Five Fantastic Himalayan Bath Salts That Will Leave You Feeling Loverly

10/31/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

With the musical now just more than 50 years old, and of course George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, on which it’s based, being even older, it’s safe to say that My Fair Lady has become a touchstone of Western culture in general and in the theatres of the Anglosphere in particular. Everyone from The Simpsons to Family Guy to—back in the day—Boy Meets World and She’s All That have parodied or played off its now-classic plot, Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins are well-known characters, as are the A-list actors who brought them to life, most notably Julie Andrews in the stage version, Audrey Hepburn in the Oscar-winning film adaptation of the musical, and Rex Harrison in both.

It’s such a touchstone that we’re sure that you’ll know just what we mean when we say that a nice hot bath at the end of the day can leave you feeling positively “loverly.” And just as Eliza’s dream of physical and emotional warmth and comfort leaves her thinking (and singing) “Wouldn’t it Be Loverly?” so too might you feel just the same way about the kind of luxurious, “loverly” bathing experience you can only get with high-quality Himalayan bath salts, such as are offered at

Here are five of the best options on the market, along with what makes them stand out from the crowd and marks them as the best in Himalayan bath salts:

Himalayan Salt Sole Salt Chunks in Jar 16 Oz

When it comes to bath salts, no matter the type, you’re going to see some different methods of preparation and presentation. Depending on the nature of the bath salt, its composition, and what its desired effects are, it can be ground into something as fine as a grain of salt or left in large hunks to dissolve naturally in water.

This item is an example of the latter, and a good one. The bath salt here comes in chunks, not all too dissimilar from the shape a refrigerator might make larger ice cubes. It does everything you would want your bath salts to do—dissolves with ease, softens the water, leaves it and you smelling fresh, etc. What’s more, the jar-like glass casing for this item gives it a smidge more class than many of its nearest competitors. All in all, while this isn’t your “sole” option, Sole is still a great choice in terms of Himalayan bath salts.

Himalayan Bath Salt Lavender Hills 24 O

One of the nicest things about bath salts is their capacity to soothe on so many levels. Besides improving the water and therefore the effect it has as it washes over your body, bath salts are also often noted for their ability to perfume the water. For a taste of that, you might want to try this item.

As opposed to the sole Salt Chunks option, the bath salts here are finely hammered and much smaller in size. What’s more, the Lavender Hills entry in our look at Himalayan bath salts naturally scents your bathwater a luxurious lavender. If you’ve ever used lavender to scent your bathroom, then you know it’s as delicate an aroma as it is lovely, and these bath salts attempt to capture just that special feeling that comes from a perfectly-perfumed bathroom. Ingredients include Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt, Lavender Oil, Lavandin Oil, Chamomile Oil, and Orange Oil.

Himalayan Bath Salts Queen of Sheba 24 Oz

There is a point in My Fair Lady where Henry Higgins, having already browbeaten poor Eliza Doolittle, then says that with his training he could turn even this “squashed cabbage leaf” into a person of refinement and elegance, so much so that he could “Pass her off as the queen of Sheba.”

Whether or not you’re going to an Embassy Ball like Eliza or simply want to feel (and be treated like) a queen, these Queen of Sheba Himalayan Bath Salts might well be for you. “Refinement” is definitely the right word here, as again the bath salts themselves have been hammered into a fine, grain-like substance that has been sun-dried in Pakistan. This is an especially soothing brand, and at 24 Oz, you get more bang for your buck, allowing yourself to get the royal treatment and stay feeling “loverly” for days on end.

Himalayan Salt Bath Salt 40% Epsom Salt Enriched 24 Oz

This item features an interesting blend between the kind of Himalayan Bath Salts we’ve seen above and Epsom bath salts. If you’re a fan of the latter, therefore, than this is definitely the variety for you. This is yet another entry that features finely-ground grains and features a ratio of 60% Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt to 40% EPSOM Salt (Magnesium Sulfate USP.)

Himalayan Salt Bath Salt Relaxing 24 Oz

This entry onto our list of astounding Himalayan Bath Salts as a little of everything. At 24 Oz, you again get a nice, big container that should last for some time. It does what just about any bath salt “worth its salt” does, namely softening the water and improving the overall bathing experience. In some cases, doing this may even help improve your skin and state of mind. It isn’t quite as strongly-scented as are the Lavender Hills Himalayan Bath Salts, but it still has the same degree of relaxing luxuriousness to it. If you’re looking for some Himalayan bath salts that’ll leave you feeling so relaxed and refreshed that you’ll feel like you could’ve “Danced All Night,” this is one variety you’re definitely going to want to check out.

Eliza’s first bath in My Fair Lady leaves her feeling shocked at the feeling of the water—and for a woman who had lived much of her life on the street and had seldom bathed, you can understand why. Nevertheless, including some fine Himalayan Bath Salts in the mixture might’ve helped the transition. From the scintillating scent to the water-softening effects to their sheer relaxing power, these Himalayan Bath Salts are truly transformative, and enough to leave anyone feeling “loverly” all day.