Amazing and Trendy Hollywood Hairstyles to Watch

11/18/2015 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

There is no question that celebrities run the fashion world and truly dictate the fashion trends and hair styles that the bulk of the public are going to latch onto, and there is no wonder why this is true. We as a culture look up to celebrities to such a degree that we will automatically be intrigued by the new and fantastic hair styles that they seem to come up with on a regular basis.

Short hair styles, especially on women, have absolutely exploded over the last few years, which have had a major trickle down effect, with tons and tons of women going with the short hair look and in all honesty, a lot of them could not look any better. Here are some recent celebrity hair Beverly Hills styles that have been making a big impact over the last few years.

Short Hair with Partial Buzz
Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you have absolutely seen many women sporting this look. This hairstyle involves shaving, or buzzing, one side of the head, usually at about the ear level, or possibly an inch above the ear. This allows the hair to flow down over the shaved portion, although the hair can be worn in all sorts of ways that show off the style. The idea here is to combine the look of a woman's traditional longer hair, while also adding in a huge amount of flare with the shorter, sportier look, which is right up the alley of all sorts of fashion icons.

Simple Short Hair
Short hair in general has been extremely popular and more and more celebrities are simply cutting their hair very short, at a length of about three or four inches. Although short hair trends seem to come and go and then return again just about every single decade, there is no question that the short hair trend is a great one. It takes a huge burden off of women when it comes to getting ready, as short hair is so much easier to work with and to top it off, there are all sorts of amazing things that can be done with short hair, which simply can't be achieved with flowing locks of hair.

Bangs over Short Hair
An amazing look that has become very popular is the standard short hair, with longer bangs extending out over the eyes. This is an incredibly attractive hair style that spins the tail on traditional hair styles, where the back of the hair is typically longer than the bangs, and there is no doubt that women all over the globe have been seeing celebrities wearing this hair style, only to go out and get it done for themselves.