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A bathroom is a room where personal hygiene activities are carried out. Most of the accessories found in a bathroom include a toilet, sink, mirror, shower or bathtub to name but a few. Bathrooms contain one or more towel bars or rings for hanging clothes. Bathrooms have a medicine cabinet for storage of medicine and other hygiene products.

Types of bathrooms
  1. Powder room- also known as a guest bath and usually contains a toilet and sink used by guests.
  2. Ensuite- this is a bathroom attached to a bedroom and accessed from the bedroom.
  3. Family bathroom- this is a full bathroom in a house containing a toilet, sink and shower or bathtub.
  4. Jack and Jill bathroom- a bathroom that's accessible from two bedrooms and may sometimes include three doors, where the third door leads to the hallway.
  5. Wetroom- a waterproof room equipped with a shower. The purpose of this bathroom is to keep out moisture that may result in damage to the house.
Unique bathroom accessories
To have your home's bathroom looking elegant and appealing, it advisable to dress it up with unique bathroom accessories from among others traditional, rustic, contemporary pieces. A well-designed bathroom requires products and accessories that coordinate perfectly and add a fantastic finishing touch to your bathroom space.
  • Bathroom sinks and lavatory- this are the most used things in a toilet. It's important to choose a design that suits your taste and preferences. There is a broad range of sinks and toilet seats that are found from classic to the rounded type to name but a few that one can choose.
  • Showers- shower accessories include shower heads, wet room components and other accessories which look not only beautiful but also easy to maintain. There is a wide variety of shower and bath accessories to choose.
  • Bathroom furniture- having the right kind of furniture in your bathroom such as medicine cabinets is essential for they will not only help in tidying of the washroom but also contribute to creating space and orderliness.
  • Bathroom taps and mixers- a modern bathroom should have both hot and cold water thus the need to have bathroom taps mixers that are capable of mixing both hot and cold water thus making your bathroom life easier and enjoyable by all.
  • Towel rails, rings and hooks- this are necessary for holding clothes and towel and come in many designs, colours and styles to choose from
  • Soap dispensers and dishes- used for the purpose of keeping liquid and solid soaps in a more stylish manner for use in the washroom.
  • Toothbrush tumblers- this are toothbrush holders that give an orderly way of placing toothbrush and toothpaste.