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How Poor Diet Affects your Skin and Hair?

12/05/2015 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Diet is something that is a vital part of your life. If you have good diet then perhaps you will have a wonderful skin and hair texture. Sometimes poor nutrition can also affect your mental health. Many people who have had behavioral issue have had it due to poor nutrition. Thus it is vital that you eat well and you eat right.

There are so many veggies and fruits available. You should have them in your diet and also include some fats some carbs and some proteins. A balanced diet is the key to success and good health. You can try Ashwagandha for good skin and health.
Frizzy hair and dry skin

People who have frizzy hair and dry skin should first try to make modifications in lifestyle and diet. This might give some positive results. But if you don’t get the results then the reason might be something else. But in most of the cases the frizz hair and the Poorly nourished skin is mainly due to the lack of proper nutrition.

How to enhance your hair and skin look?
  1. Bottle gourd: Try to include bottle gourd in your diet. Bottle gourd is rich in vitamins and minerals. Drinking the juice out of this vegetable or adding it in soups or having it as curry can also benefit you. But don’t overly process it or else the nutrition might get lost.
  2. Beetroot: beet is rich in biotin and also in minerals like zinc. Thus males and females who have issue like hair fall should immediately start with bête therapy. Having beetroot as salad or in soup can also give wonderful results.
  3. Potato: Potato as we feel is high in carbohydrates and we often minus it from our food list. Well, it is high in potassium and also it has several rare nutrients that you would not get from the other foods. Try to have potato in your diet in some or the other way. Making the paste out of grated potato and applying the same on skin would give you a spotless and blemish free skin.
  4. Apple: Apple is a fruit that can give you amazing levels of minerals and vitamins. It has vitamin A which gives your body cells a new energy. You should start with having an apple every day and it will help you fight with hair loss.
Thus if you practice the above natural remedies you will be able to fight with hair loss and skin issues. Often we try to go for medications but mostly all the solutions are within our reach. Just trying a few workout sessions and change in diet on the positive note would give you a chance to replenish your hair and skin health. Poor looking skin is a replica that your health is not up to the mark.

Try Ashwagandha and see. The same thing holds true for the hair as well. Thus if you want your hair and skin to be good then you should look out for over all wellbeing of health. Try to get such changes as soon as possible.