Bigg Boss Gossips that went really popular on Television Screens

10/01/2015 John Evans 0 Comments

The most popular and biggest reality show Bigg Boss has always delivered its audiences more than what they have asked for. While the season 9 is coming soon, the show really reminds us of the popular Bigg Boss contestants profile participate in this reality show having, Bigg Boss gossips.

The gossips in Bigg Boss

The Bigg Boss contestants profile that is the contestants who take part in the show are the ones who make the show interesting and worth watching.The show is all about getting controversial actors from the television and Bollywood world and creating the TRP. It’s not easy for the contestants to survive three months in the house without any access to the outside world.So automatically the contestants get irritated and there were many gossips which come out.

The TRP ratings of the show are mainly due to the controversies and especially due to Salman Khan as the main presenter. It topped in the 4th, 5th and 6th season and the main reason of the show’s popularity is the controversial Bigg Boss contestants profile and the way all the Bigg Boss gossips goes on.

Bigg Boss Contestant’s Gossips

  • During the third season, the fellow inmates opposed the way Vindu was sided as he worked with the host and this led to another gossip. But Vindu survived and won at the end.
  • During thefourth season, the linking of the host with TV actress Sara Khan was also in news but all were cleared off by the host.
  • The addition of the special members also brought dangerous stir and gossip among everyone which later went to violate the rules.
  • A strong gossip that hit the air was Salman khan being criticized for siding Sonali Rautwithout a hint of care for housemates' or viewers' opinion and judgments citing the live feed as enough proof for evaluation. This was against the demands of the viewers.
  • Another hot gossip was Tanisha Mukherjee’s involvement with Arman which led to many speculations and involvement of Kajol and Ajay Devgan too.

Final Say

In the coming season too, there will be lot of gossips that you were going to hear. Many of it might be true and many will be just to increase the spice and trp. The TRP ratings will surely go high due to the presence of Salman Khan, the megastar and everyone will be waiting to have a glimpse of him.