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How Technology Can Help You Put up Your Property on Rent

12/14/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

One of the most crucial and important decisions of our lives is to decide on buying a property. Unlike the little resources we had access to in the past, World is today brimming with a number of good tools that can help you decide on renting your property to the right tenant. It is crucial to choose the right tenant as otherwise it can prove costly, and you might end up spending a lot more money on repairs if they don’t take care of your property well. So how do you go about getting the right tenant? Here’s how.

First, decide on the rent

It is the first step and don’t just quote some arbitrary amount. Do research well, and make sure that you find out the average property prices, the maximum and the least prices per sq. yard or sq. feet (whatever your preferred mode of measure of). Once you do, get set for the next step.

Put up the Listing

Once you decide on the rent, put it up for listing on a good Property rent app. Make sure that you include a good description and pictures. Some advanced property rent apps will have GPS capabilities that will let you use the location to put up the listing – thereby potentially getting you someone nearby.

Post that, include if you are willing to negotiate on the price or not. One golden rule is – put up a fixed non-negotiable price first, if it doesn’t work, you might revisit the pricing in a week or so, unless it is urgent. This actually guards you against spending a lot of time in negotiating. Besides you would get a far number of calls then you would ideally get by directly putting up a fixed price.

Once you shortlist, Call them up.

Give a day or two to shortlist potential tenants and then talk to them, ask them questions like how they intend to use the property. Anything special that they would like to include, whether they intend to live alone or with their family etc. Once you have asked these questions, strike out the ones that you aren’t comfortable with. Don’t worry if you end up striking up a lot of potential tenants in this manner. In fact, all you want is one tenant, so it anyways you are going to strike out all others.

Set up a meeting

At this stage, you would be left with a very small number of potential folks whom you think are the best suited to trust your property with. At this stage, look for how they are, in general, how they talk etc. If you are suspicious about anything, it’s a red flag and strike that option out. Deal with only the ones whom you are reasonably comfortable with.

Conclude it

Complete paperwork and all the formalities and welcome the new tenant in your property. Make sure that you strike out the listing or mark it as rented so that you don’t get any more inquiries.