose the lawyer who is versatile.

Wonderful Money Saving Tips for Life & Retirement

After the retirement, it becomes impossible for you to save the money therefore, it is better to save the money before the retirement. You should make it the habit of yours if you want to have the life of happiness. Most of the people destroy their money before having the retirement in their lives because they think that; they should enjoy their life after spending the money on clothes, cars, homes as well as buying the costly shoes. All you buy before the retirement should be cheaper because when you get the retirement, at that time you do not have that much money so that; you can enjoy the moments of your further life. Let’s about four major tips that you need to follow to save the money on time before the retirement.

Control spending time over the phone:

You have to control spending the time on your phone because the money you waste over the phone that can shatter to your dream of having lot of money after the retirement. Do not spend money especially on surfing the internet for nonsense things. Besides, surfing the internet without any reason can ruin to your money that you want to save for the heavenly future after the retirement. These days lot of people spend their money on the internet because they want to pass their time which should be not be fair in case of saving the money. In addition, protect yourself from surfing the internet and start concentrating on keeping the good amount of money in your bank account.

Do not waste your money on eating the costly dishes in the restaurant:

There are some people who have great fondness of eating the dishes with which your money can waste. Apart from this, you only have to remember one thing that; if you want to be the money saviour before the retirement, you should have the habit of eating only the cheaper dishes because you only need to extinguish your hunger. Eating spicy and costly dishes will make you extravagant and you will not take care of your money before the retirement. Therefore, you must think again and again before eating the costly dishes in the restaurant. The fact is that; the dishes you want to eat in the restaurant on the other side, those dishes can be well-prepared at home by buying the extra spicy stuffs from the market on good price.

Utilize Cycle when you think it is necessary to save the petrol:

You should not think that; anyone will make fun of you whenever you will ride your bicycle. This tip is very helpful for you to save the vehicle’s petrol. We all know that; the prices of petrol are prevailing day after day and people are suffering from the extravagance of money on putting the petrol in their vehicles. You must get your office on the cycle and with this you can save lot of money for your future after the retirement. Do not think that; you have to save the money for the life after the retirement but on the other hand, you also save the money for the present life itself.

Wastage of money on buying the expensive shoes is not perfect to be the money saviour:

You should not waste your time and the money on buying the shoes because cheapest shoes can also be bought that seem to look fabulous and the branded ones. You should not be showy in front of the people because your purpose is only one and that is to save the money for your life as well as the retirement. Thus, you must be the buyer of cheapest shoes so that; you can save a lot of money for the easiness of the life after the retirement.  

Get to know about the Knee cap of the baby?

When you see your little one crawling in all over the room, it will give you the new experience.  Did you notice one thing, while crawling baby speed is more than expectations? It raises couples of questions in mind. The first thing comes in to the mind is about the kneecaps. Is baby is having knee caps. The baby knees are soft and slightly rubbery.

 Know about the knee caps

 The first question which comes into mind of everyone is that do baby have kneecaps. If the answer of this question is yes then when do they get kneecaps? Baby’s knees are different from adult knees. When the baby is born they have patella. Bone is not the main component which helps in building it. Patella is made up of cartilage. This cartilage will tiffin’s and turns into bone slowly. This whole process of conversion is known by the name as Ossification.

 All the bones are in the form of cartilage which slowly coverts into bone later. Patella remains as cartilage which will not transform into the bone after the birth of the baby. It will take more time in converting the cartilage into hard bone. The ossification process in the human being will start at the age of 3 years. Within the Cartilage of the patella, there are the small areas in the bone which will start developing and forming. Well this process continues till your puberty times when it is converted into bone.

Children start crawling with their knees only. Their knees more pressure and brunt. But as the age grows more pressure is put on knees while crawling. Knees are formed by the intersection of femur known by the name as thigh bone along with tiba which is known by the name as shin bone and the patella. Well we are left unanswered about this question does baby have kneecaps?

 At what time babies get Knee caps?

It is difficult to say that baby is having knee cap or not. It depends upon the different perception of person. If they think that baby’s knees has cartilage then we can say that babies are born with knee cap. But if we think that kneecaps are solid bones then babies are not born with knee caps as their knees are softer than adults.  It is assumed that, their knees are like cushion which helps them in protecting from damage when they fall.

 It can also be said that, if they have bone like adults then if they fall, they will get their bone fractured easily.  The cartilage is soft and has rubbery effects which protect the children while falling and they are saved through Cartilage wall. When the baby reaches 3 years of age, this cartilage will start converting into bone.  Thus we can say that baby is born without kneecaps which will start converting into bone after the age of 3 years. We get the best answer of does baby have kneecaps.

Hair Removal Techniques You May Not Have Considered

For most of us, hair removal essentially comes down to two things: shaving and waxing. As we also know, these techniques aren’t always the most efficient or the most pleasant and can end up costing us a lot of money over time. With shaving leaving us with ingrowing hairs and waxing being flat-out painful, we decided to take to the beauty industry to see just what alternatives there are available. From laser hair removal to sugaring, here are four more hair removal techniques that you could consider!

Depilatory Cream

These creams essentially work by dissolving the hair you want to remove – yes, really. The process, for the most part, is extremely simple and mostly painless so it’s often a store-bought alternative that a lot of people are starting to turn to. Essentially, this cream is smeared over your target spot, before being wiped off after a few minutes leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin! Of course, this comes with its limitations, or we’d all be using it! Similar to shaving, the hair will start growing back in one to three days and it costs around the same as a disposable razor or a new razor head, but the tingling sensation can leave some people reluctant to use it again. Oh, and did we mention that it typically comes with a particularly unpleasant smell?


Similar to waxing, sugaring is the process of using a paste or gel filled with sugar to remove the hair. You’ll apply the paste to your skin and, similar to waxing, pull it either with or against the hair growth. Despite not being all that different from regular waxing, this method is far more environmentally friendly simply because it’s made with all-natural ingredients. There will be some pain, as you might expect, but the paste doesn’t tend to stick to your skin so it’s likely to be a little more bearable than waxing and with the opportunity to make these gels and pastes at homes, it could be friendlier to your bank account too.


Laser hair removal is a treatment that’s starting to gain more and more traction within the beauty industry. Essentially, the laser that is used destroys the root of your hair with light that becomes heat under the skin. As you might expect, this can get pretty hot, so newer technologies tend to come with cooling mechanisms to keep your skin cool and reduce the discomfort. This treatment will take a few sessions to see full results, but it’s also a much more permanent solution to hair removal with only hormonal changes potentially causing you to need a top-up in the future. This method is pretty expensive at first, but when you add up the cost of all of your disposed razors and wax strips, it’s certainly makes up for it.


Electrolysis is actually the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal and generally works for every kind of hair. Where laser removal has its limitations, particularly on lighter hair or darker skin, electrolysis tends to work for any type. By destroying the hair roots with small electric currents, this treatment is the most permanent on our list, though it can take up to 15-30 sessions to get the full effect. In general, the level of pain you’ll experience will depend on your personal pain threshold, but you’re likely to feel a stinging sensation for every follicle that’s treated.

Hair removal is certainly a taboo topic at the moment with discussion circling around whether we should be removing hair at all. However, for those of us who want to do it for our own confidence, knowing how best to keep up without having to spend hundreds on materials or keep shaving every day can make things much easier. Which of the methods above would you try?

Keep these laws and terms in mind before getting payday loans in Louisiana

Are you planning to proceed with payday loans to get instant cash? Payday loans are available in Louisiana as a perfect solution to provide financial help to all the individuals by the lenders. There may be any kind of emergency when people required instant cash with the loan. In such kinds of cases, you do not need to worry about financial help with any loan service due to the availability of payday loans. Payday loans are available as short term loans that everyone can get from the lenders without any kind of inconvenience.

Before the approval of these kinds of short term loans with lenders, it is important for everyone to know about Louisiana laws regarding payday loans. If you are also searching for all the information regarding the laws for payday loans in Louisiana, you can check it below in this article:

Information regarding laws and rules for payday loans in Louisiana:

If you want financial support services with payday loans you should always know that the maximum loan amount is $350 that you can obtain. The maximum interest rate will be 16.75% that a lender can charge for this short term loan. You should also know about the finance rate and fees. The lender will be able to charge only $5 fees for documentation for the process. If you are getting 40day loan with these lenders, they can charge additional $25 on your interest rate.

There are many more terms and conditions that you should keep in mind when you are going to get services of a good company for these short term loans. If you want approval of these loans, you can directly apply online with a good service provider. Almost all the lenders are providing options for the clients to apply for the loans online.

Get payday loan services online:

When it comes to getting additional information aboutLouisiana laws regarding payday loans, you can easily find online. The service providers may hide some terms and conditions from the borrowers but you will get complete details about all the laws in Louisiana online about it. If you have such information in detail before getting payday loan services, you do not have to worry about any kind of inconvenience while getting help with the professionals. Just apply online and get quick approval of your short term loan to fulfil your needs and requirements for a short time period.

Watching Movies at PVR Inorbit Cyberabad – An Awesome Experience

Cinema going is one of the favourite pass times of people at large. The just want to leave their stress and tensions behind and enjoy a little with their friends or family members. A few hours help recharge their batteries and they are again ready to face the challenges thrown at them by life. With fast-paced life and higher salaries, a lot of stress has also added to people’s life. This problem can be solved to a certain extent by keeping worries regarding personal and professional lives at bay. What good than watching your favourite movie with your favourite people.

If you reside in Hyderabad, check out show times at PVR Inorbit Cyberabad. The theatre is synonymous with gorgeous décor and unparalleled acoustics that makes movie-watching a glorious experience. The theatre runs blockbuster and latest releases in different languages. Once can check the timings of the movie he would like to watch and books tickets for the same. If you are hard-pressed for time, no worries, you just need to open your Paytm App and voila, your tickets will be booked in no time. 

It is very easy to book tickets using this platform. You just need to open the app, select movies, and check show times for the movie you would like to see and select your preferred time. You can even check seat availability and choose seats of your choice from among vacant seats. Once you have chosen the seats, you will be directed to the payment page. Select payment option of your choice from among Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Bhim and Paytm Wallet. These payment gateways are completely safe and secure and your personal information is completely safe. Once payment has been processed you will get an email and message confirming your bookings. The whole process takes less than a minute. Now there is no longer any need to stand in queues to buy tickets, you can do so in the comfort of your home or office or even while commuting. 

PVR Inorbit Cyberabad is one of the preferred places to watch latest movies. The theatre auditorium offers amazing ambience, perfect for an uninterrupted pleasure trip watching favourite flick. Sound system is excellent that keeps you engrossed totally and help you enjoy visual storytelling at its best. 

Location of this theatre makes it easily accessible. If you are new in the city, check out PVR Inorbit Cyberabad address and reach the movie theatre on time. It is located in Inorbit Mall, at Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana. It is quite a prominent place so no chance of missing it. The ambience combined with excellent amenities available makes this theatre quite sought after among movie buffs. When taking out a day from everyday busy schedule, it is natural that you would like to make your day special. Plan an outing with your friends and get a double dose of fun at PVR Inorbit Cyberabad.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets using and get set for a perfect evening.

Make Use of Professional Painters to Finish Your Task On-Time

Do you like to modify your wall color for an upgraded look? If yes, then you can opt for the best painter to carry out the painting task in an effective manner. Painting your house not only increases the value of your residence but also bring boosted look your exterior. The major benefit of painting your residence is that it aids in improving the lifespan of the building by offering protection against corrosion, mildew, water, insects, and rust. Painting seems to be a quite complicated task especially for individuals who do not have experience in painting task.

Importance of Professional Painters

There are plenty of things to be taken into consideration like pain type, paint color, materials and many more. There are different types of paint like fire-retardant, oil-based, lacquer, emulsion and enamel. The professional painters come in handy these days to offer best-in-class house painting job. The Painter in Chandigarh is highly talented and knows how to complete the painting job in effective and efficient manner. By having a painter on your side, you will be extremely free from the hassles of climbing ladders, making your clothes and hands strained and avoiding body aches.

Most of the painters come with necessary materials and tools to finish the painting task at budget-friendly rates. By appointing professional painters to carry out house painting task, your job will be performed quickly than ever before. However, you can also able to save your precious time. The well-trained professionals will able to offer suggestions depending upon your preference and taste.

How To Find A Painter

Anyone who is in the necessity of hiring painter can read the below-given points. If you have moved into a new home recently or planning to renovate the old one, then painting is considered as quite an important task. It is vital to consider some essential points before finding the best Painter in zirakpur.

  • Consider References: It is best to select the best painter based on your references. Rather than searching for the best painter on your own, you can consult with your contractors, relatives, neighbors, friends, real estate agents and many others about the experience of painters. By this way, you can able to get the best painter in your locality.
  • Do Background Check: It is quite important to do a little bit of background beck regarding the painter professional and hence you can also ask for previous work samples as well. Before to fixing an individual for a painting job, it is recommended to check his background details from Better Business Bureau.
  • Check for Insurance: It is another important aspect to be considered. You must also check whether the painter whom you want to hire is insured. Never forget to analyze the liability insurance documents of the worker.
  • Check For Authentication: Before selecting a painter, ensure to do a check on the license of the contractor. By doing so, you can able to check whether the painter is professional or not.
  • Think About Safety: In many situations, painting task might damage the other objects. So you must prevent the damage to the property by considering professional painter who can able to do proper precaution to avoid unwanted destructions.