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How to Add New Life to Your Old Bathroom

2/15/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

You spend a great deal of time in your bathroom getting for work or to dress for the evening’s event. Why not spruce up this room so that you’ll enjoy your time in the bathroom and also have the most modern appliances and products available in the UK. These new items can help make your water usage more efficient and can give a fresh new look to the room.

How can you add new life to your old bathroom? Use some of the guidelines below to help you as you plan and execute the project.
  1. Before you begin your project, start clipping pictures of the things that you’d like to include in your bathroom. You can organise these into a notebook that is complete with the prices of the items as well as suppliers around the UK where you can buy them. You’ll start to see the trend of the design that you like so you can narrow down your preferences right there in your dream book.
  2. Next set the budget that you can afford so that you’ll only be shopping for the things that you can really afford. Never use money that you have already saved for other purposes and emergencies. If you know you are going to redo your bathroom in the spring or summer start your savings now for the new products that you’ll want to include in it.
  3. You should also begin to decide on some of the materials that you prefer for your walls, flooring, your tub, shower, and worktops. Once you determine how much you have to spend you can start shopping for materials so that you can compare costs. For example, Carronite Baths from UK suppliers will be fashioned from materials that are sturdy, easy to maintain, and affordable. As you decide what materials you want to use, make sure that you check all warranties and the amount of cleaning and maintenance each piece requires.
  4. Do you need new lighting and plumbing? These two systems can bring a breath of freshness to any old bath. There are many new fixtures that coordinate with your other furnishings and help to set the tone for your interior design. Pay close attention to the finishes that you choose; buying them all from the same supplier will assure you of having them all coordinate for a smooth and streamlined look for your bathroom.
  5. Will you use tile for the flooring and walls or will you consider hardwood and paint? Today’s tile comes in a plethora of colours and textures and can make your small bathroom look bigger if it is applied correctly. Consider the colour scheme that you want to use and then see what’s available for you to choose from.