Ribbed VS Dotted?

11/09/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

If you think a single condom style can match everyone, you are totally wrong. We are humans and our needs are different. We do have different mental and physical conditions. This difference makes the world an exciting place. When it comes to sex, the needs are much more varied. Different people have different tastes and likes. They feel it differently and they want to enjoy it in a different manner. Concerning this diversity of needs and likes, condom manufacturers have taken various measures in manufacturing condoms with different textures. Condom users, therefore, has the freedom to select the best match among these options.

Because of the invention of the textured contents, now you do not have to stick to the traditional standard condom. There are condoms with ribbed texture, dotted texture. Also there are condoms that come with both the textures together to provide an advance pleasure. In fact, textured condoms have the ability to enhance the pleasure in addition to the protection they provide.
Ribbed condom
Ribbed condoms are the ones that have little raised ridges around the body of the condom. These ridges are specially placed to enhance the sensual sensation. Some of the standard condom users complain that they can’t feel anything special while wearing them. However, in case of using a ribbed condom, the strategical texture has the ability to improve the pleasure because of the additional friction it creates. In fact, the pleasure can be felt by both the partners because the ribbed condom creates the friction on both penis and the vagina. Most of the ribbed condom users say that they get a tingling sensation while engaging in the intercourse.

Dotted Condom
Dotted condoms come with perfectly designed and located raised dots on the outer surface of the body of the condom to maximize the friction and then lead to a perfect pleasure. The stimulation it provides makes the receiving partner happy. In addition to that the embossed dots can evoke the deep sexual feelings of both the partners equally. In fact, it is a totally exciting sexual experience for both the partners assuring the protection from STIs and STDs.

Why should you use the textured ones?
The purpose of the textured condoms is to provide you the ultimate sexual pleasure with an enhanced friction. They have the ability to increase the confidence among the partners while assuring a great amount of pleasure. In fact, it is an encouragement to wear protection. In a way it helps you to engage in safe sexual intercourse while experiencing maximum pleasure. You can always refresh your excitement by trying different types of textures time to time. Textured condoms have the ability to bring extra fun and joy to your bedroom. They can truly help you to take your sexual life to a whole new level.

Sex is all about pleasure and adventure. The more you experiment, the more fun and thrill you receive. Textured condoms can add value to your adventure with better protection.