5 Signs you need to switch to a better shipping company?

2/22/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

The shipping industry in Michigan has grown rapidly owing to growing demands from suppliers and exporters of various businesses. Now you can even book your shipments online and get your goods shipped anywhere in the world at reasonable rates. These shipments are completely secure and provide insurance as well.

If you are into exports, then there are quite a few trustworthy Michigan shipping companies which will help you freight your goods just about anywhere in the world! Shipping of breakable goods has always been a big concern with dealers and businessmen in every country.

With a dependable team of shipping experts in place and highly secure packaging, you can breathe in peace as your goods will be taken care of by the best in the shipping business. However, not all times your shipping partners give you the services needed to propel your business. Thus, it is important to know when to change your logistics partner.

Top 5 signs you need to switch shipping companies

So when should you raise the red flag and decide to change your shipping partner? Most of us wait till things have gone way out of hand before the realization dawns! Shipping and handling of exported products directly affect factors like transport costs, profits, customer relationships, etc. These aspects are the foundation of a good business strategy. If any of these go wrong, your business can suffer greatly.

So what are the top 5 indicators that your current shipping partner might land you in trouble?

  1. Missed deliverables on a regular basis: When your shipping partner gives unreasonable excuses time and again for missed deliveries and delayed consignments, it indicates major trouble. Either their shipping system is losing out on efficient management or they just do not consider your partnership important enough! Either ways, you stand to lose. In such a situation, you should not think twice before making the switch.
  2. Sudden hikes in shipping costs: Most shipping companies charge their customers as per the volume and distance that needs to be covered. You should be well aware of the market rates before you talk to your present shipping partner about handling rates. When they start charging you unreasonable amounts of money for the same volume and distance travelled, you need to throw in the towel before you bear losses owing to transportation costs that are more than the cost of the actual products!
  3. Problems with certifications: Any good shipping company needs a certificate from IATA (International Air Travel Association) or be a licensed ocean freight carrier (when traveling via sea). If your current shipping provider lands in trouble due to lack of original certifications, then you need not think twice before calling it quits with them.
  4. Missing goods from delivered cargo: If your cargo weighs less on delivery, it might indicate a dubious attempt to make some internal profits by your shipping handler. If you encounter missing cargo on multiple occasions, then it might be time to switch (unless you want to drag them to court!).
  5. Not suiting your delivery requirements: If your customer wants a consolidated freight and your service provider is unable to accommodate their demands, then you need to re-evaluate your dependency on your current shipping partner. An ideal shipping provider should be able to satisfy any kind of special requests from customers (unless deterred by the weather or some other unavoidable circumstance!).
A good shipping partner can propel your business to new heights. However, it is important that you can trust your service provider. There are many Houston, New Jersey or Michigan shipping companies in the USA, but only a few can be trusted to help you reach your goals.