Great Things that Travelling alone can teach you

10/09/2015 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

If you want to grow into a well-rounded and centred human being who is comfortable with the world around them, travelling is one great way to do so.

Travelling around the world or even just to one particular area in the world, different from where you currently live can be a great experience for several reasons. One important reason is that you can get to break the monotony of your day to day life and begin to see the world and your life from a different perspective. 

This can give your life and your ideas better context so that you can direct your life towards more positive things. Additionally, you can get to learn a lot of other things as I will highlight below. Some of the things mentioned I got to learn thanks to my trip to Vietnam.

In the middle of my college education I decided to take a few weeks away from my normal home-school routine and decided to go on a Vietnam tours. I wanted to go somewhere I had never gone before and somewhere that was quite culturally different from what I was used to. I don’t think I need to tell you that the trip has been one of the highlights of my life and I got to learn a lot about myself and the world at large from this one trip.

Secondly, learning and experiencing a different culture somehow makes you better appreciate your own culture or what you have back home. Just in case you are wondering what exactly I mean, I don’t mean this in a pompous and arrogant way at all, I simply mean that by seeing how different people do things and how much they treasure what they have and what they do, you will begin to appreciate things that you may have taken for granted back home.

Another thing that is easy to take for granted is just how many more different people there are out in the world and the different things that they have to offer and you can offer them. On my trip to Vietnam, I made a trip to the usual Vietnam tourist attractions and there I met many different people both locals and tourists from other countries. These people have become my friends to this current day and I appreciate them because they add some spice and context in my life that my normal circle of friends also appreciates.

Some of the things I learned are as follows. First of all, I learned that if you learn to depend on yourself, you build a very strong character and that you become more helpful to others and to society at large by doing so. The interesting thing is that you begin to teach yourself how to filter other people’s opinions as well as filter your own distractive inner voice. Once you are able to do so you realise that you become a more decisive person.

One other thing that I realised long after I had come back from my trip is that the trip became a turning point in my life and I began to reinvent my life for the better after that trip.