Flexible VPS Server Hosting US Plans for Organizations

1/13/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Virtual private servers (VPS) are for businesses that require more facilities and privacy than what shared hosting plans offer but are still not yet in a position to acquire a dedicated server. VPS server hosting plans in US give the customer the convenience and flexibility of a dedicated environment at some affordable and attractive prices that are much cheaper than what the dedicated plans cost.

VPS server hosting packages in US are suitable to every kind of customer that wants control over the server with dedicated resources and complete security and privacy. The customer is isolated from the other customers though they share a common container. But the resources are under the control of each individual customer. It also gives the customer root access to Apache and PHP and is allowed to install an SSL certificate and any other software required by them for business needs. 

Operating System

VPS server hosting companies in US offer many amazing plans with excellent features. The first important point that the customers have to decide is the operating system. The two most popular options here are the Linux and Windows operating systems. Both the systems have many common features that the VPS server offers. But there are also some considerable differences that the user has to look out for while deciding.

Technical points

For websites that work only on Windows specific technologies like Microsoft Access, .NET, MSSQL, ASP etc it would be easier to opt for the Windows based VPS server hosting US plans. MySQL, PHP, Perl users can opt for the Linux VPS plans. With Linux, one gets the choice of different distribution systems like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Mint Linux and many more.


Linux is an open source platform and comes free as there are no obligations attached. Windows platform on the other hand is owned by the technical giant Microsoft and is a commercial system and there is a string of fees and taxes attached. So Windows platform works out to be expensive for the customer.

Ease of Use

Windows VPS is easier to manage as it has direct GUI access while Linux is a little complicated because it is managed via SSH. Windows comes with the plush Plesk control panel while Linux offers cPanel that has some not-so-smooth features.

Brand Name

Another advantage for Windows VPS hosting is that it carries the Microsoft brand name with it and that commits quality tools.

There are still many other benefits that make VPS Server hosting packages in US very suitable for both small and large businesses.  The website’s performance is never affected even if there is a sudden increase in traffic. The plans come with independent CPU and RAM and thus ensure faster and better performance. Complete privacy is assured as the customer does not share the server space. The VPS server can be customized as per the business needs of the client.  The client gets a dedicated mail server and a separate IP address and is thus secured from spammers and hackers.  All the packages come with 24/7 customer support.