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Must Know Updates about CBSE class 10 results

The results of standard 10th from CBSE boards are just around the corner and each and every student appeared for the exam is waiting anxiously to get their score card.  The 10th examination plays a vital role in our lives as it helps to decide the streams that we choose for a future career. Science, Arts and Commerce are the major streams a student aspires to makes his career with. Hence, performing well in Class 10 is of utmost significance. Some of the most important updates about CBSE class 10 results are briefed below:

News about the declaration of Results

This year the 10th examination had begun on 9th of March, 2017 and continued till 9th April. The results are being delayeddue to the state elections a delay in the declaration of results are observed. Much to everyone’s relief, the boards have conveyed that they are working on the processing of the results and shall announce it very soon.

Date of Declaration of Results

The boards have not provided an official declaration on the dates of CBSE results but according to NEWS Nation and other trusted sources the CBSE class 10 results will mostly be declared by the end of May or on 20th May to be precise.
Last year the CBSE board of examination witnessed a success percentage of about 96.36% for girls and about 96.11% for boys. This year, the board expects that the success ratio will be significantly high such that every student can choose their career wisely.

Where to check CBSE class 10 results

Once the Board declared the results of CBSE class 10 board examinations you can easily check your result and scorecard online before collecting it from respective educational institute. The official website of CBSE displays the results of Class 10 and 12 board examinations.

Steps to check results online

1.       Hit the link to be navigated to the official website of CBSE class 10 results
2.       Please enter your name and roll number and the other required details mandatory. Fill them properly as shown in your admit card
3.       Go for the submit button. Once you press the submit button the result gets displayed on the screen.
An Important Word!
Keep the print out of the scorecard safe as a future reference and get it attested by a gazette officer. Later you can collect the original results from your school.

Understand different aspect of buying a Point And Shoot Camera

Point-and-shoot cameras are specifically created for amateur and vacation photographers that want to record unbelievable images but don't want to get into the technological information. With a small size, simple interface and amazing efficiency, these digital cameras flawlessly fit the expense.

Point-and-shoot cameras are readily available in both standard and innovative modes. The standard quality compact cameras are almost totally automated, so all you have to do is simply point and shoot. On the various another hand, advanced ones have a couple of controls such as shutter speed, ISO, and aperture that you could conveniently change.

The 5 essential attributes you ought to take a look at for before buying a digital camera are:

1. Size

Point and shoots are small and compactly created and nicely suit the palm of your hand. If you wish to select a lighter one, after that you might have to quit on some features. So, go across inspect the features readily available with the size as well as your comfort level before you pick a specific model.

2. Battery Backup

If you're going to be doing a lot of your photographing when you're on a trip or on a vacation, then you most definitely have to have a look at what does it cost? Back-up the batteries will give. The quality compact cameras may have either AA lithium-ion batteries or the rechargeable ones.

3. LCD Display

The LCD display is the screen you see at the back of the camera. It gets on this screen that you will be making up photos and viewing the photographs you click. The screen ought to be relatively huge enough (minimal 2.5") for comfy viewing. The higher the screen resolution, the much better will be the image clarity.

4. Technical Features

There are some basic "camera" terms such as ISO, shutter, zoom and resolution you ought to know to get the most from your digital camera. An optical zoom is a much better option than a digital one, specifically if you are going with higher-end zooms. Optical-zoom cameras usually come outfitted with optical image stabilizer to ensure blur-free shots. The focal size of the lens is another variable you should take into consideration. A minimum of 28mm focal length offers an affordable performance. Point and shoots likewise come with many preset modes to assist you to select the appropriate settings to match the illumination conditions. Some cameras have features such as face recognition and red-eye reduction in order to help you click the ideal picture each time.

5. Videos

Many models of digital cameras have a video option. Though the video high quality might not be up to par, it's quite sensible for a portable camera. Most point and shoots let you capture videos at 320-by-240 and/or 640-by-480 resolutions.

Right here are some practical actions you could take to examine the camera when you are at the store:

·         Find a subject both close to and a distance away.
·         Have the camera shut off and evaluated Auto setting.
·         Quickly switch on the camera (to observe the time taken for the camera to be all set).
·         Take the shot.
·         Point at a subject and focus right away (to observing the moment required to focus and secure).
·         Use the zoom button to enlarge the image on the camera screen (to observe the sharpness of the photo).
·         View the photo at the sneakpeeks setting.

Coolpad Note 5 Lite Vs Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Comparison

Coolpad is a Chinese mobile manufacturing Giant based in Shenzhen, which has entered the Indian markets only recently and has manage to create a brand value for itself. Coolpad Note 5 Lite Price in India is kept low just like Coolpad Note 3 Lite, to attract more customers to use the product. Note 5 lite will be launched by March this year. As the name suggests, the products are manufactured as the lighter version of their prior releases, Coolpad Note 5 and Coolpad Note 3, which was launched last year in India.

Coolpad Note 5 Lite Price in India is expected to begin from Rs 8,999. It is a little  more than Coolpad Note 3 Lite, which is worth Rs 6,999 and an out dated model that released in January last year. Note 5 Lite, promises to give you all the latest features, with a great camera and a smooth user interface. The phone is said to have all the possible features of Coolpad Note 5, which makes its Lite version a must buy, considering its success

It comes with 5 inch LCD touch screen with a 2.5 D curved glass which contributes to its resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. Whereas, Coolpad Note 3 Lite comes with a 5.0 inch screen with 720 x 1280 resolutions, with a scratch resistant glass. However Coolpad Note 5 Lite Price in India doesn't offer any screen protection. Coolpad Note 3 Lite, takes the crown here as it offers a scratch resistant screen. However none of the product comes with any gorilla glass protection which makes them both a delicate buy.

Coolpad Note 5 Lite Price in India has surprisingly clear picture quality, thanks to its dual LED flash, auto focus front and rear cameras. It comes with a 13 MP primary camera, and has an 8 MP front camera. It also offers HD video recording of 1080p resolution. The phone is a true blessing for you, if you are running low on budget to buy a good quality camera phone. You can also make use of the fingerprint sensor, on the back to click pictures. Coolpad Note 3 Lite, comes with similar features and rear camera specifications, except, it has a 5 MP front camera

Coolpad Note 5 Lite Price in India offers Android OS v6.0 Marshmallow, unlike Coolpad Note 3 Lite, that comes with v5.0 Android, which can be considered a major drawback, as v7.1 Android Nougat is all set to take the mobile industry by storm. However one can’t really complain, looking at the price of both the devices, but this definitely gives Coolpad Note 5 Lite an upper hand in this competition. Both products have a Mediatek chip set and are backed by its CPU system of Quad core processor.

It comes with a 3 GB RAM and an internal storage of 16 GB which is expandable up to 64 GB using the Hybrid SIM 2 slot. Coolpad Note 3 Lite also has a dedicated slot for its expandable limit of only 32 GB as its memory. Coolpad Note 5 Lite is said to have a better user interface and processing system also looks promising, it ensures to give a lag free experience, but we can only be sure about the phone’s credibility after its release.

Both phones have a non removable Li-Ion battery of 2500 mAH, which doesn't come with any quick charging facilities. This can be major drawback as 2500 mAH will not provide for long usage hours. This might not the best choice for you, if you are fond of heavy and consuming tasks. Coolpad Note 5 Lite Price in India, still manages to give a better talk time, and battery of 12 hours, 2 hours extra than the other device.

Verdict - If you are looking for a phone, under this price range with the best possible features and technology, Coolpad Note 5 Lite Price in India should be your choice. It is compatible with all the latest technologies and features. It gives you the best camera in this price range. Coolpad Note 3 Lite being a last year’s release fails to deliver the latest technology, which the latest release can provide, be it internal memory or camera quality.

Empower your online store with a perfect Woocommerce theme

The success of an online business greatly depends upon the overall appearance and functionality of the e-commerce store it runs. If you are running a WordPress-based store, WooCommerce serves as a great solution to equip it with all the features of a successful one. Setting up a WooCommerce store is a simple and straightforward task, but it is actually the choice of the right theme that is the big question. While the looks that a theme provides for the website are important, they should not be considered in singularity. The choice of a WooCommerce theme is subjective to the needs of a business. At the same time, there are some basic guidelines that  developers follow while choosing a WooCommerce theme.

Product Relevance 

Primarily, a theme should be relevant to the products that an online store is offering for sale. It should create the right visual impact and give a voice to the brand. For instance, a fashion store would work better with a funky and vibrant theme while the one selling office furniture would find relevance in a minimalist theme. At the same time, the design should be clear and user-friendly, with all the basic e-commerce functionalities such as the cart, the checkout, and the “My Account” sections.


Responsiveness of a theme is something you must absolutely demand while availing woocommerce integration services for your online store. Responsiveness refers to the ability of the website to offer a seamless experience irrespective of the device it is being run on. This feature becomes all the more significant for an e-commerce store because it cannot afford to lose the customers who access it through mobiles. Moreover, websites that are not mobile-friendly suffer in terms of search result rankings as per the new Google algorithm. Therefore, responsiveness becomes an essential parameter when it comes to the choice of a WooCommerce theme.
Ease Of Transition

Another key consideration while selecting a WooCommerce theme is that it should be easy to switch if there is a need in the future. A lean, lightweight theme which is extensible for additional functionalities makes a great choice. Such themes enable a smooth transition if you have to move on to another one.

Fast To Load

The website loading speed is one of the key metrics that influences the process of WooCommerce Development. The choice of a theme can make all the difference to the loading speed of the store. A theme that has too may features, most of which may never be used, can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the store but hampers its speed. Such a theme should not be chosen as customers are most likely to leave a slow loading site, even if it excels in looks.

Compatibility With Other Plugins 

Ideally, a WooCommerce theme should be compatible with third-party plugins which facilitate the smooth running of the e-commerce store. The reason is that Wordpress is a plugin-driven platform.


Another essential feature to look for in a WooCommerce theme is multilingualism, particularly if you are running an international e-commerce store. The basic requirements for such themes that they should support a multilingual plugin and also offer integrated Translation Ready tools.

Social Media Integration 

Social media marketing is a vital aspect of online selling as it enables you to popularize your store and products directly on powerful social media platforms. A theme that supports social media integration can be a great add-on for your website from the marketing perspective.

Support And Upgrades

Since WordPress and WooCommerce keep bringing upgraded versions, the theme you choose can bring some compatibility issues as it gets outdated. Therefore, you should ensure that the one you choose is updated regularly to run seamlessly on the new software versions. You should also make sure that you get good customer support with the theme so that you can deal with bugs, issues, and upgrades in the future.

There is no tried-and-tested formula for arriving at a WooCommerce theme that is just right for your online business. Yet, you can look for these basics and get one that matches your expectations and puts your business on the growth route.

Top 10 Reasons To Have Good Water Quality For Your Home

Water is the elixir of life, a drink you cannot imagine living without. It is the ultimate health drink that keeps you hydrated as well as flushes out toxins from your body. Though its benefits are endless, drinking contaminated water can actually be life-threatening. It can expose you to a number of infectious diseases, some of which can be even fatal. Therefore, it becomes imperative to invest in reliable purification measures for your home so that your family can avail the unmatched benefits of clean water. You can have a filter installed in your kitchen. Another smart option is to have Filter taps, which happens to be a cost-effective purification measure. The other alternatives include bottled and boiled water. Whichever method you use for this purpose, the investment is small, considering the value it adds to your life.

Here are top 10 reasons to invest in good water quality for your home:

1.All The Contaminants Are Eliminated

The primary benefit of drinking good quality water is that it is free of all the contaminants. Normally, kitchen taps supply comes with a variety of impurities such as sediments, chlorine, industrial pollutants, and etc. These impurities are eliminated with the chosen purification method and you get safe, pure, odorless, and good-tasting water for drinking. 

2.Prevents Water-Borne Diseases

Next, among the top 10 reasons to invest in clean and high-quality drinking water is that your family is safeguarded from a host of diseases. Germs and bacteria found in unclean water can cause ailments such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and more. The best way to prevent these diseases is to drink clean water.

3.Boosts Immunity 

Drinking uncontaminated water minimizes the chances of getting sick. Additionally, it facilitates regular detoxification. Together, these things ensure that your immunity is strengthened and you are able to counter disease more effectively. 
4.Improved Digestive Health

Pure and clean drinking water has immense benefits for your digestive health too. It nor only removes toxins from your system but also helps your digestive organs perform better. Drinking plenty of water everyday alleviates digestive issues such as constipation too. 

5. Aids Weight Loss

Good quality water is a great therapy for weight-watchers, who want to shed off the extra pounds faster. It keeps you satiated and reduces intake of solid food. Also, a diet high in water is recommended if you want to minimize the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates. 

6.Reduces Risk Of Chronic Diseases

Featuring next on the list of best benefits of investing in high-quality water for your home is that it reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as cancers of the breast and colon. High chlorine content is the culprit behind the increased risk of these diseases. Regular replacement of Water filter cartridges ensures that your kitchen supply is free of chlorine. 

7.Keeps You Looking Beautiful

Good qaulity water not only keeps you healthy but makes you look youthful and radiant too. It keeps the skin supple and hydrated, as well as facilitates internal cleansing with regular detoxification.

8.Cost-Effective Measure

A smart homeowner would invest in a purification system in his home as it is a cost-effective measure as compared to purchasing expensive bottled water for daily use. They can also avail the benefit of convenience and ready availability. 

9.Tastier And Healthier Food

Contaminated water is most likely to have bad taste and odor. On the other hand, it tastes much better and becomes odorless once purified. Cooking with such water makes food tastier and healthier.

10.Prolongs The Life Of Home Appliances

The benefits of high-quality supply at home do not end at good health only. Clean water prolongs the life of your home appliances and also reduce the requirement of detergents.

It can be rightly said that installing a filter or investing in an alternative purification measure is the smartest decision you can make. It ensures good health for the entire family as well as makes your home a better place to live in.

Get rid of all your tensions with math assignment help

Are you stuck with your math assignment and don’t know what to do next? Relax completely as here you will get an insight about all that you need to know. Mathematics is such a subject that many students find extremely difficult and tricky. If you are also one of those then you should immediately grab the option of math assignment help.

Why is math always a concern for most of the students?
Mathematics is a wide stream where you get to study about numbers, equations, algebra, geometry, shapes, calculus, trigonometry, theorems, logical situations, quantities and a lot of other topics. Understanding all these things on one’s own can be a real challenge and may leave you in a state of confusion, and that is why many of us regard it as one of the most difficult subjects.

 Mathematics requires a lot of practice, and when a student is given math assignment,and then there can be many complicated questions whose answers may be difficult to reach. That is the reason why math assignment help is so crucial. Even though we have all the things given in books and on internet but they may not prove to be sufficient when we want exact solutions for our problems.

What problems can you overcome by availing help for your math assignment?
  • A math assignment may contain many tricky questions, and with the help of professional experts, you can learn the art of how to solve them in a perfect manner.
  • Sometimes a problem seems to be complicated because it is elaborate and you don’t know how to break it into parts.But with such guiding help, you can learn how to solve it in step by step format.
  • Even the most complicated questions will become easy to understand with the insight provided by professionals.
  • Sometimes it may happen that you might be using wrong formula or may not know how to interpret graphs and diagrams then also help will prove to be very beneficial.
  • With math assignment help you will learn how solutions are to be presented and after receiving the excellent presentation your grades will automatically improve in the class.
  • Be it any topic such as differential equations, probability, factoring, theorems, matrices and determinants, set theory, vectors or any other area; you can clear all your doubts in the best possible manner.
  • After availing help,you will notice that your knowledge level has improved significantly and thus automatically your problem-solving ability will sharpen.
  • In the long run, also math assignment help will be a very good decision because your subject base will become strong.
Investing in education will be your best decision ever

Aristotle has rightly said that “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” This quote completely suits mathematics as a subject because you may be finding it difficult today but if you invest a little time and money for availing help, then this subject will become easy for you. After the guidance from experts, even the most complicated topics will appear to be easy.

I have tried the medium of online help for completing assignments, and it proved to be immensely effective. So you can also try it at least once to see the amazing results.

What should be done to avail math assignment help?
Solving a difficult math assignment is a nightmare for many students and what adds to the misery is the deadline for submitting it. There is a lot of pressure today to complete the assignments on time and that too in a perfect manner because grades are dependent on it.

If you are also looking for math assignment help,then the best way is to explore the online medium. You will be just required to submit the questions online, and the solutions will be delivered before the deadline. Online facility is simply great because here the expert professionals will make sure that not even a single doubt remains unsolved and you will receive great quality work in the form of easy to understand solutions.

Exceptional benefits of availing assignment help for math
  • You will get all the work before deadline.
  • The solutions will be 100% original and accurate.
  • You will gethelp 24x7
  • All your concepts will become clear as the professionals will solve even the most complicated doubts in an easy manner.
  • Access to excellent presentation.
  • Easy to understand format.
  • Price for such services is kept at a minimal level so that no student faces any financial burden.
If you are looking for a way by which you can excel academically and clear all your doubts, then you have your answer. Without wasting any more time,you can avail assistance in the form of a guiding manual like math assignment help.
It will completely change the way how you perceive mathematics as a subject. After receiving help, it can also happen that previously you may have found math as a difficult stream. However, after understanding it to the core, you will realize that it is one of the easiest and the most interesting subject to deal.


The obsession of man with things that remain beyond the realm of reality has given rise to the genre of science fiction. As the ambit of science had spread its footprint, things that were considered impossible to even merit a discussion earlier became the reality of the day. In fact, the concept of driverless cars has been doing the rounds among automobile circuits for quite some time. A few attempts have been made in that direction to turn the concept into reality but it seems there is still some gap to be filled between the proverbial cup and the lip. Call it by any name, be it the driverless cars, autonomous cars, self driving cars, or robotic cars, what is now in the realm of science fiction is expected to become a reality by 2020 as announced by several automobile and tech companies.

Even though a few prototypes of such driverless cars have been seen on the tarmac on an experimental basis, they are not quite fully automatic to begin with. The reason being they still require some sort of human intervention during the course of the experimental exercise. The driverless cars in their true avatar are expected to be able to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ any kind of obstacle, recognise traffic signals, and analyse the movement of different types of vehicles on the road in order to chart their way to the destination.

As an offshoot of Internet of Things or IoT, driverless cars will have embedded technologies such as radar, cameras, laser beam, GPS, odometer, sensors, and many others to enable them drive without any human intervention. In the recent past, many a reputed automobile companies have evinced interest in building such cars and have reached agreements with tech or ancillary companies. A few such collaborations are Volvo and Uber, Fiat and Google, and Delphi & Mobileye. And the latest to join the ranks of such companies are Daimler and Bosch, wherein Daimler is the parent company that has used Mercedes-Benz name for luxury cars as its flagship brand and Bosch, one of the leading auto component makers in the world – both based in Germany.

The two companies are expected to leverage each other’s competencies to reach the twin goals of developing vehicles that are fully automatic (or driverless). These SAE level 5 cars will have software and algorithms of SAE level 4 running them, and are expected to hit the roads by the beginning of next decade. Along with bringing out driverless cars the companies aim to bring about a positive change in the urban driving environment. They hope to achieve this by utilizing smart systems to regulate traffic and enforce road safety.

By collaborating with Bosch, Daimler that has used Mercedes as its exclusive luxury brand by virtue of being its holding company wants to get into assembly line production of driverless vehicles instead of its prior plan of producing prototypes. According to the agreement, Mercedes shall have exclusive rights of using the jointly developed ‘system’ for a period of two years before the same could be shared with others. In this endeavor, Bosch shall be competing with firms such as Continental, Delphi, ZF and others. As the demand for automatic cars is expected to grow exponentially in the next decade (as predicted by consulting firm McKinsey,) Daimler shall be well placed to rake in the moolah.

Presently, self driving technology termed level 2 has used Mercedes E-Class as the vehicle to cruise ‘driverless’ on highways. And with level 5, the need for a steering wheel will be fully done away with. By aiming to develop driverless cars, Mercedes-Benz aims to tap into the burgeoning robo-taxi market of the future.

The cool benefits of having the best heat pumps products

Would you want to produce your own sustainable power source for use in your home? It's not hard to do. With the assistance of this Air Source Heat Pump as the husky heat pumps products, you can Heat your home and diminish the measure of your energy charges every month.

It is safe to say that you are prepared to take in more?

Over the most recent 10 years, an ever increasing number of individuals have been swinging to sustainable innovation to Heat and power their homes, organizations, cars, mobile phones, and so on.

The most mainstream innovation individuals have picked is sun based power. All things considered, Installation of sunlight based boards is quite simple to do and can give you some genuine advantages.

But, a more effective and simple to install technique comes in the frame. Why would it be a good idea for you to pick an Air Source over whatever other sustainable power source technique?

That is the thing that our audit is here to let you know. These sustainable Source gadgets work to concentrate warmth from nature and give water and Heat to your home. These gadgets give you clean energy that is anything but difficult to Install and can work a Heating unit amid the winter, as well as an Air molding unit amid the pooch days of summer!

You'll be happy to know from this audit these gadgets are fine for the lion's share of properties. They're normally no greater than a fridge and can fit outside the home. If you dwell in a recorded building, you'll have to get arranging authorization before you can really Install remember that.

As far as being proficient, the Heat Pumps like husky heat pumps products are like conventional boilers - they run better if your house is protected well. This will guarantee that a negligible measure of Heat is lost. Guarantee that your house is very much protected and breeze confirmations before you have the Heat Pump Installed.

Top five advantages of installing heat in home

Presently, you may think about whether it's even justified regardless of your opportunity to Install an Air Source Heat Pump. Its opportunity you comprehend the advantages you get from one of these gadgets. Perused this survey to help you know the advantages you are getting:

1.      Decreases your power bills

Did you realize that you could save cash on your energy charges just by utilizing an Air Source Heat Pump? All things considered, it gives your home all the Heat it needs and gives you half of your boiling hot water, permitting you to supplant conventional electric Heating.

2.      Decrease the Carbon Footprint

If you need to diminish your effect on the earth, what preferable path over an Air Source Heat Pump, as it saves five tons of CO2 consistently when it replaces electric Heating and 4.6 tons concerning strong fuel heating.

3.      Heats and cools at the same time

One of the best motivations to get an Air Source Heat Pump is that it works for both Airs molding and Heating, which implies you, can utilize it amid the late spring and the winter months.

4.      Installation is easy

Albeit most people run with sun based boards to Heat and power their homes, Air Source Heat Pumps are really less demanding to install.

5.      Almost no maintenance

Needs little upkeep and can toward the end in an overabundance of 20 years, which implies you can save cash for quite a long time!