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Sea salt as the Environmental friendly manufacturer

10/17/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

Sea salt is one of the cloth manufacturing companies and it was started in the year of 1940 and the main inspiration for the sea salt is the creative approach of the corn wall and the history of the maritime these two are the inspirational aspects of the sea salt clothing. In the year of the 2003 the seal salt company is considered the leading fashion brand in the world wide. The main material used to manufacture to produce the cloth is the cotton it gives the perfect look to their collection and so for such reason sea salt is become the largest supplier in the year of 2010. The main principle follow to produce the goods is to they never follow the fake promise which mean they follow the ethical commitment ion every part of their work

Art plays the important role to make the uniqueness of the sea salt:

Making cloth is the art for every manufacture so that the sea salt gives the more importance to the art in their product so that they acquire the best designers for their manufacturing process. You never think that the sea salt is the large scale industry for producing the clothes it is the medium scale business to produce the clothes to the people effectively. In the company follows the nature as the inspiration to design the products and they feel proud to locate the sea salt on the place of the wonderful galleries surrounded in the corn wall. In the sea salt team feels that the corn wall galleries are the guide or instructor for them to produce the trendy and fashionable goods to the people.

Standard follow in the sea salt:

Every cloth manufacturing company follows some standards in their product it makes the unique identity from the customer so that in the seasalt clothing as follows some standards in their manufacturing. In the sea salt want to perform their function in the honest way so that they follows some standards since the company starts. Some of the standard policies follows in the company is they make the products based on the environment safe which means cotton cloth is considered the organic material in the world and it contains nearly 60% of organic substance so this way in the sea salt is the environment friendly producer of the clothes so that they set the environmental policy in the process. 

They follow one more approach in the manufacturing process is to follow she ethical trading initiative base code. In the base code refers the labour standards flow in the industry as well as the supplier performances towards the company in the function. Sea salt company is the highly social responsible company so that the company believes that every action in the company is to create the direct impact toe the place which they locate the shop for run the process so that they are very conscious to select the employees as well as the suppliers for the sea salt products.