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Go Big With Frame and Truss Manufacturers

10/24/2015 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Every human wants to live in his own house.  It is every man's dream to build a home for himself and family. Many people design houses according to their choice and that's why we find many homes built in unique models. Nowadays, as technology is at its peak, everything is available according to the need of the customer. In western countries and hilly areas the temperature and climatic conditions are very adverse and to suit the environmental conditions, the houses and any other constructions are built with timber.

It is used as an insulating material dueits high thermal and electrical properties,  it is flexible for designs, easily modified to suit any changes, capably absorbs heat in sunlight and releases it when the atmosphere is cold i.e. at night. It also absorbs moisture when climate is humid and releases it when there is dry air, and in this way the timber built homes keep you warm and comfortable. Depending on this many business minded people came up with the idea of frame and truss manufacturers i.e. they manufacture frames required to build these homes and trusses for their roofing.

Advent of frame and truss manufacturer

This business has been vastly developed in this decade as many homes are being refurbished. These manufacturers have extensive and exclusive techniques in roof truss and in wall framing. They have all varieties of knowledge in making suitable and desired floor truss, frames for wall and roof truss. They are always up to date with modern techniques and they build these frames with respect to desired model and architecture. The timber used in the construction is well treated for stability and ruggedness in the face of all kinds of climatic and natural catastrophes.

Selection of frames and truss manufacturers on type:

The selection of truss, frames and their manufacturer depends on how the planning and design is envisaged. The selection can be from one of the following types:
  • Common truss which is a simple truss built for a simple home design
  • Queen truss which has a few more constructional facets than the common truss and is much stronger
  • King post truss frame is built accordingly to give strong mounting for superior resistance in heavy built homes with three way framing
  • Hammer beam is a bit simple in construction visually but in fact has a strong hold over the frame. Generally, these are used for fixing mirror windows for roofing.
  • Last but not least are Scissor truss framing where the frame is built as a scissor i.e. cross attachment to main beam for balance.
Types of frames and truss manufacturer and designs depending on customer’s choice
  • Pre-nailed frames are ready frames for fixture directly as walls; blocks etc. these are pre ordered according to the design.
  • Roof truss frames are ready frames for roof truss pre fixed for given length and width up on measurements.
  • Flitch beams are suitable frames for walls, roofs etc.
  • Laminated lintels and beams, beams are laminated for protection and long life span.
  • Pre-cut roof rafters are ideal for the roof truss where the frame is pre-cut in different sizes for immediate and faster installations.
  • Posi-Strut design is a technology for flooring which is flexible and lasts for a long time. Nowadays it has become economical due to business competition.
  • Roof rafters are prefixed shaping beams or arches for truss fixations.
In this way, quality frame and truss manufactures are coming up with many new initiatives and designs for fast and appropriate fixation of these frames and trusses and also offer a number of choices and possibilities in house-building. So choose the best frame and trusses manufacturer according to your requirement.

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