How To Choose The Best Wrongful Death Attorney

10/30/2015 John Evans 0 Comments

When a person requires the services of a wrongful death attorney, the chances are very good that they will be upset and angry about the death of someone near and dear to them. The aftermath of an accident that claims the life of someone you love is devastating, and it can affect a person’s judgment and make it difficult to think clearly. The facts of the accident that caused the wrongful death may not be clear, which adds confusion to an already emotional situation. That’s why it’s always smart to contact a wrongful death attorney as quickly as possible after an accident that claims a life.

A wrongful death attorney is normally hired within a few months of the date of death of a family member that loses their life in an accident. That’s an important aspect of the process. Although the loss of a loved one is devastating, it isn’t helpful to postpone the involvement of a skilled lawyer until the family has fully recovered from the shock of the incident. It’s especially important to have someone working on the behalf of the survivors while they are busy dealing with the fallout from a sudden death. It’s the lawyer’s job to think clearly and safeguard the rights of the family when a wrongful death occurs.

Every wrongful death case is unique, but in every case, nothing is gained by delaying the decision to include the input from a qualified wrongful death attorney. Bereaved family members need honest advice and guidance from an experienced wrongful death law firm like about the potential strength of the legal case against the party that caused the wrongful death. In order to review the details of the case properly, time is of the essence for the lawyer.

There are many reasons to prefer one lawyer to another when seeking out the advice of counsel familiar with wrongful death. In general, however, there are four main characteristics of a law firm that are important when making your decision:


It would be very unusual for a person that loses a loved due to a wrongful death to already know an attorney that would be able to handle the case. A good wrongful death attorney will specialize in that particular type of case. If a person has a lawyer on their speed dial, it’s usually someone that handles everyday legal matters like the closing of a mortgage, or a lawyer who handles liability questions for a small business. These attorneys will not be able to offer the dedicated resources and advice that the bereaved will require in a wrongful death case. They might, however, be able to recommend a wrongful death attorney in your area that they are familiar with. These types of recommendations can be invaluable to a family member that has no way of deciding between the competing claims of lawyers they don’t know.

Other people who may be able to help include related industries like undertakers and estate planners. While they don’t have direct relationships with wrongful death attorneys, the situation comes up so often that they will be familiar with many different lawyers in the area that perform that type of service. If there is a local law society, you can also seek out help from them.

An online search for a wrongful death attorney will return a blizzard of completing advertisements. Most law firms have quite a bit of information on their websites. Look for lists of their successful cases to make a judgment about which might handle the case successfully.

Size of the Practice

This is one aspect of the process of choosing a wrongful death law firm that is mostly personal. Some people will prefer dealing with a law firm that handles many cases and has a large office and many support personnel. People who like to be able to contact someone at all times about their case will prefer dealing with a large, well-established law firm that can bring a lot of attention to bear on the case. Choosing a large law firm does present additional choices, however. It might be necessary to choose between many attorneys available to a client after choosing the law firm.

Other people might not like dealing with a large law firm for something so personal. Some law firms deliberately stay small and offer more personal, one-on-one attention to their clients. If a person prefers to always have one point of contact that they know and trust, a small but capable law firm will probably be a better choice.


Once again, this aspect of a legal team is a personal preference with the client. Lawyers are people, and different people can use a different style in the way they present themselves while still getting the job done. Some survivors of a person that has suffered a wrongful death might prefer a lawyer with a very aggressive manner. Other clients might prefer a lawyer that has a more low-key, quiet demeanor.

The personality of the lawyer is unlikely to be completely different when dealing with both the client and the defendant, so it’s best for clients to choose an attorney that they will like to deal with on a daily basis. A client that wants to see aggressive activity at all times might not like dealing with a low-key attorney, and a more reserved person might not like dealing with a very blustery lawyer. No matter what their personality is like, every lawyer should vigorously defend the rights of their clients.


A wrongful death attorney might require a retainer, another name for a fixed amount of money paid up front to get them to work on a case. Others work without charge until they win a settlement, and then take a certain percentage of the total. A client that is able to pay the expenses of the attorney while they pursue the case may be able to end up with a larger amount of money if it results in a substantial settlement. If no settlement is made, the client will not be entitled to receive a refund from the law firm. Choose a law firm that works strictly for a percentage to avoid spending money out of pocket no matter how the case finally turns out.