10 true facts about essay Services

2/19/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Myth, misunderstandings and outright lies are currently marring the names of genuinely good essay writing services. Here are a few facts about writing services that experience and common sense will confirm. 

1 - Some of them are long-established companies

The myth that all essay writing services are “Here today and gone tomorrow” is a myth. There are still plenty of writing services kicking around the Internet that have been in business longer than Google.

2 - Ex-professors are often employed by writing services

Essay writing is big business, and if professors are sick of teaching dispassionate teens, they often consider essay writing as their next legitimate career move. is one of such essay services that many ex-professors flock to because of its slightly higher rates of pay for writers.

3 - Confidentiality is a cornerstone of the industry

A great many students hand in the work of their essay writers as their own. That is why confidentiality is a big issue because if the writing companies release the information in any form, then the student may get in trouble.

4 - Google frequently bans them for no legitimate reason

Many essay-writing services have similar names to the point where if one starts ripping off students, then the others are tarred with the same brush. Genuine and established companies are often fighting with Google about their “Ban them all and ask questions later” attitude.

5 - Webmasters seem to think that linking to essay writing website is bad

The bad name that some writing services gives the industry is often enough to scare web masters away from linking to essay writing services in the same way they are afraid to link to torrent websites.

6 - Writers can literally write essays in a few short hours

The writers that work for essay services are able to write high-scoring essays quickly because writing is all they do all week. They spend their working weeks writing essays and they have become very efficient at it.

7 - Essay writing services are now big business

The industry has been growing since 1997 and is still growing today. There are currently more essay writing websites online than ever before.

8 - Expert writers make innocent mistakes

We all make mistakes, and even a writer that has been writing essays for years may make grammatical, spelling and syntax mistakes. Those are innocent and happen to all good writers. A bad writer get the “content” of your essay wrong, so that it is inaccurate and/or not academically credible.

9 - A low price doesn’t always mean you are getting a bargain

It is okay for an essay writing service to claim they charge low prices, but if their prices are legitimately lower than the industry standard, then you have to consider who is writing the essay. Degree qualified writers do not come cheap.

10 - Amendment fees should never be charged

This is a matter of common sense. If a company charges amendment fees, then it incentivizes their writing staff to do a bad job so they get more money from amendment charges.