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How to Reduce Opiate Tolerances

11/18/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

Are you wondering what an opiate is? It is a drug that mainly contains opium that is largely used for inducing sleep and relieving pain. Fundamentally, opiates are a group of pain relieving drugs. That being said, continued use of these drugs may cause opiate tolerance. However obvious it is, it is important to point out that drug tolerance is a bad attribute because it negates the drug’s effectiveness to be a healing catalyst.

Tolerance to opiates such as heroin, oxytocin and morphine is something that, over time, has been taken very lightly. The world over, tolerance and subsequent abuse of opiates has grown to become a mammoth legal, social and cultural issue for which a permanent solution is still elusive. The sad part is, with opiate tolerance, you do not only have to be a frequent abuser of illicit hard drugs like heroin but some prescribed and some over the counter pain medication may also, if wrongly used, make you opioid tolerant. As crazy as it may sound, being opioid tolerant is as bad as being a hard drug addict.

For example, Oxytocin is an opiate, and for years now, children and adults with autism use it in the process of treatment for this condition. As much as it gives hope and happiness to people with autism, it is very easy for their bodies to become tolerant to the drug. 

Whether you have been given opioids to treat pain, or you are just using for your own recreational purposes, you should know that opiates are not to be taken casually. This is not something that we should overlook. Continued use, wrong use at that, of these kinds of drugs poses a very serious health risks. Some of these risks are drug addiction and overdosing which could ultimately cause death.

When the body gets used to these drugs, it’s more like the drug controls you. You cannot be at your best without taking the drug. Productivity becomes dependent on the viability of the user which would rely on the state of mind of the individual. This may have adverse effects on the economic wellbeing of a person. And whether you like it or not, if this is the case with you, then you have a serious problem. 

For effectiveness and more promising results, as well as to reduce chances of drug addiction, read on for tips on how to lower opiate tolerance in patients.

·         The only sure way to reduce opiate tolerance is to quit using. Regardless of the type of drug you are using, opiate tolerance will grow stronger by the day. My advice is, if you are using opiates for recreational purposes, STOP. First and foremost, this is very illegal; secondly, the drug is not doing justice to your body. 

·         Switch to different medication. Abstinence from using opiates may be painful and stressful. To avoid the struggle, the pain and the stress, you might consider switching to a different drug. However, do not try this unless your doctor advices so. 

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