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Custom built Caravans – A Home away from Home!

12/03/2015 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Caravan is the most costly investment, apart from your home and car. So you need to design your caravan with the most prominent features and updated tools. There are many types of caravans available in the market and you can opt for the custom built caravans also. In this case you can design your caravan according to your demand.

If you want to use your caravan like a home then, you need to install some gadgets in your caravan and this custom built caravan is the best option for you. Apart from that, there are few caravan manufacturers available, who offer you to see the caravan manufacturing process in their factory and you can see your caravan from the beginning level, and you can add some features when you require.

Why do you need to avail good quality custom-built caravan?
  • Bedroom Configuration – Your comfort is the key to building such caravans and this is the main reason why there is a need for bedroom configuration inside the caravan. In this section you can design your caravan according to your family members and bed required like you can install double or single beds accordingly. Apart from that, if you want to avail the space utilization then you can install the folded beds also. There is bulkhead storage up for top for clothing requirements, additional storage can be provided for under the beds too in these custom built caravans.
  • Outdoor Entertainment – Travelling lifestyle entails outdoor entertainment. This means that considerable planning needs to be done for this aspect so that there is ample scope for outdoor enjoyment. There are custom built slide out barbeque that runs your LPG supply units and these are accompanied along with dedicated burners too.
There is always paucity for dining spaces in caravans. Hence customization can also be done in this regard. There are aluminum slide outs that can be provided which can prove handy and make your dream of dining under the star lit sky come true! There cab ne picnic tables provided too that can be locked away after folding when not in use. Another exquisite feature here is that you can customize a HD TV area and enjoy movies and other entertainment while travelling too.

Design your bathroom and kitchen according to your requirement: 

Bathroom is one of the most important places on a moving vehicle. Custom built caravans have a door that separates the other areas from a private bathroom. There can be luxurious finishes like the basin china finish and the premium domestic toilets that hold a great ceramic bowl too. Equipped with almost 19 liter capacity waste tank, this moving caravan will be a delight to stay in. Kitchen is definitely a necessity when on the move.

Stopping every now and then even for a cup of coffee can be a turn off for most travelers as valuable travel time gets compromised in parking and then setting up a mobile tent for partial cooking purposes. Custom built caravans make provisions for having a gourmet kitchen right when you are on the move.

The kitchen is well equipped with state of the art gadgets and appliances that promise to take care of all your hunger requirements. Customization takes place in the interiors and you can play with ambient lighting or any type of LED lighting that suits your needs and requirements and also your budgets. There can also be extra ceiling height and double glazed windows.

It is suggested that when you place your order for caravan, you must ensure about the quality and design of your caravan. Once your caravan delivered, it is very difficult to make any alternation and it is better to design the caravan before delivery.