Right tips for choosing your dream career path

2/11/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

There are so many instances in our lives when we have started our journeys to reach a certain destination and had to face numerous hurdles on the way. Only with a considerable amount of help did we manage to reach our respective destinations. Our career quest is also fettered with similar if not more arduous hurdles. Instead of feeling lost and befuddled we must seek the correct guidance to chart our course in the right direction.

At the critical juncture of your career you are often glutted with too many advices coming from different quarters. Right from your parents your distant cousins or your neighbors. That’s when you feel you are swimming in a sea of despair. If you are confused with a capital C consider the following tips to wade you out of the rigmarole.

Effective tips for choosing the perfect career

·         Follow your interests- If you always pursued a hobby which not only filled your lonely hours but also made you figure out how you would navigate your career ship at the right harbor! Go for your dream is a refrain often bandied about by most people. If you want to reconstruct your dreams and take it to the next level, then it’s best to pursue your hobbies something which you would find interesting and invigorating and if you get a job which you would be an extension of your hobbies, you would figure out the story of your career with alacrity.
·         Give career counseling a try-Just when you decide a particular career you are flooded with ideas from every  possible corner, you would be convinced by every person you come across and what exactly should you do give your career the much needed fillip. Career counselors help you choose the right direction by conducting some psychometric tests which would help you to seal the career of your choice. So when you are confused seek professional help who would help you meet with your true self which would set the ball rolling to define your career path.
·         Mingle with professionals- When you are drawn towards two or three career options. Seek the help of people who are in that particular field. There’s a good chance that they would provide valuable inputs to help you decide better.  Mingling with professionals would arm you with effective weaponry to slay potential problems coming your way. Also armed with the requisite knowledge like what kind of salary you should expect, how easily you can climb the rungs in your career ladder, would the job give you the stability you require for a firm footing in that particular job? Pertinent questions which needs to be addressed with care.
·         Go for career enhancing courses- There are a number of courses which would give you the option of not only broadening your knowledge but also boost your chances of giving your career the right push! Consider going for courses which would enhance your resume and perhaps help you inch closer towards your dream career.
·         Your zeal to push towards your goal-The passion to follow your career goal could make or break your career. It’s only when you pursue your goal fearlessly and passionately could make you break the shackles, because then you are prepared to go to the furthest extent to fulfill your dreams and desires. You must also be well prepared considering the amount you have to spend and to prepare yourself to cover great distances for your job. Consider chalking out the pros and cons of the particular job and decide when the pros far outnumber the cons. For example if you are planning a career as a war reporter you should be aware of the fact that your job could take you to several unimaginable places. So the right amalgamation of proper planning and the right dose of passion can prove to be the perfect concoction of a brilliant career.
·         Your ability to spend on that particular career- There are a number of career options which require a humungous amount of money. You have to plan accordingly or if you are in a deep trench financially then you have to chalk an ideal course of plan to amass that amount of money or think of other different ways and means to finance that particular course .There are various government organizations which offer scholarships for meritorious students. So even if you are not extremely rich you have other means and resources to finance your education.
·         Think of going for internships-Internships can help you decide whether you are adept or you have the requisite prowess to nail that career. Internships can be fairly long or short depending on the kind of internships you want to go for. It would give you the right kind of experience and knowledge to decide whether that particular field is right for you.

Deciding which direction to take is something everybody struggles with at one point or another”, Richard Branson, the famous entrepreneur aptly quoted. But it is for us to decide what career goals to take and which path would take us to reach our destination. Your ideal career should be like” Find out what you like best and get someone to pay you for it”, said Katherine Whitehorn, Wouldn’t it be the ideal situation to be in? Your career choice could be the one which would decide your future, so ideally give it careful introspection, so “Risk something or forever sit with your dreams.