Everything You Wanted To Know About Dedicated Server Hosting Control Panel

2/18/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

A user generally searches for such information in the search engine when his or her business has reached such a level where dedicated server hosting has become a necessity. As they say, with power comes responsibility, here too a user opting for such dedicated server services will need to shoulder the responsibility of server management. Dedicated servers are known for providing users with enhanced control on the server resources, unmatched in any other hosting service.

Unlike other hosting services, here you will get your own control panel. In fact, there are multiple control panel types available and the most popular ones being cPanel and Plesk. Now, choice of a control panel by a particular user is dependent upon particular uses and needs. Before discussing more about control panel it is important to learn more about their uses.

Control Panel – What is its Function?

For the sole purpose of creating as well as maintaining site and the applications associated with them in the most simple way possible, control panel comes handy. Simplicity of the control panel is the highlight here because they come with click interface and are very simple to use.Some of the essential aspects that can be managed here include FTP accounts, directories, database servers, and email.

Installation of customized software can also be done with the help of dedicated server hosting control panel. Admin of the control panel can also set up individual accounts for staffs. With the help of control panels, websites can be managed effectively by users, even when they don’t know about computer programming.

When it comes to Microsoft Windows Server 2003, there is already built-in control panel present. Installation of another control panel here is not required. However, a user may need separate CP if more power is required than the usual power offered.

Knowing more about Specific CPs

We now have a basic knowledge about the control panels and that’s why we can move to the next level of knowing more about the different types available. As already mentioned earlier, in case of dedicated server hosting, there are two main kinds of controls available and they are cPanel and Plesk.


This is the commonest form of control panel and is also the industry standard one. When we talk about this, it comes with enhanced facilities such as more flexibility, power, options, and features. On a single license, innumerable domains can be installed. This feature is especially helpful if the user is willing to resell web hosting services. Though cPanel was mainly available for Linux based servers, they can now be availed for Windows Server 2008.


Though it comes with fewer numbers of features than that available in cPanel, it can be availed for both Linux and Windows based dedicated server hosting. Sometimes people may find it difficult to customize, it is regarded as a more streamlined interface than cPanel.

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