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Retirement Living in Kitchener

12/19/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

The city of Kitchener is a safe, clean city often well-ranked on lists of “Best Places to Live in Canada”. Kitchener is located in southern Ontario, one hundred kilometers west of Toronto. Around Kitchener is the metropolitan area known as the Region of Waterloo. This area includes Kitchener and the smaller cities of Cambridge and Waterloo. Of Kitchener’s about 204,000 residents, 25% are seniors, and the percentage is growing. Living in and enjoying retirement in Kitchener is ideal no matter what stage of life you are in as you will find everything you want, and much more.

Living in Kitchener-Waterloo

Kitchener is home to diverse neighbourhoods that create safe and thriving communities. There is a lot going on in the neighbourhoods with volunteers supporting various events, programs and activities. The city also has a sophisticated culture that is rich in diversity as well as a variety of amenities that draw young people and urban dwellers from all over the country to their charming quality of life. Programs and services offered cater to seniors, singles, and families. Whether looking for a scenic walking trail to traverse with children or grandchildren, or live music in a trendy urban café,  or enriching recreational and social programs for youth and seniors, Kitchener has it all.

Kitchener-Waterloo has several excellent shopping centers, two universities, and downtown Waterloo has many charming shops and nearby towns. Kitchener has dynamic arts and culture scene and there are site-specific theatre performances and festivals that celebrate diversity. In addition, Kitchener is renowned as the home of the fall festival, Oktoberfest.

Programs and Services In Kitchener

Kitchener offers services and  programs to persons of all ages and abilities. The city and residents strive to provide opportunities that encourage all residents full participation in their programs, services, and volunteer opportunities The city of Kitchener operates 14 community centers, where a collective community of city staff, volunteers, community organizations, seniors groups and neighbourhood associations working to ensure quality recreational services and programming are provided to citizens  The city also offers recreational programs and services which are  designed for seniors and older adults. Their older adult programs for age 50 and over operate out of 3 locations - Breithaupt Centre, Downtown Community Centre and Rockway Centre

Health Care in Kitchener

The city of Kitchener offers excellent health care. There are two hospitals - St. Mary's General Hospital and Grand River Hospital. There is also the Freeport Health Centre which has a long term physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit. St. Mary’s Hospital includes the Regional Cardiac Care Centre. The area also has 2 urgent care clinics.

Retirement Homes in Kitchener

Many of Kitchener’s seniors enjoy living in a retirement residence, from the safe environment and daily assistance to the community and social programs. Most modern retirement homes in Kitchener provide their own health, medical, and wellness care, but also help to bring residents to health care centers in the area. Retirement homes in Kitchener have both active senior apartments and assisted living, and the city offers affordable housing as well as a variety of seniors’ services and  recreational programs for seniors. Retirement homes in Kitchener include:

Independent and Assisted Living:  Continuum of care is often offered in retirement homes in Kitchener which allow residents to make the transition from living unassisted in a community to gradually receiving more support and care.

Long-Term Care:  Long-term care.is ideal for seniors with more intensive health needs as they receive more comprehensive care which can include 24/7 care, secure facilities, and special therapies for those with cognitive disabilities such as dementia and Alzheimer’s and dementia. In long-term care, residents receive the personal care they feel safe and and secure in a homey environment.

Health and wellness services provided in Kitchener independent and assisted living residences can include: on-site doctor or a doctor on-call and visits residents on a regular basis, on-site nursing staff often available 24/7, on-site pharmacy and medication assistance services, physiotherapy, and palliative care services. They can also offer assistance with daily living activities including bathing, dressing, nutrition and mobility, exercise programs, recuperative programs, and dietary and nutritional programs.

As a whole, retirement homes in Kitchener are friendly, social places with many leisure and recreational opportunities. The city of Kitchener has a lot of excellent retirement options for seniors. Residents have the opportunity to take part in celebrations, programs and activities, and get their creative juices flowing by taking part in art, dance and music classes, concerts by volunteers, and more in the retirement community and the community. When looking for a quality a retirement home, always make sure to check the RHRA and look for a retirement community with ORCA accreditation.