Why Use PowerPoint in Designing Websites

12/11/2015 Jhon 0 Comments

To successfully design a website it is necessary to note down the creative and developmental ideas for executing it before actually commencing the creative job. In technical parlance this process is referred to as wireframing. While there are quite a lot of tools that can be used for the creation of wireframes, it can be very handy to use PowerPoint templates to provide a clear vision of the website ideation. Here are some key advantages of using PowerPoint in web design.

Easy to Organize the Layer Support

It can be very easy to simplify even the most complex of web designs with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. With the assistance of the grouping function provided in the package, you can easily classify the plans being made in various shapes. The group selection can be done either from the context menu or by simply using CTRL+G to group and CTRL+SHIFT+G to perform the ungroup function. If you want to see an ordered view of all the slides that are present, you can do it from the selection pane in the drawing section that usually remains concealed by the various other shapes.

Easy to Import / Export

The formats used for import / export in the wireframes are very easily supported in PowerPoint. There is also a very high degree of compatibility with all types of bitmap image formats such as PNG, JPEG besides vector image types like EMF and WMF, as also the EPS format.

Simple to Add Interactivity

With the help of PowerPoint it can be quite easy to add interactivity to the wireframes regardless of whether the web design concept is linear, non-linear or dynamic in nature. Regardless of the wireframe type, the actions can be very easily configured. Taking recourse to VBA, you can create macros even when the PowerPoint package remains in the presentation mode. You can use the Visual Basic Applications editor or the VBA to write the codes with the assistance of PowerPoint without too much exertion.

Slide Master Use

If you know how to properly use the slide master in PowerPoint, in the future you can very easily use it to create additional presentations using the very same PowerPoint template. After you have created the layout, it is possible to re-apply them by simply right-clicking on the slides and selecting the master slide from the layout menu.

Ease of Integration

Since PowerPoint is part of the MS Office suite of products, the package is completely compatible with the rest of the products in the suite. This means that you can compose content in MS Word for example and simply drag and drop the document into a PowerPoint slide making web designing extremely convenient.

Easy to Share and Collaborate

Using PowerPoint makes it very simple to collaborate with your team members as after completing the wireframe on PowerPoint, you can just upload it on SkyDrive and share it with them as well as key clients for their inputs.

The Convenience of Wireframe Stencils

PowerPoint offers a number of stencils for wireframes that can be extremely helpful to you when you go about the task of creating the wireframe for your web design project. You can easily download the stencils and conduct a trial run with the provided tools. Quite a few application elements have been provided such as tables, text boxes, tabs, etc. that are very helpful in classifying the stencils.

Disadvantage That Need to Be Reckoned With

Though the above points have made it amply clear that there are numerous advantages of using PowerPoint in the task of wireframing the contemplated best website designers in mumbai, you should also appreciate that there is one disadvantages as well. You might notice that the presentation is tending to become somewhat shaky if you have applied too many special effects and transitions to your presentation slides.

Author bio: Kim London is an experienced web designer who has designed a number of websites for small and medium businesses. She makes extensive use of a PowerPoint template to wireframe her design concepts.