Understanding changed outlook of football with Will McHale

1/06/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

The sports fraternity has undergone a drastic change in the modern days especially in America. The players of the country have to undergo rigorous training to meet the standardized rules and compete in the same environment. One such sport is football which demands high level of energy and physical exercise.

The motivation and positive outlook towards the sport is the only thing which can help the players to flourish themselves in the game. Will McHale is the one of the intense and keen players who shares his thoughts on the same.

Strategies to play an effective game

In the field, only the efficient and effective strokes help in getting the best out of the game. One needs to be focused while playing the game as it helps your team in leading towards the victory.

But to taste this, Will McHale suggests that there are many points which the players as well as sportsperson of other games should keep in mind. As he has served as an assistant coach of the American football team in France named La Courneuve Flash and even served with U.S. Embassy for the promotion of sportsmanship. He suggests various underlined points to be taken into consideration:-

·         The coach should work upon the individuals who are there in the team so as to look after their weak and strong points. By testing team’s skills, he can come to know where the player is lacking, their versatile skills and the areas where they need to perform well and so on.
·         The reward is a kind of positive reinforcement which should be given to the players so that they can improve themselves more and it even boosts their performance.
·         At some point of time, for increasing the effectiveness of the game if the players have some ideas or thoughts then it should be welcomed with greater enthusiasm. It will help in working in the cordial manner.
·         The main priority of the coach should be the players’ safety, health and their happiness when they are playing on the field so that the players can give their best shot.

Tackling hardships of the game

While playing football, the basic things which the athletes have to take into account is that, it has vigorous physical regime. It is not easy to become a sportsperson, because only having the talent will not work out till the person has gone through the practical sessions on the ground. So, Will McHale tells about certain measures which the team has to look out for:-

*      The sportsman spirit should prevail even if your team has lost or won the game.
*      The usage of foul language should not be there and no heated arguments should prevail on the field.
*      The talent should be identified by the coach while dealing with amateur or veteran players.

Lastly, to complement with the present scenario of this enthusiastic and energetic game one needs to have self-control and patience in themselves.