The Legendary Mixed Martial Performer and Fighter

1/13/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Being a dependable associate Justin Nauling worked for the Marine Corps for more than 10 years. With his dedicated efforts, determined attitude and skill he successfully achieved the rank of Black Belt Instructor in the community and used to coach juniors on Martial Art Programs in the Marine Corps. Later, he decided to build a professional career in mixed martial arts of MMA. During his continuation with the United States Marin Corps, he had served the organization in different wings and has performed varied responsibilities. Some of these areas segments include Third Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, First Force Reconnaissance Company and Seventh Marine Regiment. 

He also played major role in 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Company in the reserves, Reconnaissance and Intelligence Group, First Surveillance as well as First Intelligence Regiment. To initiate special charge towards battle operation for Iraqi Freedom in Iraq as well, Freedom operation in Afghanistan, Justin Nauling received training in investigation and also undergone designated marksman specialized training. In addition, Justin offered his dedicated services as Marine Combat Instructor, Chief of Water Survival (MCIWS), and as a Master in Helicopter Rope Suspension Training (HRST). These schools are identified as military schools designed to train higher regiment officials. 

Subsequent to completion of his duties in the position of Black Belt Instructor, to advance his career as specialist in mixed martial arts he left for Tempe. He took admission in BRAUSA Academy in Arizona. There, for the first time in his life he experienced the uniqueness of JIU JITSU as well as MUAY Thai kickboxing. His great performance in these actions made the senior trainers of the Academy amazed. And as per their advice, he took part in professional fighting. At everyone’s surprise, he successfully won his foremost fight defeating Gabe Rivas (within 2 minutes and 17 seconds in its first round). He won this professional fight adding the record of 5 times wins and 2 times losses beside her name. 

He fought a series of professional fights where his opponents were Ray Elbe, Allen Branson, and Jamie Varner, (the famed personality of UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship). Justin Nauling also performed his duties as an efficient infantryman, skilled instructor, insightful Marine investigator, and Platoon Sergeant at the Californian PENDLETON Camp. Being a small arms and handy weapons instructor, Justin trained hundreds of youths associated with Marine. He also worked as the Black Belt Instructor at MCMAP or Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. 

These days, Justin Nauling continues his practices in comprehensive areas of martial arts while he is a very popular trainer to new generation youngsters in JIU JITSU and kickboxing. He is highly respected by his students for his great knowledge, friendly training and caring attitude. Keeping in view the changing techniques in fighting, on regular basis he brushes up his knowledge and skills in fighting and keep him up to date at all times. Occasionally, one can find him in the shooting practices. He is a motorcycle and skydiver enthusiast. In his free time, he enjoys playing beach volleyball and taking the challenge of CrossFit. Justin Nauling completed his studies in organizational security management in the famed University of Phoenix in San Diego.