Stratfor Enterprise Membership – Providing You With Critical Insights On Global Issues

12/08/2015 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Stratfor Global Intelligence is a prominent geopolitical organization that assists corporate enterprises and individuals understand contentious global issues and situations from different perspectives. The firm helps their clients to understand the underlining reasons behind the weekly contentious global problems. All the clients of this reputable geopolitical firm are entitled to online content licenses and a suite of personalized advisory services. This geopolitical organization aims to give their customers critical insight into global issues that affect their corporate interests. It also helps them to formulate appropriate strategies in response to the issue so as to identify potential opportunities and minimize the risks involved.

The clients of this geopolitical organization who opt for the Stratfor Enterprise Membership service receive analytical reports on a daily or monthly basis. These reports are necessary while conducting meetings of investors, executives and fund managers of the clients. Apart from this, many academic organizations and military institutions also require the critical assessment and analytical reports of this organization. The clients of this geopolitical organization are also entitled to a number of services from the firm’s enterprise portal.
This portal also issues alerts, forecasts and analysis reports to keep their clients aware and informed of the important geopolitical developments taking place across the world. The clients of this organization are also entitled to the delivery enterprise content from the past week. The content contains critical insights from senior analysts on diverse global issues.

This geopolitical organization also publishes a journal called Stratfor Compass. This journal is tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of corporate executives by helping them identify potential business opportunities and minimize the risks. To achieve this, the journal features various forecasts and intelligence reports that are both concise and actionable. The organization also provides a Premium Research that contains white papers on various issues and internal Stratfor analysis.

Stratfor Global Intelligence also organizes quarterly conferences for the benefits of their clients. At these conferences and seminars a wide range of global issues are discussed. More importantly, the enterprise members get special updates on various global issues and breaking news of contentious global situations that influence their business strategies. During the advisory engagements, the clients come into direct contact with the organization’s professional analytical team, strategists and consultants. These professional analysts focus their attention on the corporate interests of their clients.

Moreover, the advisory services provided by these analysts include geopolitical risk factors, potential opportunities and operations. Based on quarterly, annual and ten-yearly forecasts, these analysts provide strategic planning support. The forecast reports issued by these analysts include among other things, scenario planning and strategic business plans. These strategic business plans assists clients to identify potential opportunities for investments and predict the risk factors involved. These comprehensive forecast reports are instrumental in evaluating segments for large investments in established and emerging markets.

Stratfor Global Intelligence also provides their clients with strategic business development support as these clients extend their corporate interests. The clients can avail the benefits of global intelligence monitoring through a professional team of intelligent analysts. This enables the clients to evaluate how emerging global issues and events affect their corporate interests.