Why should you wait and go for upcoming Galaxy S8

12/22/2015 Dhanur Chauhan 1 Comments

Great news to all mobile users! Now the Samsung is coming up with advance Samsung Galaxy S8!!!

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be bigger, better, and the best Galaxy S smart phone up till now. It is the bundle of each and every feature.

Comparison from other S series of Samsung: -
  • Samsung S7 has only 4 GB RAM but S8 contains 5GB, 1 GB EXTRA!!!
  • According to Specifications of Galaxy S8, It shall have only tab which have the 64 and 128 GB internal memory and expandable with dual micro SD cards
  • This is the only cell which comprises excellent camera features for example- Auto laser focus, facial recognition, optical image stabilization, , HDR, geo tagging.
  • Available in 4 beautiful colors: - Black, gold, green, white
At last the price, the price of S8 is very reasonable - $900 USD, 820 Euro.

Key Features of S8: -
  • Galaxy S8 Chipset and Ram

    It may come in two variants.
    1.  Powered by Exynos Chipset.
    2.  Powered by Snapdragon 830.
    The Exynos powered Galaxy S8 may hold Ten custom Mongoose Cores clocked at 3 to 4 GHz and also  5G supportive.

    Snapdragon 830 powered Galaxy S8 may have 8 Core CPU clocked at 3 GHz and may also support 5G.

    Not only this, S8 will also support 2G, 3G, 4G LTE-A and LTE-U bands also. It can play and upload both 4K and 8K videos log less. Both variants may boast 6GB Ram to feature amazing multi tasking. Same feature will be available in Xperia Z 6 of Sony too. 
  • Fingerprint Sensor

    Samsung begun swipe type fingerprint sensor in Galaxy S5. The type of fingerprint sensor is replaced by Touch type fingerprint sensor in Galaxy S6 Edge to offer much more precise results in less time. But now Samsung may get better it more in the next Galaxy S8 smart phone. So in Galaxy S8, we will see much enhanced Touch-type fingerprint sensor on home button.

    Fingerprint sensor is useful to unlock phone, log in to banking apps and websites.

    Fingerprint sensor is also essential to create payment through Samsung Pay.

    Android N OS which comes as inbuilt Operating system in Galaxy S8 also has more suitable for fingerprint sensor than Marshmallow.
  • Galaxy S8 Camera

    Galaxy S8 may characteristic by 32MP Rear Camera with Sony IMX 2xx sensor and Dual LED flash!
     This back camera can shoot videos with 8K Resolution. Samsung may utilize 12MP front camera with 4K video recording capability in S8. Rear camera also comes with remarkable benefits like HDR, Optical Image Optimization.
  • Galaxy S8 Display and Design

    It has great 6 inch Super AMOLED Flexible Display covered by Samsung made Turtle glass for safety. Samsung may manufacture Galaxy S8 as absolute bezel free to enlarge screen to body ratio. The screen to body ratio of this flagship might be up to 85%. The back and front sides of S8 will be enclosed completely by Turtle glass and as well as sides are covered by elastic metal frame. As the Body and Display both are flexible, the flagship can be bendable! Galaxy S8 will also feature 4K or 8K resolution.
  • Galaxy S8 Battery

    You will be pleased to know that Samsung is going to release Galaxy S7 with 3500mAh battery. So now you can say Galaxy S8 may be packed with Powerbackup battery of 4000mAh ability and can back up the flagship up to 2 days completely. Samsung may employ non-removable battery in this flagship.
Galaxy S8 users can charge battery rapidly even through wireless charging. The battery can super charge up to 80% in just 15 minutes.

Go and Grab Your brand new Samsung Galaxy S8!!!