Do you want to know about the astonishing Samsung Galaxy S7?

11/10/2015 John Evans 0 Comments

Do you want to know the astonishing handset, the Samsung Galaxy S7? Well, your curiosity is genuine as everywhere there is discussion about only this captivating handset. The major reason for the eagerness of the people is that it belongs to the most reputed Galaxy S series. Moreover, due to some issues with Galaxy S6, Samsung has promised to compensate by providing a model, which would be excellent in every way.

On this page, we have tried to bring together all the information from every possible source, in order to draw the most probable picture of Galaxy S7, so read further:

Time of release: It is very much in the air, that it would be released just before the Barcelona tech show, which is the tablet, and Smartphone focused show, in the month of March, but you can expect it to hit the market at the end of this year. 

Price: People usually debate about the prices until its launch as no exact information is available till that time. Our experts opine it to be nearly 649 pound. Some more rise in price can be there, if it has curved technology. 

Design: The Samsung products are known by their magnificent appearance. The Galaxy S7seems to have dazzling appearance withmetal and steel frame. 

Body (Build): Many enhancements in its body are quite likely. It may have a waterproof body, advanced micro sd slot and  astonishing battery. The curved technology seems to be likely in it. There are chances to see thereversible USB Type C. 

Memory:  A superb 4 GB RAM is also probable.

Storage: The choice of internal storage seems to be available between32 and64 GB. 

Processor: The faulty Snapdragon 810 was held accountable for the terriblepresentation of Galaxy S6. So people are guessing to see Samsung’s own in the new model. TheQualcomm Snapdragon 820 would be definitely present in Galaxy S7 as committed by the company’s head. 

Screen: The screen would be possibly a fabulous one with amazing AMOLED technology.The screen size could be 5 in.

Extra Specifications: Samsung adds excitementand novelty tothe new handsets with the help of gadgets and gizmos. The fingerprints scanner appears to be new adding up to the latest model. 

Camera: It is discussed by the people that it might have a huge powerful camera to ensure astonishing clicking experience, but for this, we have to wait for some time. A 16Mp sensor and wonderful optical image stabilization are for sure in it.

Software: Android would be preloaded in it. The Samsung user interface, TouchWiz is also likely in Galaxy S7.

We hope that by now you have some idea about the most likely remarkable features in the astonishing Samsung Galaxy S7. We would be updating the information from time to time.

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