Recruitment: Biggest Mistake Made When Hiring a New Employee

11/06/2015 John Evans 0 Comments

Hi this is Shweta from the London Coaching Group, and what I want to talk about today is one big mistake that people make when they hire a new team member, or a new candidate for their business.

Why a written planner is crucial

Now, what I very often see is as soon as the new team member is hired, there is a lot of winging that happens in terms of how this person is inducted into the business, into the culture and also into the role.
Now let me make it very clear, and I’ll say the way it is. If you do not have a written down planner for induction, for your new hire. The chances are that going forward, this person will actually end up guzzling a lot of your time, a lot of your energy and most probably even money, business money as well. Because the person is not settled into the role, and will constantly need your interventions.

And that’s not the purpose, that’s not the reason why you get somebody on board. So it’s a very straightforward way of having an induction planner, you say; Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 to Day 5, or Day 10 depending on how long you want your induction process to be.

Outline what your new team member should do on day one

And you pretty much split it into AM to PM, and you detail out, you say what are the things you want this person to do on day one? Is it to sit down with the MD, going through the culture of the company, the value systems, the history of the company. Is it about going through health and safety manuals? Is it about signing the employment contract?

You think through things in detail, you map it out for the person to follow a structure. At least for a week, so that you know you’ve covered all the phases and all the annuals of the business. Whether it’s different departments induction, it’s about marketing, website?

Bring in your other team members to help this person out

As I’m saying, the documents leverage the existing manuals, the videos, the website, online material. And leverage other people in your team to help this person understand more about the company, more about the functions and also about the role. But you need to have a written induction planner, because yes it will take a little bit of effort first time, but this is what will give you leverage forever in your business.