4 Behavioral Characteristics of Horses to Consider

3/26/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Horses are labelled as one of the most perceptive among all domestic animals. This is primarily because of their highly developed senses. As for the fact, horses tend to be easily disturbed by stimuli that are unnoticeable by the humans. Also, they are prey animals encompassing a fight-or-flight reaction which can trigger accidents imposing injuries depending on its extent. Aside from investing on horse-keeping safety elements like fencing for horses, the most effective way to minimize the risks of accidents if you have a pet horse is to thoroughly understand its nature. There are a lot of behavioral qualities that horses hold which are worthy of their owners understanding so to create safe environment. Thus, establishing a strong equine-human communication will eradicate the risks.

The main behavioral characteristics of horses that should be considered by the owners are:

1.       As a horse pet owner, they should be aware that horses are fast to react. They are naturally born capable of assessing and making decisions right on the spot. While this is good in some situations, there are also instances wherein this trait can cause serious harms towards nearby people especially when the horse is having an agitated state of mind. Studies prove that a horse kick can closely be compared to being hit by a small vehicle that travels in 20 miles per hour.

2.       Horses have good memory. Secondary to elephants, they have an excellent functioning memory. Because of that, horses can remember persons, places and things that they had encountered and learned. There is no doubt that this characteristic is an advantage; however, negative treatments which they had received are not easily forgotten by the horses. Thus, a good treatment shown to them will be truly cherished. Also, they forgive but they cannot forget.

3.       Subsequently, horses can be trained but their nature will never be replaced. Although pursuing a behaviour formation training towards horses is good, their owners should not disregard the fact that no matter how effective the teaching strategy is and how dedicated the trainers may be – to refine the attitudes of their pet for instance – their natural behavior will always be there. This can be manifested by the horses during times when they feel that they are in dangerous and alike situations.

4.       To aid their frightening stimuli, horses are born with a fast calming ability. Owners’ should know that horses has the skill to be frightened in certain moments but completely calm in the next, as if nothing happened. In times of scary or even false alarming situations, this mammal can do harmful actions for they might be triggered by the pertained dismaying situations. This is why it is important to place them in a suitable environment, giving them space and fencing for horses to ensure their safety.

Horses can hurt a victim with soft tissue injuries such as bruises, abrasions, and lacerations. The can also cause fractures, or blows to anybody by using a kick, shove, stomp, shy, buck, or bolt power. Also, there are a lot of ways in which horses can initiate harmful situations and sufferings. By understanding the sensory perception of horses, their respective pet owners are able to attain valuable comprehensions regarding the horse’s behavior. Furthermore, establishing a strong equine-human communication will eradicate the risks of encountering the aforesaid situation.

In addition to some safety requirements to follow, knowing the corresponding meanings of the horses’ body signals can also increase the chances of avoiding related accidents to take into place. Horses are blessed with the ability to express exactly what they are feeling at the moment; however, humans are certainly unaware of these signs since they lack enough knowledge of knowing them. Investing time to establish a good relationship between the owner and their horse pet is as important as properly feeding this domestic animal with nutritious foods every day.

Taking advantage of the most satisfying traits of horses, in particular with their fast calming capacity can also contribute to indulgence of a safer environment.