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An Inflatable Marquee can be customized to suit your requirements

12/15/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

It is the era of display as well as performance spread everywhere around the world and it includes not only the consumer goods but also the other essential items which are used in the gala shows and concerts.  Attending an event or a show has become a regular activity of normal human life.  An event is more successful when it is organized in a planned way with the latest or trendy items. Any business meeting or conference can now be arranged with the help of modern marquees as it gives the platform to get new contacts or network with other brands. Gone are the days of traditional marquees when people used them as temporary shelters during any sort of catastrophe. Their design is quite simple and available in light colors which will not be suitable celebrating the more colorful events like a wedding or baby showers, concerts or a corporate meeting or event. Nowadays, most events are theme based and are run successfully with the help of tents or marquees of unique designs and flashy colors which has the ability to attract the public in large numbers. 

Stretch Structures are more competent compared to the other tent providers in the market mainly due to their team of engineers, designers and project managers to create contemporary forms of inflatable marquees within the budget offered by the event organizer or the event owner.  A Stretch Structures Inflatable Marquee is seen as a great investment because it is produced, maintaining the highest quality standards.  It is in high demand because it can be tailor made into a specific design or shape, as per the needs or choices of their clients. An appealing inflatable marquee is sure to help in winning the viewers’ eyes and make the event run successfully in any location. It may be within the market area or outside or within a shopping mall and also in the open airy spaces outside the town or the city. 

It is the cutting edge technology which is implemented in curving out the inflatable marquee with the use of excellent quality stretch fabric. For every different occasion, a distinct inflatable marquee can be selected from the Stretch Structures range, which is filled up with the air from an electrical pump. It is inflated within a few minutes and installation does not take very long unlike the traditional tents. An inflatable marquee may or may not need the support of a pole for standing it upright and it has the capacity to protect the visitors under extreme weather conditions like rain or windy weather and it would not allow the ultra violet rays of the sun to enter inside. The stretch fabric is 100 percent waterproof and able to repel any moisture and the heat.
Suitable accessories are used to make the inflatable marquee brighter and attractive from inside and outside. These are inflatable lights and sculptures which are allowed to stand either vertically or suspended from the roof. Such fantastic decoration in any type of event, be it social or professional, it is bound to retain the guests for a longer time and tempt them to visit again.

As Stretch Structures facilitate the inflatable marquee in customized form to their clients, the printing of the logos and backdrop printing is done to meet their client’s requirements. It will give an opportunity to the company to go for wide publicity of their brand names. The logos and the prints will grab the attention of the viewers and as a result the promotional event turns out to be more exciting or catchy. 

Safety and the ventilation system are two major concerns which are implemented while creating the Inflatable Marquee of client’s choice. Whilst the fabric is fire repellent an emergency exit is curved out to allow the viewers a quick escape during any kind of fire disaster. The windows are also carved out on the tents to allow the fresh air to come inside the Inflatable Marquee and make a more comfortable zone for the viewers and the staff members.

An Inflatable Marquee is lightweight and can be deflated within a few minutes and packed in a bag and transported to any other destination easily.