The Bitter Side of the World of Horse Racing

10/31/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

You might have heard of the doping and fixing allegations in various sports. Such allegations keep on surfacing from time to time. Recently there was news of the same kind in the sport of horse racing. Such activities always prove to be a deterrent to the sports. Think about it, if the allegations were to be true then no matter what horse racing tips you get, chances are that you will end up losing your money. Recently there was a report in The New York Times that exposed the bitter side of the world of horse racing. Let’s discuss the problems that the sport of horse racing is facing today.

·         Cruel treatment of the horses:

Most of us think that the horses that participate in the races are taken care of by professionals. This is true for most of the horses. But some owners and clubs, in an effort to push the horse beyond its limits, subject the animal to harsh treatment.  It must be understood that horses are not human beings and they cannot complain; they can only show signs of distress. Some trainers decide to ignore these signs and push the horses beyond their ability. In most of the cases such training shortens the life span of the horses. Recently a video was released by PETA that showed two world class racing horses being subjected to harsh treatment by their trainers. The thing is that no one outside the horse racing business cares about the horses. If this goes on unchecked then chances are that it will tarnish the sport’s reputation and in the long run it can cause irreparable damage to the sport of horse racing.

·         Use of banned drugs on horses:

The report published in The New York Times accused some clubs of using banned drugs on the horses. This can only be described as cheating. These drugs were banned for a reason and people who use them on animals are simply choosing to ignore the risks. In some cases it might be true that giving such drugs actually improves the performance of the horses on the race tracks, but who will take the responsibility of the damage that the use of such drugs causes. When such cases are allowed to pass unnoticed, it not only encourages others to take the same route but it also puts the future of the sports of horse racing at risk.
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