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Incredible hamper ideas for her

10/14/2015 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Like gifting a man can be challenging, gifting a woman is very easy. There are so many options, choices, colours and variety to pick from. It can happen that you might end up buying too many little items for her. cheap hampers and moderate ones…

1. Jewellery: - If you are on a budget then head to some nice fashion jewellery store and buy funky accessories for her. You can buy earrings, neckpieces, bracelets, rings, body chains or anklets and mix it up. Make sure you don’t pick something she will not like at all. Consider her choice and pick some items up. If you are confused on what to pick then go for subtle metallic jewellery.

2. Bath salts: - Women love pampering themselves with hot tub baths and a relaxing day at spa. If she cannot go to the spa often, then you can gift her bath salts, lotion, body mist, body wash and so on to give her the perfect spa day. Other than this, you can also find spa vouchers for her.

3. Candles: - If you have no idea what your female friend likes, then a safe thing to gift are scented candles. Give a proper set with different scented candles and you are done. This is the ultimate and easy go to gift hamper idea.

4. Chocolates: - Yes, very few women can resist chocolates. This is yet another good go to gift item if you have not bought any gift or have no clue what to pick. A big box of chocolates with some delicious pastry or muffins are going to make her nothing but happy. Trust us; this is a no fail hamper idea!

5. Makeup: - If you are picking gifts for someone, who loves makeup but doesn’t have much in her collection, you can be her angel by buying some for her. Pick up a cute makeup bag and add in lipsticks (of her favourite colour), lip pencils, nail polishes, makeup brushes, eyeshadow palette and you are done. Avoid picking things, which need skin tone matching like foundation, concealer, blushes because then you could end up getting the wrong colour and she will not use it at all.

6. Clothes: - This is one thing that no woman can help herself from buying. If you know what she likes then buy her some cute clothes. A dress, shirt, graphic tee, cute jacket, belts and skirts are few examples you can buy. Make sure you check the size of her clothes before purchasing.
7. Shoes: - If you are going a little big on the budget then shoes are perfect. A fancy shoe of her style, bag and watch can make a luxurious gift hamper for your lovely woman.

These are few no fail gift hamper ideas, which every woman will be happy receiving. When it comes to women, you must be a little specific with their choice. 
Make sure you pack the hamper well because women love cute packaging. In case you are confused what to buy for her, then here is a lowdown of some