Reliable Data Recovery for Windows 10/8/7

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

What is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free? - Actually, this free data recovery software is used to get back your lost data or information. There are many reasons of losing the data, some of which are deleting, formatting, system crash, attack of virus and certain unexpected reasons. Through this software, you may enable to get your lost data from the Hard disk, Memory Cards, SD cards, USB drive, Mobile Phones as well as another storage medium.

Main Characteristics of EaseUS Recovery Wizard Free
  • Through this recovery software, you are enabled to get back your data like Images, Videos, Documents and so forth
  • Provides you the capability to recover your lost data and recover word document saved over from the laptop, PC, Server or external storage media.
  • You may resume or stop the work at any time
Preview Features
  • Before scanning the files, you need to specify the type of recoverable files so that you may enable to get precise results.
  • To get precise results, you may also specify the file name, type or date in order to get the result quickly or to save time.
  • Before getting in touch with right file, you may preview the files in order to know you have selected the right files.
  • Easy to operate or handle
  • May also use with ease
  • Have user-friendly interface
  • More secure

USB Drive Data Recovery

Many of the individuals using the USB drive in a variety of form like USB flash drive, USB external hard drive or USB pen drive etc. The main purpose to use them is to store or transfer the data in a good manner. But due to some reasons you may lose your data such system errors, virus attacking and many more. So you need to know about flash drive recovery.

USB drive data recovery with data recovery software

You may recover the data of USB drive using USB data recovery software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Using this software you may enable to recover all the lost files or folders from the USB drive owing formatting, deletion, power failure, virus attacking and so forth. This software provides distinct solutions for different data loss to recover data from the USB drive.

 Use the following steps if you don’t know how to recover data from USB 

  1. STEP – 1: Install and launch the EaseUS Data Recovery. For recovering the required file, you need to select the type of file and then click on the NEXT button to move one step ahead.
  2. STEP – 2: Choose the disk where you lost the data and then click on the SCAN button. After that, the software will initiate its action of scanning for the targeted files. And if lost, the disk drives then select the Lost Disk Drive and SCAN to recover the data.
  3. STEP – 3: You get the list of recoverable files one by one in scanning results. Now chose the one which you intend to recover and then click on the RECOVER button. One noticeable point here is that you must save your data to another disk in order to avoid the data overwriting.

USB Flash Drive recovery Software

How can I recover deleted files from USB flash drive?

You have seen that when you are on some business trip or other company's occasion, you lost your important data from the USB flash drive. Owing this, you feel little disappointed. Now the next thing you need to do is you have to recover the deleted files. Below we are providing some solutions to recover data from the USB flash drive.

USB flash drives recovery solution for all types of losses

 Here are the some of the causes of losing data from USB flash drive. Here we are providing below:
  • Formatting of USB flash drives unknowingly
  • Attack of viruses
  • Discharging of system
  • If USB drive is not properly remove from the computer
  • Files deleted from the USD flash drive unknowingly
  • Display the file system of USB flash drive as RAW
  • Window display message for formatting the data
These are some of the reasons for losing data if someone is using the USB flash drive for storage. So what is the best for users to protect your data? If you intend to recover your lost data, you can use EaseUS data recovery software for recovering the data.

Steps to recover deleted files from USB flash drive

Here we are providing some of the steps for recovering the deleted files from USB flash drive. You just need to connect the USB flash drive to the computer and follow the some steps provided below.
  1. STEP – 1: Firstly install the EaseUS data recovery software and then chose the type of files of lost data.
  2. STEP – 2: Now choose the flash drive and then the software automatically scan all the files in order to search the lost files.
  3. STEP – 3: After scanning it will display all the recoverable files and now choose those which you intend to recover by selecting RECOVER button. You can save these files to any place except the USB flash drive.
Recover Office Files

Numerous Microsoft Office clients experience such an issue when they working with the application. They have to get back the Office document which has been spared over or over-composed by another with same record name.

Actually, it is difficult to get spared over office records back. You can allude to the guidance beneath that found in a few acclaimed groups. Perhaps, their recommendation is that can offer you to get spared over office some assistance with filing back.
  • Restore a document that was spared over to its last form
  • Recoup a prior form of an Office record
  • Recouping Word Document that was Mistakenly Saved Over
In any case, on the off chance that you inadvertently erased or lost your office records, it is simple for EaseUS information recuperation programming to get them back.

Steps o recover the deleted files

  1. STEP – 1: Firstly install the EaseUS data recovery software. Now choose the document which you want to recover by clicking on the NEXT options.
  2. STEP – 2: Now choose the disk where you had lost the document. Click on the SCAN button in order to scan the deleted files and if you lost the partition then click on the LOST DISK DRIVES and scan it to recover the files.
  3. STEP – 3: After scanning you can view all the recoverable files and select those which you want to recover and now click on the option RECOVER to recover them.