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Catch your favourite flick at Cinepolis Westend Mall Sumashilp Pune

Today watching a movie is no longer limited to visiting a movie theatre - one can watch movies these days in the comforts of their own homes on online paid streaming channels or free channels.

What is it then that would make people walk out of their homes and sit in a movie theatre to watch a film?

Well if you need to know the answer to this question you surely need to visit the Cinepolis Westend Mall Sumashilp Pune.

For the residents of Pune and especially Aundh this theatre is a destination in itself. With a total of eight theatre halls and featuring movies in English and Hindi; local language Marathi; and regional languages like Punjabi, Telegu and Malayalam, the theatre surely attracts multi lingual crowd.

The sheer experience of watching a movie at the Cinepolis Westend Mall Sumashilp Pune is out-of-this-world because of the following reasons:-
  • Excellent location – convenient to reach the place from whichever location one is travelling. Well connected hence public transportation is not an issue.
  • Equipped with advanced technology the theatre has 2D and IMAX 3D screens with absolutely stunning audio and screens with latest technology
  • The only theatre with an IMAX screen in Aundh. IMAX screen renders crystal clear images; powerful digital acoustic along with tailor-made geometrical designing makes the movies come to life and takes you along as if you are a part of the movie.
  • Curved IMAX Screen and superior quality 3D glasses are additional supplements
  • Comfortable seating, movable seats, wonderful ambience inside the theatre. Well maintained halls. Small Theatre halls which means less crowd, lesser number of seats per hall, more space to walk comfortably, no stress if young children are roaming around
  • Spic and span waiting areas and well-designed lounges. Superiorly maintained washrooms with scheduled cleaning and filling up of dispensers and tissue papers.
  • Elite and educated crowd
  • Tickets are priced affordably with 3 categorizes – premium is the most expensive one, executive and normal tickets
  • A wide gamut of tasty snacks – hot and cold – served in the lounge area. So in case you have rushed to the movie and had to miss your lunch or dinner; no worries, you need not skip your meal as you can choose from the snacks available here. Cinepolis theatres are also famous for serving the best popcorns in the country.
  • Courteous and helpful staff
  • The food court, gaming zone, shopping arcade and the other areas surrounding the theatre are superb for hanging out with friends and family, before and after the show.
The Cinepolis Westend Mall Sumashilp movie tickets can be pre-booked exclusively on the Cinepolis website, Cinepolis App as well as third party Apps and websites.

Showtimes at Cinepolis Westend Mall Sumashilp Pune: All the shows at this theatre are screened in the afternoon, evening and night time slots. The first show begins at 12:10 in the afternoon and the last show starts at 11:20 at night.

The Cinepolis Westend Mall Sumashilp Address is The Westend Mall, 5, Gurukul Park Road, Ward No. 8, Wireless Colony, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007.

To spend an out-an-out enjoyable time with family and friends, go and watch a movie at the Cinepolis Westend Mall Sumashilp Pune.

A local’s guide to Calicut

Formerly called Calicut, the coastal town of Kozhikode occupies a significant place in the history and culture of Kerala. Since the 16th century, the town developed as a spice-trading settlement, under the Portuguese influence, when Vasco Da Gama landed at the nearby Kappad Beach in 1498.

Named after the Calico fabric produced/found here, Calicut is the third most populous city in Kerala and an important tourist destination in the region.

The ancient architectures, churches, mosques and the natural beauty of the place indeed add up to the city’s charm. But somewhere in its deep interiors, this unhurried town is still trying to adapt to the millennium lifestyle and yet trying to retain its rich heritage. Though the recent construction boom has sidelined most of Calicut’s historical monuments, a few still rise above the modern day edifices.

The best way to feel the pulse of a city is to explore it like a local. Book a taxi service in Calicut and take a tour through the city’s memory lane to see Calicut in its original essence.

Stroll along the Kozhikode beach - One of the longest sandy beach in the country, Calicut’s sea-shores are the best places to sit, introspect or relax after a tiring touring day. Watch the sun as it set in the glistening Arabian Sea. The cerulean waters of the Arabian Sea, the golden sandy beaches dotted by coconut palms is undoubtedly a picture-perfect sight of this town.

Sit under the ‘Whispering Trees’ - The Kappad Beach is lined with tall and thick Casuarina trees. In the hot summer days, if you sit under their shade, you can hear them whispering- a sound effect of their needle-like leaves rustled by the sea breeze. This could be your perfect spot for an afternoon siesta or to get your creative juices out.

Tour the Moppila mosques - Right after the Portuguese army was overthrown, the Moppila-Muslim community took over the town. That was the start of the rising Muslim population in this region. Their influence is still prominent in the Moppila mosques across Calicut. Though these rulers were from Arabia, the adopted the local culture and artistry of Kerala, which you can find in the buildings of their time. These mosques have a distinctive structure and can be characterized by the typical Keralan multi-tiered roofs.

Join the Malabar Mahotsavam - The Malabar Mahotsavam or Malabar Festival is an important local fest held in the month of January. So, if you are planning to travel around this time, don’t forget to join the festivities where you can witness Malabari cultural activities. The entire program comes to an end with music concerts and an array of fireworks. If you’re in Kerala around the time of the festival, book a Cochin taxi to get to Calicut.

Enjoy a seafood dinner at Kingsbay Restaurant - How can one be on a beach holiday and not gorge on the fresh catch? Set within a heritage Portuguese building, the Kingsbay Restaurant serves sumptuous seafood prepared with fresh local spices in Malabari style.

Explore traditional Malabari food - Like the place, the food scene of Calicut is also popular among travelers. Malabari cuisine features coconut-based dishes, in sweet or savory form. Sample a few local dishes at eateries like Cape Comorin or Dhe Puttu. While the former is a traditional dining place, the latter is an old-school eatery serving rolled rice puttu (dumplings). 

Visit the Mother of God Church - Whether you are a believer or not, a visit to an ancient church is always an interesting thing to do. The ancient architecture and the timeworn structure speaks of its past. Once a sacred church in its hay days, this religious site is also known as “Matre de Deo’s Church of Calicut”.  Founded under the Portuguese rule, this was one of the first Catholic establishments in the area.

Make a healthy and colourful holiday plan at the most beautiful beaches of Goa

Are you looking for a great and nature-friendly place for spending your holiday? Goa is one of the best places for you where you can coordinate your healthy life with nature. Many attractive and good quality beaches are available at Goa, which are really amazing for the relaxing purpose. Ek Omkar Yoga, one of the most popular and reputed yoga training schools, has 200 hours yoga teacher training center in Goa, at Arambol beach. So, now make a comfortable holiday with full of fun and health also.

Yoga is originated from India. The meaning of Yoga is to unite or to join. This is very beneficial for joining your body and mind to control all the physical and emotional demands of your life. The regular practice of yoga provides a positive, graceful and holiest effect on your body, mind, and soul. It will keep you conscious for all the time of the day at any kind of work. There are different development levels consisting of our physical, social, spiritual, and mental life. When you can make the proper development at all the areas, then you can get yourself focused, stress-free and refreshed.

Why is Yoga important in our daily life?

Yoga is very important for your regular life. It balances our body and mind and keeps us cool. There are many goals of Yoga learning:

  • Self-realization
  • Making your physical health fit.
  • Stable your mental health
  • Improve the spiritual level of your body.
  • Great social life with full of interaction
  • Detoxify your body.
  • Protect your body from injury.
  • Great for weight loss.
  • Increase the metabolism rate of your body.

The nature of Goa is really good to get all the benefits of yoga. At yoga classes, you will get the best approach to yoga postures and techniques. If you add Yoga to your daily routine, you can learn many aspects of your life. This also makes your body and mind disciplined, purify your soul, restful your mind, acquire a new skill, make your energy level high, and many more. To balance your personal and professional life, yoga is really great for you.

Different types of Yoga

  • Bandha Sarvangasana is great for making your spinal cord flexible.
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana decomposes your spine, stretches your hamstrings and your arms, fell your brain with fresh oxygen make your mind calm.
  • Balasana is also great for extending your arms.
  • Sukhasana is useful for decreasing your anxiety.
  • For a peaceful mind and great posture, Virabhadrasana 1 is amazing.

People who are suffering any type of diseases, which are health and mind related, can try yoga for every day. It will provide you the fast and efficient result for curing your diseases and make you healthier and increase your inner peace. In Goa, you will get the best and preferable environment for yoga. So, visit this place and make yourself healthy.

Importance of derivatives course for beginners

A good portion of the present people is getting attracted to the stock market to make their investment and to enjoy sound returns out of them. At present, with the demat account and online transactions, everything in stock trading is made a matter of few clicks. There is no need for you to wait for the dallies or bulletins to get the share status of the famous companies and organizations.

Now, anything from everything in the stock market is available over your phone. But, benefits of these technological advancements are not enough for you to enter the stock market and make benefit out of the same. You should have a strong hold on the basics of stock market and trading and here comes the importance of derivative course for beginners.

Know about derivatives 
Derivatives in simple terms are the most common type of trading contract made between the trading parties on common trading assets including bonds, stocks, currencies, commodities, market indexes, interest rates etc. Hence, as a beginner you should really know about the basics of trading, technical analysis, patterns, demand & supply, moving averages, future & options etc. to enter the stock market with confidence and to make your investment in the right portfolio. Now a day, there are reputed stock market training centers in the country to provide the best derivatives online course for beginners.

Quality of the course 
Quality of the course is so important to get the desired results from training. Make a good research and select the best institute that makes use of advanced training format with perfect mingling almost all of the important aspects that turn a trainee to a good trader. Reputed centers develop the course materials with the help of real market experts to assure the best in stock market training for the beginners.

Go online 
There is no need for you to dedicate your work or studies to take the course. Reputed stock trading firms are well aware of the intentions of the present generation and provide online training to help in completing the course from their convenient locations. Reputed stock training institutes of the country make use of the technological advancements of online interactive tools to assure best among the best in the online course for the candidates. All of the sessions are headed by the real market experts who are always ready to assist the candidates in completing the course without any doubts.

Complete course 
Training for beginner's covers the basics of almost all of the areas of stock trading including studying the charts, knowledge of trading on both Bullish and Bearish market, introduction to Options Greeks, practical implementation of greeks, basics of options trading, basics of future trading, moving average and more. If you are about to enroll your name in the best derivatives training online, then have a look at the course contents and make sure that it covers almost everything you expect to get from it.

It is a good idea to go through the reviews and feedbacks made by the traders and investors about their experience on course and training. This helps you a lot in selecting the best stock training provider in the country.


The expenditures that are needed with the rising market values of the commodities is not at all affordable to all the sects of the society. So there is always a requirement for the short timer loans in the form of the payday loans to help the people who cannot access to keep a fixed budget for their daily expenses.


The short-term loans have a variety of features that make them too friendly to the customers availing such loans. However, the interest rate differs from lender to lender. Some of the important features are as follows:
  1. The short-termpayday loans can be applied for as an individual or also a small business.
  2. Some companies regard the checking of the application based on the employment history of the person accessing the services. Some others give good loans with lesser interest based on a bad history of the individual.
  3. There is a minimal requirement of paperwork and detail filling for applying for the short-term loans.
  4. The loans can be approved withina very short time matching with all the policies of the lender or the company who is lending.
  5. The loans that are offered and the amount decided whether the short-term loans are secure or not.
  6. The banks which provide the short-term loans often provide it for 60 to 120 days. The repayment is often done within 4 months.


In many cases, it has been experienced that a person is crying over his fate for the bad credit history. Many banks refuse to pay loans to such people. They think that such poverty-stricken people shall never repay back the loan. However, there are many such organizations who work their best to provide loans to such people and assist them in times of requirement.

It may be such that the interest rates will be higher, but the approval for the loansis confirmed. Some other organizations also focus onthe arrangement of loans that will meet up the time period within which the loan can be provided based on the history of the individual.


sometimes it may happen so that many organizations offer the loans without checking the history of the person accessing the services. This is a great part on behalf of those who have always suffered from bad histories. These loans can also be availed by the companies who require breaking through the financial obligations that come in their way. These loans can also be availed by the students for paying off their school and the tuition fees.


The loans in the form of payday loans can be an incredible one to fulfill a number of purposes and can be used by everyone to remove any obligation on their way. With such generous organizations, thereis never a fear of running short of money.

Why are woman seen to be more inclined towards the idea of makeover?

These days thankfully we are all evolving and not following any clichéd pattern which says only woman needs  parlour or makeup or makeover, these days we are having so many man saloons and parlours and thankfully people are realizing that it’s not only woman who needs makeup or make over.

The man need sit too, and there’s absolutely nothing to be worried or shameful about, applying makeup or having a makeover  does not in any way means that you aren’t beautiful, it simply means that you are applying things to enhance the look, it’s the same logic why we go for good clothes and we have chambers in our wardrobe which says which clothes are for which occasions.

If you want a makeover and you are not really sure about the subject then you can access to the internet and know all about it in details and get the makeover tips in Hindi and other languages too which will help you by guiding what exactly a makeover implies and how efficiently it works to enhance your look.

Let’s have a quick look about how and what a makeover implies and why woman are inclined more towards it:
  1. It is absolutely wrong to generalize that only woman needs makeover, but yes in a scale of 1 to 10, the ratio for woman would be more because you are designed in a way where woman are more tender and graceful so to enhance their aura a makeover is done according to the occasion so that their beauty is flourished even more.
  2. Woman seems to look more poised and it is no wrong for them to get a makeover which would make them look like a princess.
  3. Man are getting makeover too these days and that is an achievement towards equality, because they deserve to feel good too, so they go for face and body massages, facials for occasions, tan removing, cleansing of teeth, and pedicures and manicures, hair colour, spa etc, and these things are normal, these are not restricted only for woman, even man can do things to pamper themselves because who does not like such treatments which makes you feel only better about yourself.
  4. Talking of makeover, you can get your eye brow makeover, where thin eyebrows can be turned into thick eye brows and so on and so forth, also you can add false eyelashes to make them look fuller, because eyes do all the talking.
  5. You can check out the makeover tips for ladies in Hindi and other languages where you will know about all the hacks that can be done easily at home, without spending a lot of money at parlours.
  6. For your lips to look more fuller and voluminous remember to contour your lips like your face and draw the lines by a lip liner and then add your favourite lipstick to seal the look and see the change for yourself.
Feel beautiful to look beautiful, makeovers are nothing but just a medium to multiply your beauty so that it never fades, because beauty is eternal.

Cognitive Enhancers Now for the Use of Brain Development

Nootropics are such magic tablets that immediately turn a person into a genius or not. Experts understand whether it is possible to become smarter with drugs. Nootropic drugs are agents that activate the metabolism in nerve cells and improve mental processes.Such medications are developed for patients with neurological problems. For example, for those who have suffered a stroke, suffer from epilepsy or Alzheimer's disease. They need to protect the brain from destruction and spur the nerve cells to live at the same level as healthy people.

The Right Instructions

If you read the instructions to the drugs, it turns out that a person who takes nootropics, thinks faster, learns better, remembers information and more easily endures high stresses and stresses. Therefore, nootropics are so interesting to students during the session and just healthy people who dream of dispersing their own brains and working in turbo mode. Nootropics are different. First of all, it is a real and not so modern approach to the therapy of psychopathological and some to vegetative disorders.

Smart Works

The real (true) are those whose main task is to improve the amnestic and cognitive functions. They pump the brain, and do not do anything else. Not exactly nootropics. It is a drug with a mixed effect. For example, some sedatives and anticonvulsants help to think faster and work more productively. There is no complete and generally accepted classification, because nootropics are not universally considered even medicines.

How do nootropics work?

Many nootropics act on the neurotransmitters. These are substances by which nerve cells communicate with each other. Nootropics affect dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, acetylcholine. The drugs activate all this chemistry so that the neurons in the brain are more comfortable and easier to interact with each other. Also, nootropics protect nerve cells from destruction and eliminate the lack of oxygen, and at the same time and simply increase blood flow and metabolic processes in tissues. In such conditions, nerve cells work better.

Smart Methods

The methods depend on the group to which the drug belongs. They are the modern ideas about nootropic drugs. They are the derivatives of pyrrolidine. The most popular is pyracetam. They are effective, improving blood flow and enhancing metabolic processes in the brain. The drug activates the work of neurotransmitters. They are the derivatives of dimethylaminoethanol. Strengthen acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, which is directly responsible for cognitive functions, that is, for training. The pyridoxine derivatives are pyrithinol. These top rated cognitive enhancers improves blood flow in the brain and metabolic processes.

They are also derivatives and analogues of gamma-aminobutyric acid. This is also a neurotransmitter, but that is responsible for calm. Were invented to defeat stress, but do not slow down the reaction, as usual sedatives. For example, the extract of ginkgo biloba is a tree that is resistant to everything in the world. It is assumed that the brain from this extract will become equally stable establishing Natural Nootropics.

What they have

They have polypeptides and organic composites. They have the composition of preparations peptides of amino acids. Similar to them, the brain uses the brain for the growth of nerve cells. Drugs promote the growth and preservation of neurons, why patients should improve memory, ability to concentrate. The action in nootropics is cumulative, that is, accumulates. To disrupt biochemical processes, it takes from several days to several weeks, depending on the drug. Therefore nootropics are drunk in courses. Swallowing a pill before an important meeting or exam is pointless, except that you start in a month.

Control the Comfort Level of the Room with PTAC Air Conditioning Repair in Manhattan and Brooklyn

In the summer, people want to turn down the temperature on the thermostat as low as it can go and lay around the house, perhaps with a popcorn in hand or a cool frosty beverage. Of course, such luxury is not always possible, for you have likely got lots to do in the summer. Second, your air conditioner consumes a lot of energy, and the cranky AC will reflect poorly on your monthly bills and wear the system a lot faster.

There are ways to help keep your home cool without using so much energy. You can accomplish this by means of routine check and regular maintenance which is so vital for the health of your air conditioning system no matter what brand of system you have installed in your place.

There are several air conditioning repair companies that offer repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement services for all different types and brands of systems. They employ expert professionals who are qualified to keep the system in top health by providing quality repair and maintenance. With years of experience upon their sleeve, they are able to handle all air conditioner with best results. So, it is all up to the costumers as to what company they choose when it comes to PTAC air conditioning repair in Manhattan.

Prior to the hiring a professional company, you should know some important facts about the process. This will ensure that the company you hire does the job right, and also ensures that you know what to do to take care of the unit after the air conditioning installation is over.

First of all, it is essential to add a timer after the unit has been installed. It makes no sense to have the system running when you are not at home. These thermostats will help save a hole in your pocket and energy.

Remember that air conditioning installation is always a complex task. Hence, it requires expert handling by professionals who are licensed, bonded, and certified installer. There are laws about coolants that must be followed, and trying to do the process your self or by hiring an inexperienced individual can make it even more difficult to get rid of the problems. You will surely find more do-it-yourself projects but installing an AC unit is not one of them.

Once you have chosen a professional company to handle the installation process, discuss with the installers about insulation throughout the HVAC system. The unit itself should not be insulated, but the ducts should be, particularly in hot areas of your home, like crawl spaces or attics. Spray foam, rigid foam, or batt insulation can be good choice, but make sure it is going to be used by the installer you have chosen.

Choosing the right location is the next area of concern when it comes to air conditioning installation. Be sure not to have the compressor or condenser to be constructed. Shrubs, grass, and even hanging branches can hinder airflow and hamper efficiency. Usually, homeowners want the unit close to their house, but at the same time, there should be a 24-inch open barrier around it free of debris, vegetation, or other possible obstruction.

It would be ideal if you allow the installer to choose a suitable location. Being in the industry for years, they can choose the location that will not be in direct sunlight, because this hampers the efficiency of the system. According to the experts, the north or east side of he house is ideal for air conditioner installation as it protects from the most intense hours of sunlight.

Without a proper plan of maintenance, no system is going to last long. Therefore, you must find an expert installer who can also offer maintenance and routine check-ups. By availing their service, you can easily identify the quirks and have them fixed before it is too late. Make sure the system is checked every year and stay at top-notch condition at optimum efficiency. Hire the experts for PTAC air conditioning repair Manhattan.

Even if you possess a level of expertise in repairing and installing this cooling unit, you may not have the right tools which are required for the air conditioning and installation. First, you will need an accurate measurement of the window in which the unit will be installed. Make sure the unit is not too large for it would be then difficult to install the system. If the unit is only a slightly smaller, you can apply insulation foam or caulk to seal the gaps, and prevent the air from escaping. Moreover, most units include an accordion-flap, which can be attached to both sides to fill-in the window. One should have a screwdriver or hammer in place which will be required to maneuver the mounting brackets. Once the mounting brackets are securely and successfully installed, you can easily slide the unit in place. Some units also have a drainage hose, which will need to be added to the outside of the unit.