A Traveler’s Diary: Reasons to love Ladakh

10/08/2015 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Ladakh is the most alluring destination in the northern part of India welcomes people to spend a memorable holiday. The whole region is always busy with travelers visiting from all corners of the world and this place reveals the rich heritage and culture. This is a major place in Jammu and Kashmir that is completely surrounded by the Great Himalayas.

Leh and Kargil are two important places of Ladakh. This is a great place with impressive mountain ranges and a worthy place to spend a holiday. People especially honeymooners, nature and adventure lovers can have a delightful experience. The majestic mountains and the lovely valleys around the region offers a great holiday to people and one can see the Buddhist culture in the region.


Ladakh is a plateau in Kashmir, which is an amazing location that is not just impressive, but is a great place filled with various attractions. The region is located at a very high altitude and is the picturesque location. This region is almost of 97,000 sqkms and some part is under Chinese occupation. This is one of the largest glaciers and is located at an altitude of 2500 to 4500 meters. This is a dry and a dusty region, which is a desert area and one can see snow covering the region. Ladakh is 9,000 ft high at Kargil and experiences chilly weather.


The most beautiful place on the earth Ladakh owes a great and a unique climate that makes this place very unique from all other regions. Located in Jammu and Kashmir this is nearby to the vast mountain range Himalayas, this region is not a great choice for people to visit in winter as it is tough to reach. The marvelous time to witness the beauty of the majestic location is summer. One can happily enjoy the adventure filled activities and one can trek and enjoy road rides exploring the beauty. Winters in Ladakh freezes and the temperature touches -30 degrees, which lasts in between December till February. This is not the time to visit the region as the complete area gets frozen. Summer and rainy season are apt to spend a holiday in Ladakh. Being located at a high altitude sunny days are hot and one can enjoy the monsoon here as the region receives less rainfall.


Ladakh is a place in Jammu and a part of this region even has the influence of Tibetan culture. Buddhists are seen everywhere in the region along with Muslims. The influence of Tibetans is seen in the majority of the parts which includes the food habits. The majority of the dishes available in Ladakh are common with Tibetan cuisine except the dish Skyu. There are several monasteries in the region and people speak Hindi, English, and Ladakhi.

The region owes a great influence of both Indian and Tibetan culture. There are several traditional sport and festival which grab the attention of people all over and the celebrations are much eye catching in the region. One can enjoy the traditional music which is almost like the Tibetan music mostly in the Buddhist festival. People here play ice hockey as there is much ice naturally.

Apart from all these there are amazing attractions that are to be seen in the region and the region grabs the attention of the majority of the travelers. One need to take part in the drive, trekking, river rafting, camel safari and many other fun filled activities that make one gain a thrilling experience of the holiday.  Exploring the snow covered mountains, deep valleys along with other major attractions make one enjoy a memorable holiday in the land with exceptional beauty Ladakh.