Asset Management Consultancies Should Be Customized That Make It Beneficial

10/16/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

From his earlier position as senior financial advisor, David Barcomb has been promoted as the Managing Director and Chief Advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Company in MA, Boston. This huge American asset management corporate specializes in offering personalized financial services, asset management and wealth management consultancy services. David joined Merrill Wealth in back 2002 and from then he worked for the company as its senior advisor. And, it’s just after 20 years of his committed and dedicated service to the asset management industry as a whole he has achieved the highest chair and best honor at Merrill Consultancy Group in the year 2013. 

David together with his 7 highly seasoned industry professionals are in the core team in Merrill and they work in conjunction with the guidelines of David to find out the best alternatives of investment plans, estate planning on objective based strategies. David Barcomb aims to position his group Merrill Lynch as the largest Asset Management Company in the US very shortly.   

No wonder, as of today, the corporate Wealth Management house is holding more than $570 billion Asset-Under-Management, which tends to be one of the major figures of AUM among top US asset management companies. This astonishing growth of Merrill Lynch was rather inevitable to its stakeholders subsequent to the joining of Barcomb in this organization. Before joining Merrill Lynch, David was associated with United Group Wealth Management and from that time his expertise, vision and approaches became a buzz in the industry. The innovative way of providing customized wealth management solutions to clients started happening only after Barcomb appeared on the stage. 

The core group now makes through analysis of every client’s financial status, their expectations and then, accordingly finds out the most matching investment options. According to David Barcomb that an asset management company can never bypass the responsibility that they shoulder by advising their clients in investment in say securities, bonds or any other asset without researching the risk issues involved. And this is only by best mapping of wealth management strategies, by which a company can make his clients beneficial. The overall objective should be ensuring a lasting and developed financial health.  

David started his professional life after completion of his Bachelor's Degree from the Trinity University in 1989. His major subjects were Economics, and Political Science. In Trinity University’s Alumni forum, he is still involved and well popular to the new generation students too. The Barcomb Group as well as David Barcomb is a well acknowledged and respected member of the trustee board of South Shore Hospital of Massachusetts. With his hectic job schedule David is very much involved in fundraising programs. In a seminar, Barcomb group was cordially thanked for their generous contribution for the development of the South Shore Hospital and for the progression of community people of Southeastern Massachusetts. David offers excellent coaching to young people who are interested to play baseball and basketball. He lives with his two daughters Kate and Sarah as well, his son Dave Jr. in Norwell.