Jonathan Bunge & His Deep Love For Football

12/04/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

Football has won the hearts of many across the world. The sport is not just a team of men chasing after a ball and scoring a goal. This sport gives you a number of life lessons that are simple but true. These lessons are here to stay and be shared with the young generation so that they too grow up to be responsible and balanced citizens. Football has a number of life lessons that you tend to ignore. However, there are some inspiring football fans like Jonathan Bunge who not only loves the game but also shares many of his valuable insights about the sport on his blog. He is not a footballer but he is so passionate about the game that he never misses a match no matter how busy he is. 

Jonathan Bunge lives in Cleveland in Ohio. He is a truck and vehicle owner and engaged with the transport sector in the USA. He travels long distances to deliver goods safely to their preferred destination. Some goods that he has transported have also been of a hazardous nature. They too have been transported by Jonathan safe and sound. 

What makes Jonathan different from the rest is that he is a man who not only follows his passion but also shares it with a number of people. This is not via word of mouth but he writes. When he is not traveling long miles and is based at home, he makes the efforts to write insightful blog posts about football, his experiences on the road and tattoos. They are his interests and he loves sharing his ideas and thoughts with his readers. 

When it comes to his insights about football he gives you many real and true insights about the sport. First, it is a game of hard work and toil. It is a game of leadership and teamwork. The players have to stick together to win. At the same time when adversity strikes there is no escape route. The above view is very much like life. No matter how challenging life is you have to face the obstacles. You just cannot run away and hide till things become better. There are people who think that life is a bed of roses but in reality it is not. Being involved in a game like football teaches you the skills of being balanced. 

Being positive in the face of adversity can be tough for many but if boys are taught the skills of football at an early age they grow up to be strong and independent men. They are role models to society and give people the inspiration and the motivation they need to win and succeed in life. Jonathan Bunge has rightly observed this trait and his ideas have inspired many to look at football in a completely different way. This is true, if young boys and teenagers start playing football early, high chances are the world will have balanced disciplined and better social human beings- Jonathan Bunge is right!