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Know What Lies In The Beautiful State Of Kashmir With Kashmir Tour Packages?

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Indian sub-continent. Its breathtaking beauty makes it a famous tourist spot for Tourists. This state is termed as the “heaven on earth” in the entire Asian continent. Here are some of the facts about Kashmir.

·         It’s special status;The constitution of India has an article called Article 370. This article gave complete state autonomy. This has made the land of Kashmir a disputed land. The state has it’s own flag, until recently, when the article was finally scraped off, and Kashmir was acclaimed to be a union territory.

·         Its history:Hinduism was the first religion to flourish in the beautiful valley. Later on, other religions such as Buddhism and Islam flourished after the invasion of the Mughals.  Due to article 370, the state had three administration, Jammu and Kashmir under the Indian sub-continent, Azad Kashmir under Pakistan and Aksai Chin under china. 

·         The most popular tourist spots: Kashmir’s unmatched beauty attracts many tourists every year. If you ever plan to visit the valley, you should know the best places to visit in Kashmir are Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, and Pahalgam. Other spots in Kashmir which are worth a visit are, Shalimar Bagh, Chashme Shahi, and Pari mahal. Do not forget to pay a visit to the infamous dal lake, Wular lake, and manasbal lake. All these fallswithin the beautiful valley of Kasmir.

·         Seasons and seasonal capital: The place lies at the extreme north of the country, it is never too hot. Also, there is limited rainfall, so there Is not a rainy season as such. The valley mostly has summer and winter and spring, autumn, summer, and winter.  There is rare fact, which may be many Indians are also unaware about the valley; the place technically has two capitals, Kashmir being the summer capital and Jammu is the winter capital.

·         Dual citizenship: As mentioned already, the Indian constitution has article 370 for Kashmir, which had allowed the place a special status. One of the major facts is that the citizens of this state enjoy dual citizenship, i.e. they can be termed as the citizens of India as well as citizens of Kashmir enjoying exclusive rights.

·         Kashmiris: Kashmiris are mainly Muslims in the valley, the percentage of Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists are very less. Kashmiris commonly speak Kashmiri and Urdu. However, people do know how to speak good English in the state.

·         Accommodation: Kashmiris usually have unique accommodation, houseboats or shikhara. Tourists who visit this place can also enjoy the comfortable stay at these houses. Kashmir tour packages usually include houseboat stays.

·         Souvenirs: What should you check out in Kashmir? Their traditional Kashmiri dress, Pheran, the kettles made of copper known as a samovar, kangiris which are earthen fire pots that are wrapped in woven wicker, furniture handcrafted from walnut and other such souvenirs are some things you should check out.

Kashmir is one such valley that one needs to visit at least once in their lifetimes so, get hold of Kashmir tour packagesand visit the place soon.

Clinical sociology of Alcohol

The withdrawal syndrome (definition of the DSM-4 classification [ 6 ] ) is defined by stopping or reducing alcohol consumption that was high and prolonged, two or more of the following criteria occurring within a few hours to a few days after criterion 

1: autonomic hyperactivity, tremor of extremities, insomnia, hallucinations or transient visual, tactile or auditory illusions, nausea or vomiting, psychomotor agitation, anxiety, convulsive seizures, grand mal ,the symptoms of Criterion 2 result in clinically significant impairment or resonance in personal or social life, the symptoms can not be explained by another pathology The frequency of onset of withdrawal symptoms varies from one study to another, ranging from 13% to 71% [ 1 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] . Some alcoholic patients do not develop a clinical withdrawal syndrome while others have very severe symptoms. 

The main risk factors for the occurrence of withdrawal syndrome are the way in which alcohol is consumed, the presence of coexisting diseases and the existence of genetic factors. In most cases, withdrawal syndrome is a variable association of several types of manifestations [ 7 ] [ 10 ] subjective disorders: to detoxing from alcohol  anxiety, agitation, irritability, insomnia, nightmares. neurovegetative disorders: sweating, tremor, tachycardia, high blood pressure, digestive disorders: anorexia, nausea, vomiting.

Treatment [ 1 ] Objectives, context and conditions of realization

The goal of the detoxing from alcohol   is the entry into a process of complete and sustainable abstention from alcohol. This withdrawal is necessary whenever there is alcohol dependence, whether or not it is expressed by physical signs. To obtain a good quality weaning, several conditions must be met. Achieve optimal comfort and safety conditions to prevent or treat withdrawal syndrome, Provide outpatient or institutional care for prolonged therapeutic follow-up, Help the patient to make the withdrawal process a positive and rewarding long-term personal, family and professional experience. 

Clinical signs remain the essential criteria for evaluating withdrawal syndrome and alcohol dependence. Many scales have been proposed. The severity of withdrawal symptoms can be particularly appreciated by the CIWA- The Cushman index is a clinical scale of severity, usable by medical and nursing staff [ 7 ]. For alcohol dependence, the abbreviated MAST or Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST) short form, the DETA questionnaire, the French CAGE questionnaire and the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) can be used. The DETA and AUDIT questionnaires are mainly used to screen at-risk consumers, the MAST questionnaire being an aid to the diagnosis of dependence [ 1 ] [ 12

10 Simple Things You Can Do for the Ocean

The ocean is responsible for all life on Earth. You can witness a great deal of its majesty by going on whale sightings today. There are plenty of other simple things you can do that have an impact on the planet’s seas.

Reduce Energy Consumption

There are several ways to bring down your carbon footprint. You can unplug appliances when they are not in use, and you can switch over to energy-efficient lightbulbs. At your office building, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator.


Millions of tons of trash get thrown out every year, and Americans recycle less than 2% of it. This is why so much plastic ends up in the oceans, and it cannot biodegrade. You should only purchase products made from sustainable materials and recycle as much as you can.

Donate to Organizations That Protect the Oceans

If you have money to spare, then you can make tax-deductible donations to charities that protect ocean habitats. Some good organizations to donate to include Oceana, Project AWARE Foundation and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Pick Up Litter

Many organizations set up litter pick-up days around San Diego. This is where you volunteer your time to help clean up beaches. The San Diego whale watching season is a great time to do it, and you will truly make a difference.

Avoid Items Made From Marine Life

As a tourist, you may want to purchase a souvenir at the beach. However, you should not buy anything made from sea turtle shells or shark teeth or fins. These products contribute to the destruction of marine ecosystems.

 Buy Ocean-Friendly Items

Many cosmetics advertise how they use sustainable methods. You should not use any products that contain microbeads because they end up in the ocean, and they are too small for filtration. You should also avoid cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals.

Eat Sustainable Seafood

Find restaurants and seafood markets near you that use sustainable fish. You can make sure the fish you are eating is not being fished to the point of depletion.

Check Tire Pressure

The world’s driving habits are destroying the ocean. You can reduce your carbon footprint by making sure your car’s tires are properly filled at all times because it helps your car use less gas.

Use Your Own Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles are a major contributor to ocean degradation. The plastic has to go somewhere, so you can use less plastic by purchasing a reusable water bottle.

Encourage Others To Do Their Part

It is great if you take active steps to protect the environment. However, it is not enough for one person to contribute. Everyone has to do their part. That is why you need to encourage your friends and family members to also take steps to protect the oceans.

It is great to have some fun during San Diego whale watching season. However, you should help out the planet while you are out having some fun. A sailing company near you will be able to show you a good time while providing you with more information about how to protect the planet’s seas.

5 Job Titles that will be Reborn for AI ML

Energy is with the AI ML trends, as enthusiasts run with high spirits to chase down the most complex problems ever faced by the human race. Slowly but surely, AI’s promising run of event until now has been attributed to the way engineers and analysts from leading Data Science Training programs have up-skilled themselves toward the future of advanced technologies.

As we advance into a decade of uncertainly around how businesses look to import AI into their systems, here are 5 new job profiles in data science that will be reborn for AI ML economy.

Data Gatherers

Much like the gatherers in the pack of ancient cavemen society, we will have data gatherers who will scour through tons of data from every possible field. Salary-wise, it would be mostly an entry level job for AI ML professionals.


The pack of analysts who will go for the kill in the AI economy – the data hunters would belong to the top-notch cadre of the AI pyramid. These will follow the analytics from AI Models to not just bring home revenue but also design useful Data Science training courses for enterprise setups.
Hunters will be paid at par with mid-level AI engineers and Data Science executives with at least 5 years of experience in Big Data analytics.


Data Scavengers will be an interesting portfolio for neophytes in the AI ML industry. This group of engineers and analysts would help clean up the system of Deep Learning and Dark Data by enabling ML models with upgraded automation and cognitive intelligence. Data Scavengers would be employed by the leading Cloud AI companies for advanced risk analytics, predictive intelligence, IoT learning and so on.


Decompose Analytics would work with data that has been found to have no value for any of the existing operations, but still need to be stored. In AI, we are already reeling under an enormous pressure of ambiguous data and data decay – both phenomena risking billions of dollars for the Data Management platforms. With Decompose teams for data management in AI ML, we can see an end to this decay and ambiguity.

Augmented Workers

According to Deloitte’s survey of Enterprise AI, all companies are eyeing two things for the future –
Firstly, can current workforce be augmented with better skills, technology and culture to support AI and Automation?

Or, secondly, can AI wholly replace workers?

Out of these, most AI research companies would hire Augmented Workers to strike a balance between adopting Enterprise AI for workforce automation in machine-to-machine communication and augmented intelligence.

All these roles would be specific to the AI tribe that we will see hired for skills, talent and longevity.

What are the different types of Riders in Term Insurance?

Life is unpredictable, and you never know a playing child, a healthy man, a sitting person may face death in any situations of time under any circumstances. So, getting term insurance could provide death benefits in the form of sum assured. Several accidents or people falling prey to various critical diseases are on the rise. It is advisable to purchase a rider on top of the base plan. This would ensure that the sum assured is sufficient to fulfil a person’s need.

There are various categories of riders associated with Term Plan, which is available in India. These are:

1)      Accidental Death:

If death is caused due to accident, in such case accidental death rider is beneficial. Accidental Death rider provides supplementary sum assured in such cases. The premium charged for this rider is low generally between 60-70% of sum assured. People who travel frequently or for people who work in under challenging conditions, for the Term Insurance is vital. There are certain limits imposed on the sum assured.

2)      Permanent and Partial Disability:

If you are permanently disabled due to some accident, then Permanent and Partial Disability Rider is what you need. This is only for disability occurring due to accidents. Total disability will provide complete sum assured or partial disability provide partial sum assured. Few of the companies offer installments for 5 to 10 years. It also combined with Accidental Death Rider.

3)      Critical Illness Rider:

Some major diseases like heart attack, kidney failure, coronary artery bypass, etc. could affect our lives in many ways. It could be very costly. In such cases, riders provide a diagnosis for medical illnesses which was already pre-specified in the policy. Riders would cover the cost of a critical illness but not like health insurance. Lots of earnings are compensated.

4)      Waiver of Premium Rider:

If during payment of term insurance plan, there occurs an accident due to which you are unable to work, and you don’t have any source of income. In such cases the policy expires, so you would be spared if you have a waiver of premium rider. All premiums are waived off during disability at the term of the premium.  Even if the company pays premiums, the policy doesn't expire. It is well suited for people with risky lifestyle wherein the accidents rates are higher.

5)      Income benefit Rider:

One must always think about family, what they will do once you are no more in this world. So in such cases, it is always suggested to purchase Income Benefit Rider. It provides additionalincome to family for the next 5 to 10 years apart from the sum assured which is provided after the insured's death. A percentage of sum assured to given to the family or nominee. It is always recommended for the breadwinners of the family.

6)      Accelerated Death Benefit Rider:

In case you are suffering from some illnesses, and you got jobless, then you will have to bear the medical expenses for your treatment. Using this rider, you can receive a partial amount of sum assured for treatment.  This expense can be used for treatment or medical expenses if you have only 12 months left to survive.  The rest amount is paid to the nominee to support them in case of loss of their dependent family member. This rider is a low-cost rider.

Depending upon our family conditions, we must choose a perfect term insurance rider to ensure that we can live with enough money even after the death of the breadwinner. It is always important to read all the terms and conditions before purchasing a rider because different companies have different conditions for providing policies.
In the end, stay safe, stay insured.

Sell Your Car? Check These Out Before Selling Your Car

Planning to sell a car? Selling your car if you’re a first-timer is a bit stressful. Though it sounds simple, there’s a lot of important things you should consider before posting it online. As a car seller, you must be prepared from the inquiries of prospective buyers, take them for a test drive, price haggling, having a deal on a reasonable price, saying goodbye to your beloved vehicle, and the end of the transaction.

But there’s more than that, it’ll take a lot of good notes and sentences to summarize the overall process of selling a car. And it’s way more complicated if you are preparing your beloved car for a sale. To explain this problem, below are some important factors you need to consider before selling out your car.

Prepare the Car Documents

Prepare and inspect all the car’s documents and check if these are complete to show to a prospective buyer. Documents are important because it gives an assurance to the buyer that your car is legit and not shady.

But in some cases, if your car is still on loan, you need to make sure that you put the exact amount of the assume balance. For your peace of mind, ask the bank or the lending company on what could be the essential documents you need to complete before selling out your car.
In addition, you also need to prepare these following:

       Car manual (if any)
       Car brochures (if any)
       Service books (if any)
       Car records
       Documents related to car sales
       Documents related to car repairs
       Documents related to ownership
       And, documents related to the maintenance of the car

Inspect Your Car

Before selling your car, it is recommended to have checked it first to a professional. They’ll see if your car is still on a good running condition. Plus, getting it inspected by a professional will give you the idea of what could be the current reasonable price of your car.

A professional or a third party will point out the problem (if any) in your car that you are not aware of. When that happens, you only have two options: have them repair or leave it be, and sell it for a much lower price.

Clean Your Beloved Car

They say, first impression last. The same goes for selling a car, your car needs to be decent inside and out. Always present your car in its best possible physical condition so you’ll have the right to post a good price on it.

Below are some suggestions:

Car’s Interior:

       Clean Knobs, Buttons, and Gear shifts
       Ditch the Car odor
       Change or clean your car’s leather upholstery
       Clean your car’s carpets, mats, and cloth upholstery
       Clean your trunk

Car’s Exterior

       Clean the car’s body
       Wipe out the windows
       Check the tires
       Car plates
       Clean out exterior stains
       Repair dents and scratches (if any)
       Check the car engine
       Replace or check the car battery
       Clean out the compartment
       Clean your car’s cup holders, phone holders, radio, and etc.

If you have an extra budget with you, have your beloved car a professional clean. They will know the appropriate tools when cleaning the car and they are knowledgeable enough to repair any dents and scratches at a minimal cost. If the car is neat and clean, take a good shot of your beloved car before selling it out online.

If you’re looking for a reliable car selling platform, check that out and sell my car here!

Free Classifieds Ads To Enable The Traffic To Boost Your Sales

Promotional activities are higher in demands among most of the business owners as well as their prospect customers by offering innovative approach. These activities include lots of activities which require picking various websites from different niche which can help you to promote your business in an augmented ways. Blog posting, content syndication, forum posting, blog commenting and various other activities still exist with their grace and being used by various individuals to promote their product or services ahead to their customers. However, all of these activities come with their own benefits and you can use these benefits by using these websites.

Ad posting has its own benefits

Among various other promotional activities available, ad posting come with its own benefits. You can post your free classifieds ads in these websites by selecting a suitable category and by this way you are going to achieve the traffic from a targeted category. These websites accept ads anytime and you can post your requirements, whether, it is based on a new product or an old one. Best thing when promoting your business in a classifieds is the ability to accept your ads free or paid. You can post your ads either free of cost or you can acquire premium membership as to make it really impressive and ahead to your customers.

If you don’t think the ad posted by you is worthwhile, you can alter it by developing the content as per your needs. You can identify from your customers what they are expecting and based on their requirements, you can add the sentence or can remove them from any ad. There is also no such limitations on posting multiple ads. You can post lots of ads as per your requirements and it will help you to get a great exposure of your business ahead to your customers. 

Finding the websites accepting free classifieds ads not only saves time but money as well. You can find lots of websites which are no registration websites and you don’t need to be worried about registration process which takes lots of time. By using these websites, you can post the ads as per your requirements and there are no such limitations but you can add your business information as per your requirements and it will help your customers to know well about you. You can also include the images of your product or service as well as the contact details of your business to help your customers to contact you anytime.

The course of treatment for lung diseases

Lungs are as important as the heart and brain in a human body. But unhealthy lifestyle and smoking can cause major damage to it. To keep your lungs healthy here are some lifestyle changes you can follow.

 Leave smoking- Cigarette smoking is the main reason that injures your lungs. Cigarette smoke narrows the airways and cause breathing trouble. Prolonged smoking progressivelyharms the lung tissue and leads to lung cancer where the situation is irreparable. It is never too late to getprofits from leaving smoking.

Avoid contact to pollutants- Contact to inactive smoking, outdoor pollution and chemicals causesimpairment to the lungs or deteriorates the lung disease even more. Thus, avoiding contactwith the contaminants decreases the danger of lung disease.

Be active- Physical movement improves complete health. Aerobic workout and breathing exercise mends the lung ability and improves lung function. This type of physical undertakings improves your frame of mind and comforts you.

   Avoid infections- A simple cold or a respiratory infection sometimes turn out to be serious and leads to difficulties. Thus, safeguard yourself by practicingmoral hygiene and getting vaccinated to be safe from influenza.

Lungs transplantation and its precautions

A single lung transplant takes about four to eight hours to complete whereas a doublelung transplant generally takes six to 12 hours. Your doctor makes a cut in your chest to take out your unhealthy lung. Later, the main airway to that lung and the blood vessels amongst that lung and your heart is then linkedto the donor’s lung. For a few lung transplants, you arelinked to a heart-lung device which helps the blood flow during the operation.

Lungs damage treatment in India is a surgical process to interchange anunhealthy or deteriorating lung with a healthy lung generally from a dead donor. Conditional on your medical state, a decision is taken to replace one of your lungs or both of them. In some cases, the lung istransplanted laterally with a donor’s heart.During your lung transplant, the processis performed with general anesthesia, so you will be unconscious and won't sense any pain. Surgeons will insert a tube from your mouth and into your windpipe to support your breathing. You also have a tube in your nose downwards to your stomach to channel your stomach substances. A tube keeps your bladder unoccupied.

Laterto your lung transplant surgery, you are needed to spend several days in the hospital's thorough care monitoring. A motorized ventilator helps you respire for a few days and tubes in your chest drains fluids from about your lungs and heart. Living a healthy routine is vitalforsustaining your new lung. Smoking is absolutely not permitted and the use of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Ensuring a nutritious diet helps you to stay healthy.

Lungs transplant price in India varies between 20 - 25 lakhs. Patients and their families need to check with their insurance firms whether the cost of an organ transplant is covered in their insurance schemes. A workout is tremendouslyessentialforrestoration after your lung transplant. Considering the cost of Lung Transplant, it is affordable when compared to other countries like the US and UK.