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5 Quality-Check Questions You Should ASK Before Installing a portable toilet?

10/30/2015 Dhanur Chauhan 2 Comments

Toilets have always been a serious matter of discussion in India. With our ever rising population and plans and strategies for development and growth all through the country, there is an immediate need for portable sanitation infrastructure. The primary objective of such infrastructure is to provide an extremely hygienic, safe and comfortable environment for common people’s use. Portable restrooms and toilets form an integral part of such infrastructure. 

Portable restrooms and portable toilets in India are much in demand at construction and mining sector where there is a need to continuously move from one site to another. There are several manufacturers in the market offering a wide range of portable toilets and restrooms made of different materials such as plastic, fibre, steel, to name a few. As there are several options available, it is always advisable to check the products against certain quality and safety parameters before finalizing one.

The 5 quality-check questions that you should ask before deciding on installing a portable toilet at your facility or premises include:

Question 1: What is the structural strength of the portable toilets?
This is one of the key parameters as the toilet will be used countless number of times by people at work. The structural build of the toilet should be able to support such heavy usage. This is also important as you may not want to invest in portable restrooms too often.

Question 2: What is the level of hygiene provided by such a product?
Hygiene is a critical factor as most diseases spread through unhygienic sanitation conditions. For this it is important that the portable toilets are resistant to both water corrosion and microbial growth and can withstand diverse climatic conditions in India.

Question 3: What is the product life and what level of maintenance is required?

The maximum the product life, the better option would it prove. This will bring down the overall investment required in portable restrooms, and allow diversion of funds to other important infrastructure building work. In addition, if the maintenance requirement is minimal, it will help making the product quite popular in India and encourage 100% sanitation facility everywhere.  
Question 4: What is the environment friendly quotient of the product?

In order to maintain ecological balance, an environmentally sustainable product is a must. If the product is recyclable, it will be an additional benefit for our society and environment.
Question 5: Is there any scrap value for the product?

An investment into an infrastructure becomes rewarding when there is a scarp value that can be realized at the end of the product life. This is particularly desirable in a country like India.

There could be several other quality parameters, but these are the most important ones that cannot be missed while choosing portable toilets in India. Is there a product that passes each of these quality check questions? Well, the answer is a ‘yes’. Stainless steel prefabricated portable toilets are one such product that qualifies each of these parameters as against other variants such as fibre/plastic portable restrooms, mild steel made portable toilets, and brick-mortar toilets.