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Use a natural oil to prevent various conditions

12/30/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

The natural oils are good for the health and the experts advise the people to often use these oils to have more health benefits. The users can purchase more than 90 natural oils from the grocery stores or from the e-commerce platforms. It is also known as essential oil and the Frankincense is best one among them. It is basically obtained from the resin of BoswelliaCarterii, which commonly grown in Somalia. This tree will generally grow in the dry soil and in the desolate conditions. The users who like to know the frankincense oil uses can find some points here and using this oil will provide different health benefits to them. 

How to use the Frankincense oil?

The frankincense oil can be used either by inhaling it or the users can apply it on the skin if there are any conditions to treat. It is good to mix it with the carrier oil, which is known as an unscented lotion and it has the ability to translate the messages to limbic system. However, the users are advised to not inject or apply this oil in high quantity because it can be turned as toxin. It is good to purchase the pure or 100% essential oil because the fragrance oils cannot give the expected health benefits to the users. The Olibanum is another common name of frankincense oil. Diffusing the essential oil is also recommended because it is an effective sedative to provide relaxed feeling. 

Frankincense’s Health benefits:

·         The Cardiff University scientists have discovered that it can prevent the breakdown of the cartilage tissues. So, it can be effective to prevent or treat the Arthritis.
·         It reduces the Repository disorders and Cold by decreasing the phlegm deposits in the lungs. It can also relieve the bronchitis related blocking.
·         The frankincense oil have the antiseptic qualities, which can prevent the bad breathe, soreness in mouth, toothache and the cavity. It can also cure the gum infection.
·          It can speed up the secretion of gastric juices to improve the digestion. It will stimulate the peristaltic motion to allow the proper movements of food in the intestine.
·         The frankincense oil can regulate the production of estrogen for women. So, it can regulate and control the menstrual cycle.
·         It persuades the feeling of peace and relaxation. So, the users who are suffering from mental pressure or anxiety can take a warm water bath by mixing the 3-5 drops of frankincense oil to get immediate relief.
·         It is a natural deodorizer and can reduce the pollution of indoor. So, rubbing the tiles with this oil can increase the aroma of the house.
·         It can reduce the acne and has the ability to slow down the sign of aging. The users can add 6drops with unscented oil. This mixture can be directly applied to the skin to prevent the wrinkles.
The frankincense oil uses are numerous and using it will really help the users to treat or prevent the discomforts.