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4 Facts about Travertine Stone

11/03/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

Travertine flooring is a kind of stone surface that adds to the aesthetic appearance of your home. Travertine, a natural sedimentary rock is a type of a limestone. Travertine is also called mexican onyx, onyx marble and oriental alabaster because of its beauty. This naturally occurring stone is made up of calcium carbonate. 

Travertine is made out of minerals acquired from rivers and springs. Travertine is made when limestone is kept under pressure for long. And marble is formed when travertine is kept under pressure for long. 

Kitchen island in Santa Fiori limestone by MKW Surfaces
These naturally occurring stones are thicker and are suitable for outdoor use. These are also ideal for driveways, patios and backyards. Its beauty and wide range of colour options makes it suitable for use. You may have come across travertine stones being used for floor tiles. But, Travertine worktops are becoming the new option for people these days. However certain precautions like sealing should be taken when using limestone for kitchen worktops. Being naturally occurring stone, they can absorb chemicals and liquids.
Having said that, we have listed below five unique facts about Travertine stone that may influence your purchase.
Travertine stones are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, which allows you in renovating your home space. Colours like gold, ivory and walnut are commonly preferred colours which add to the aesthetic appeal of your home space. All limestone colours are available in different patterns and designs which create an attractive look.
Easy maintenance
Travertine stones are easy to maintain, are strong, resistant to discoloration and are durable. By giving your Travertine worktop a wash, it will become new as ever. Travertine stones work well for all types of weathers. They are suitable for all types of seasons like freezing cold, rain or summers. You will not have to worry about the damage caused to stone in external applications although care would be required for kitchen worktops applications.
Heat resistant
Travertine stones are quite resistant to heat. They are cool and thus, if your kitchen is east facing, then you can install them as your kitchen worktop. Travertine stone is also a good paver as it remain cool even on the hottest days and warm in the colder winters. You can have comfortable walk even bare feet.
Many people are of the view that travertine stones prove to be expensive. However, this is not true. Limestone is affordable. These naturally occurring stones are vastly available in our planet and thus prove to be a good investment in the long run.
However, when you look to purchase travertine worktops, make sure that you purchase the stones with smaller holes. The smaller the hole, the more the premium is the cut of Travertine. 

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