Chips Manufacturing - A front runner in American precision machining

2/15/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Chips Manufacturing  is recognized leader in precision machining providing custom machining parts of high precision to various industries such as OEMs, medical and dental part manufacturers etc,. Their main goal is to meet concept production needs of their customer base and provide high level maintenance to their products.

Chips Mfg was started in 2006 as a milling company and had a steady growth throughout the years and now mainly focuses on Swiss machining, precise tuning and milling. This can be achieved only by investing in the best technology available at the time and chips mfg now has a large no of advanced CNC Swiss machines under their arsenal that keeps them ahead of the competitions.

Their service extends to industries like medical and dental industries, hydraulics and HVAC.

Precision machining done the precise way

Small parts make a big difference and hence ChipsMfg high precision machining is one of the main specializations of the company. Swiss type CNC machining is their main forte from when they started as a CNC machining company, which is evident from the number of Swiss type machines they use. As the name suggests Swiss type machines are a type of turning centre that was developed for the Swiss watch industry.

Unlike conventional lathes these can be designed to turn small, complex, precision parts. Having over 50 of these highly advanced machines, Chips Manufacturing is considered one of the largest Swiss houses in the Midwest. They use Swiss precision machining services mainly due to its ability to create complex components and parts with long diameter to length ratio and hence have an advantage over multi-spindle methods.

The Manufacturing process

Chips manufacturing has a strict motto to provide perfect products and that’s achieved through their flawless manufacturing process, mainly emphasizing on attention to detail.
  • Overview and estimate The client gives their requirement to the people at Chips and at once the start to analyze the requirements. The work, effort, material content needed, processing and a total estimate to produce the proposed manufactured component is laid and presented to the client.
  • Client’s approval and scheduling Once the estimate is reviewed by the client and if the price and time requirements are agreeable a contract or purchase order is placed. An acknowledgement is then sent from Chips to the client and confirms the delivery estimate. A careful consideration is given to the specific machining steps, additional treatments to satisfy the delivery requirements and with it the work centre required is scheduled.
  • Engineering , processing and production The engineering dept armed with advanced software produce a blue print of the component and a three dimensional rendering is given. Production is done using the highly effective ChipsMfg high precision machining tools.
  • Quality control and shipping The manufactured products are tested through a robust quality control system and if it gets a pass they are packed and shipped to the client.
Thus by these robust processing methods and high quality precision machining methods Chips manufacturing act as a front runner among their competitors.