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What is the significance of Karva Chauth 2015 Images?

9/30/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

The fasting of Karva Chauth is of particular significance to all the Hindu marital women in India. They deem that this festival ensures affluence, long life and safety of their husbands. The source of the festival was based on a very sweet & decent idea. Though, this thought has vanished its right sense as today, whole outlook of Karva Chauth festival had changed. Now, the trend of Karva Chauth Images 2015 had gained popularity.
In the prehistoric time, girls used to get wedded at very early stage, and then had to go and live with the in-laws in other village. After the marriage, if she faces any trouble with her in-laws or husband, she had no one to natter to or seek the support from. There were no telephones, buses or trains long ago. Her own parents & relatives would be pretty far and inaccessible. Thus the tradition started that, at time of marriage, when bride would get to her in-laws, she will be befriend one more woman there who will be her sister or friend for life. It would be like god-sisters or god-friends. Their amity would be holy through a small Hindu ritual right during marriage. 

Once the bride & this woman had become god-sisters or god-friends, they would stay so all their lives and distinguish the relation as it is. They would also extravagance both like real sisters. They will also greet one another with Karva Chauth 2015 Images as posters and paintings. 

Later in time, if she face any obscurity interrelated to her in-laws or husband, she will be capable to assertively chatter or ask for help from one another. Thus, Karva Chauth was on track as a festival to rejoice this liaison between the once-brides and their (god-sisters) god-friends. Fasting and prayers for husband come later and is inferior. It was possibly added, along with other fabled tales, to augment the festival. The husband of woman would always be connected with this fiesta, because the day of starting this sacred friendship between two god-friends was basically the day of bride's wedding to him. Thus, imploring and fasting for husband by his wife during a festivity of her relationship with the god-sister would be quite rational.
Hence, the fair of Karva Chauth was to renovate and rejoice the relationship between (god-sisters) god-friends. It had a incredible social and artistic meaning when planet was not having the way to converse and move around easily.