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Use of Clenbuterol in horses

1/20/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Clenbuterol has been mostly referred to as an excellent weight loss medicine. This molecule has become increasingly popular among women since they can use it as an alternate means to shed fat from specific areas of the body which they otherwise had no idea of how to deal with. For such reasons, Clen is a well-known agent among actresses, models and all those women associated with the glamour world or those who want to keep their body in perfect shape. It is also a famous name among bodybuilders since it enables them to get rid of the fat from the body without the need to lose any of the muscle tissues

This medicine was primarily used for the treatment of breathing problems. This is a part of the medication for those who suffer from asthma and are undergoing treatment. Though it is often regarded as a steroid, but it actually falls under the cover of sympathomimetic amines. It imparts its effect on the beta adrenergic receptors in humans. This drug leads to an increase in the heart beat rate, the temperature of the body and the blood pressure that further leads to an increase in calorie burn in the body and thereby leading to loss of weight. According to an estimate, an increase of 10F in the temperature leads to the burning of around 5% of the calorie.

Clenbuterol – in the form of gel

Clenbuterol is also available in the form of gel thought it is mostly available in the form of a pill. Among humans, the pill is the preferred form and the oral route is the most convenient of ingestion. However, it has been found that Clen gel (when applied superficially) prevents energy consumption from the muscle tissues. When that happens, the energy stored already stored in the body in the fat is used up. This facilitates in cutting off fat from the body, thereby leading to a lean muscle condition. Going ahead, this particular aspect was found to be very effective among animals as well and hence currently Clen gel is used in horses as well.

The symptoms that horses (especially racehorses) are treated with, using Clenbuterol Gel, is IAD - Inflammatory Airway disease and RAO otherwise called as heaves. Apart from that, the gel is regularly applied almost during the entire racing season.

The experiment to test its efficacy among horses involved treating 8 (retired) racehorses that were suffering from IAD with Clenbuterol. The medication was initially planned for a 3 week period. It noticed during the experiment that Clenbuterol was more effective than histamine. After a couple of weeks, the horses gradually became non-responsive to the drug.

The sweat function was evaluated during the study and it was observed that the animals were sweating less during workout or training exercises. This led to the conclusion that this drug cannot be continued for more than a couple of weeks. It was finally concluded that Clenbuterol could be an option if the horse has IAD or for mucocillary. Based on that study, Clen gel is used in horsespresently.