Become a CNA

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To become a certified nursing assistant, you should have a desire and a passion to serve people. It is quite not an easy job role; however it can be the most rewarding work. If you possess the inborn passion to look after people, in spite of their disabilities and age, then you are the right person to excel in the health care industry as a CAN or certified nursing assistant. CAN jobs are one among those with best employment outlooks in the coming years. 

Job description

The job of CAN is to render basic health care services to the patients. Some of the primary responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant include,

·         Observing the patient’s vital sign
·         Help the patients while eating and other basic activities of everyday living
·         Carry the patients from bed to wheelchair and vice-versa
·         Apply bandages and other support materials as instructed by the nurse or physician
·         Dispense medication, as per the level of competency and training
·         Relay the problems and concerns of the patents to the supervising nurse
·         Document the information regarding the events and the related activities about the patient education

Qualifications to become a CAN

In order to emerge as a successful CAN, you have to enroll in a college education, training in a Red Cross office or hospital that delivers a certificate course in nursing assistance. Before you enroll in some institutions, you have to train yourself in some prerequisites, including CPR, first aid, anatomy and physiology and medical terminology. To be admitted into training program,. You have to provide your GED certification or high school diploma. There are also few institutions that provide online programs in nursing assistance, in case if you don’t have enough time to attend the classes. You can expect to attend two programs once you are enrolled in the certificate program, including the basic patient care course and the clinical externship


As CNAs play an essential role in the health care industry, the practice deals with certain regulations. A CAN is needed to be certified, in order to ensure that you are capable and fit to undertake the responsibilities and tasks. In order to be a fully qualified and a bona fide CNA, you should complete 75 hours of nursing aid training. Other than that, you need to pass comprehensive examination and once you meet these requirements, you will be given a formal certification.

Linda Perry, the author of this article possesses extensive knowledge about the field of Certified Nurse Assistant. With his proficiency, she is highly qualified to become a CNA.