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How Can Mothers Be Great Landscape Designers

12/30/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

Landscape designing is all about creating a pleasing and a practical outdoor living space. It is a fact that mothers do everything with a deep sense of dedication and they get emotionally attached to whatever they do. Their deep love for you finds expression in whatever they do. So mothers are naturally great landscape designers. 

Landscape designing is not only about expertise, it is very much about passion, enthusiasm, spontaneity and dedication. Mothers are amazingly intuitive and are able to coordinate landscaping design and style with their home’s overall appearance, ambiance, colors and architecture. 

Your yards are an expression of your personality and how you would like to live. That is why many moms take out time from their busy schedules for landscaping. Often when kids are small, moms do not have the luxury of time so they generally opt for a low-maintenance, durable and tough approach toward landscaping. Once the kids are older, moms may have more time to devote to landscaping. 

Needless to mention, moms could really come up with some brilliant landscape designs for the outdoor living space in their home. Sculpted detailing work is really fruitful in developing fashionable outdoors. Lawns could be manicured nicely to infuse an original touch and make them look really attractive. Here are a few great landscape designing ideas that mothers could use and get fabulous results.

Placement of Plants is Key to Outstanding Landscaping

You could choose to have large plants in the lawn and get ready for more scope for landscaping. You should plan carefully about placement of grass in your garden even though gravels and stones may prove to be a hindrance. You could come up with a modern deck that has lush greenery all around. 

You could create a truly spectacular and multi-tiered look by arranging tall grassy plants and colorful flowers in the stairs. Mothers should opt for low-maintenance plant materials. They usually choose perennials including catmint, daylilies, salvia and some ornamental grasses. These usually have very little or almost no watering requirement once they are established and they are most definitely maintenance-free. Busy mothers could browse through kinglandscapeco.com for some amazing landscape design ideas.

Stone Tiles Add to the Beauty

Stone tiles must always be placed strategically to pep up the look of your outdoor living space. Often stone tiles are put with a birdbath right at the middle of the lawn, making it the focal point. You could infuse a rock garden like appearance with pathways comprising gravel and stones. You could properly demarcate the grassy sections from the gravel for giving the landscape a superbly unified look.

Paying Attention to Lighting Really Pays

In landscape designing light plays a pivotal role in making textures and colors come alive. It could really be a good idea to place shrubs and trees with colorful foliage all along the east-west line in order to get the advantage of the rising sun or the setting sun in the background. Choose some effective artificial lighting for illuminating your garden at dusk. A simple garden could get a magical transformation by using some cleverly placed lighting. 

Experiment with Unconventional Ideas

Preparing geometric grids with plants, grass and concrete is a good idea. You could develop a number of fascinating shapes including squares and rectangles. These shapes could be effectively and attractively filled up with Elfine Thyme. The eye-catching blossoms could really add a new dimension to your garden. 

Dividing the yard could be a great idea for making it look much bigger. Stay away from restricting yourself to the conventional layout. Experimenting with various shapes and unconventional ideas really give your outdoors a truly vibrant and mesmerizing ambiance.

Mix Different Plant Shapes

Use strong forms to make your garden look really impressive and distinctive. You could simply choose a single or a couple of forms and keep on repeating it all through the garden. This would make your garden truly appealing and memorable.

Think Beyond Plants

Structures like arbors, trellises and pergolas add a distinctive touch to any landscape design. Additionally they are great in providing visual interest during early spring or winter, when most of your garden is yet to flourish.

Add Interesting Elements

Introduce a variety of distinctive elements. This simply implies you must try and break the monotony wherever possible. Create a few focal points that would stand out from the rest of the garden. Give the patio a splendid touch with a fantastic fountain. Use some attractive garden art as a center of attraction in the flowerbed.  Use eye-catching bird sculptures cleverly to highlight a shady nook. These little surprise elements would make your garden truly fascinating.