5 Signs That You Need A New Business Logo Design

10/14/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

You might be one of those many businessmen who receive emails and messages about a new business logo design. However; you might often ignore them as well. You might also ignore those stimulating headlines like ’Logo design at extremely low cost’, ‘Exclusive Logo design’ and a lot of other such attractive headlines. However; did you ever compare your existing logo with your business needs? Or ever tried to review it for the changes in your business? Or even thought to get a new business personality?
Here are some basic signs which show that you need a new business logo design by TheLogoNow.
1.    Adaptation To The New Media
Not only the social media, but all other mainstream media are also changing over the period of time. Now, your custom logo design is viewed on a 4 inch Android phone and a 60 inch plasma TV. These alterations require you to get a graphically modern logo that suits the digital requirements of all screens.
2.    Changes In Current Business
For an existing large business logo, a sensible suggestion is to use a similar logo until the business establishes. However; if you have founded an extension of your business, then you would definitely need a new logo that meets the requirements of your new business identity.
3.    Unprofessional / Untraditional
Most often, when starting a new business, TheLogoNow recommends the companies focus on lesser investment on the custom logo design. Therefore; the businessmen seek help from a business friend, a friend who is an amateur logo designer, or even themselves. The result is an unprofessional logo. On the other hand, if your logo was designed in 1950s, it might need alterations according to present trends of logo designing. Both the cases represent the need of a new logo.
4.    Mainstream Competition
In order to remain in the mainstream competition (with respect to logo), you need to check these 3 majors defined by TheLogoNow:
  • How strongly your competitor’s logo influences the audiences?
  • Did they recently introduce a new logo?
  • Which element do they focus the most in their logo?
Alter your logo in a way that gives them a tough competition.
5.    Complexity
Finally, if your logo is too complex to fit into the idea of ‘Keep It Simple’, get it redesigned and give your business a new personality! 
All these 5 reasons or changes that you observe within your business or company makes it compulsory to have a new logo design or do some changes in existing one. Have a review of new business logo designs by TheLogoNow at and let our professionals design a custom Logo Online for your business.