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Handy Tips To Clear Your Drains

11/05/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

Blocked drains are a common problem in most hones. It is commonly found in kitchen sinks and bathrooms. It is because debris or other wastes keep on accumulating in the pipes or the drains which in turn leads to their blockage. To clear the blocked drains, most people take help from professionals such as blocked drains London that are operating in the relevant field. Such professionals are undoubtedly helpful in clearing your blocked drains. However, they charge handsome amount of money in lieu of clearing your drains. The services of blocked drains London or such other professionals may be availed in case of some severe problems. Otherwise you may clear your drains yourself. To accomplish this task well, you may follow some handy tips as mentioned below.

Use natural drain cleaning methods- Drains can be easily cleared with the help of some naturally occurring ingredients without causing any harm to the environment or to the users. For this, you may use baking soda and white vinegar. Both of these are known for their cleansing action on the debris or other greasy wastes. Pour down baking soda in dry sink followed by pouring of hot water. Again repeat the same process by using white vinegar instead of hot water. It helps in clearing all the filth deposited in the sinks as well as pipes so that you may remain worry-free.
Use chemical drain cleansers- You may find large numbers of ready-to-use drain cleaners in the market. These are quite helpful in clearing blocked drains. You can use these drain cleaners easily by following the instructions given on the relevant products.
Pressure exertion method- Such a method is usually applicable where two sinks or drains are connected to each other. In this method, you may block the overflow vent of one drain or pipe and start exerting pressure from the other side. It helps in pushing down the clogging materials downwards which can then be easily flushed out by pouring lots of hot water or simply normal water.
Use a bent rod or hanger- To clear away the wastes stuck in any sink or bathroom drain, you may use an arc-shaped rod or hanger. It helps in removal of wastes or other blockages in the blocked sinks or bathrooms in an easy way. Although it may prove to be somewhat messy or foul-smelling however it saves you from calling the experts.
Drain clearing equipments- Apart from above mentioned methods, you may even use specialized drain clearing equipments such as drain snake to remove the wastes or other blocking materials stuck in the drains or the pipes. The drain snake or such other equipments are designed in such a way that these help in clearing the substances blocking your drains in an easy way. You can get such equipments readily from plumbing shops and keep the same at home for future use.
So next time, you have a clogged drain, you may try these handy tips and get rid of blockage in your drains easily. These tips even prove to be quite useful in prevention of clogging or blockage.