Steps to warm up your bed in winters

10/30/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

Since winter is on its way, get ready to take out warm bedding and winter bedsheets out of your lofts. Amalgamation of both traditional and modern style bedding will make you stay warm during the cold winter nights. Consider some tips that can make you sleep like a baby during winters.

A good way to keep your bedding winter ready is to create a loft and trap air in layers above and around you by adding layers to your bed. Proper layering is important because it would decide how warm would you want as the temperature of your room and body keeps changing throughout the night. 

Use Wool mattress toppers and bed underlays – Use a wool mattress topper as the first layer of your bed since it’s important to insulate your body. A good quality winter bed sheets would be a good option. You can use a high quality linen bed sheet or cotton bed sheet, as due to high thread count and natural fibres keeps the sweat away from your body and they can be changed and washed regularly.

Mid Weight woollen blanket – As per your requirements, use a mid weight blanket made of cotton or micro fibre. In case you are feeling cold then add a feather doona or down comforter above the blanket. In case you start feeling hot during the night then you can remove the comforter to adjust the body temperature. Another good option would be wear socks while sleeping if the outside temperature is too cold.
Apart from that you can also use electric mattress toppers as well to overcome the heating problems. You can time the electric mattress toppers as per the time required for heating and then than shut it once you feel the temperature is as per your desire. 

Apart from using winter bed sheets and toppers there are other methods as well through which you can keep the room temperature warm.

·         During winters, the flooring in your house also gets cold and by using a thick floor rug in your room, you can reduce the chilliness in your home by 30%. It will not only warm up your bedroom but also your feet
·         Windows are another source of loss of heat in winters. You can apply self adhesive window sealants to block any air passing through the drafts. Use of dark and thick curtains also will add extra warmth to your room.
·         Always keep your feet warm during winters. Wear woollen socks and slippers inside your house to keep warm.

·         Usage of incandescent lights is another good option to keep your room warm. Incandescent lights release 95% of their energy as heat more than light.

·         You can use hot water bottles also to keep your bed warm. Though it is an old school method but it can work wonders for your bed. Just snug in the hot water bottle few minutes before your sleep and you do not have to frosty bed again.

Sleep studies have proven that better you sleep the better is your health. So don’t compromise and use these methods to get a good night sleep in chilly weather.