Steven Rindner - Fostering business growth with the right business strategies

2/22/2016 Jhon 0 Comments

Steven Rindner is a well known name in business and corporate circles of the USA. Currently he is working at Scout Media Inc that was earlier known as the North American Media Group. By sheer dint of uncanny business sense and exemplary business vision that he is blessed with, he has contributed immensely to the remarkable growth of many companies. The success of Scout Media Inc in scaling new heights bears ample testimony of his exceptional strategic skills that has helped the company’s growth initiatives to gain unprecedented momentum.   The master business strategist that he is, he has left his footprints of success on several other companies and firms that he has worked for during his 20 years of exceptionally exciting and fruitful career. He has used his vast talent in driving business by implementing deft strategies that only he can devise. 

A fruitful journey

Having worked in different kinds of business organizations for two decades, Steven Rindner has seen and handled business operations across a diverse range and has been highly successful in the areas of marketing, media and technology. He contributed significantly in Kastle Systems International LLC where he worked as the Executive Vice President.  It was the service division of the company that he headed and using his exceptional strategic skills pulled it through a rapid growth path and placed it several notches above in a very short span of time. Corporate development was his responsibility as a Senior Vice President at AOL where he showed his true colors. He enjoyed his stints working in the same capacity for other companies like America Online, Inc also known as Time Warner where he had to look after Business development, programming and marketing and he had also been associated with Citigroup’s Strategic Alliances in New York.

Wide exposure

Variety has always attracted this notable business strategist who also has extensive experience in matters of private equities that he had gathered during his early days when he had worked for Louis Dreyfus and many other startups.  He also had a brief stint in legal practice while serving as an Assistant United States Attorney and handling cases related to private and public causes in Washington D.C. During this period he was attached to some law firms that included Shearman & Sterling and Fried Frank.

Current role

Steven Rindner is currently at the helm of affairs at Scout Media Inc which is a leading name in the world of digital media network. The company is associated with sporting activities and caters to male sporting enthusiasts through television properties and web print media that encompasses a range of outdoor sports like NFL, baseball, basketball, college football, hunting and fishing. 

The company is now associated with several reputed brands like Golf Partners, North American hunter, North American Fisherman, Major League Basketball  and The History Channel. He has taken the initiative to propel the company’s growth at a rapid pace and the company has developed and produced more than ten thousand videos that cater to 300 web destinations and the mark of the genius is evident in every step that the company takes.