How to Study Abroad?

2/26/2016 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

One of the main questions you might ask when you embarked on your education journey is “How to Study abroad”. Studying abroad provide you a whole new discovery and experience that shape you later in your life. It is a path that will broaden your horizon, create hunger for knowledge and change your outlook towards life.

Though your first step into your journey studying abroad will be overwhelming and out of your comfort zone, this is a natural feeling. At IDP Education Malaysia, our experienced and qualified counsellors will guide you through your journey studying abroad from the beginning till we say ‘’bon vovage” during our Pre-departure seminars.

Steps that will help you when study abroad:

Do it the Right Way
  • Choose a Right study program - This could be your most important step. You will have to decide what study program is best for you based on your past academics and qualification. It is most likely that you will have to choose one major and another minor. You may want to check the job prospects or demand of that particular program for your future endeavours if you want to work post completion of the study program.
  • Choose a Right Destination - There are many countries offering a variety of study programs. After selecting a study program,your choice of destination or country to start your education journey will be the next decision. Your research will comprise of the cost of education, future job prospects, culture, people, economy etc.
  • Choose a Right College or University - Your choice of university or institution for your study programme will be based on your past academic record, qualification and university ranking.
Test Scores and Application Process
  • Once you have selected the study program, destination and university you are required to take mandatory tests and obtain the required scores to be selected to continue your education. You are required to send the scores to the universities or colleges
Utilise extra time
  • Once you have completed the application process and visa formalities, you will have ample time to explore the local culture, spend time with your friends and read up about the destination that you will be spending the most important years of your life.
IDP Education Malaysia will prepare you for ‘How to Study Abroad’. Our trained counsellors will be more than happy to provide FREE counselling and guide you all the way. IDP Education Malaysia is the one stop solution to your Study Abroad experience.