A Definitive Guide On The Flowers You Can Plant This Summer!!

3/18/2016 John Evans 0 Comments

Planning for the summer garden by sowing the seeds and introducing the plants as well during the end of spring may sound a little bit early for making a start. But still, this is advisable as an early planning could result in good gardening and flowering of plants. This can ultimately result with the plenty of time for growing a large proportion of the plants by yourself along with saving lot of money as well. This is why it is considered to be great to get outside and perform some of the gardening activities.

Before the arrival of summer, one could have a great range of seeds that you can sow during the spring season. This will end up with sowing your seeds at the right time while giving a wonderful display of the flowers between the late Spring and Summer as well. Also, you con opt to plant some of the lovely shrubs and plants as well that can help you in establishing in the Spring while making them ready to flourish as the warmer months arrive.

So in order to help you out with different options, a leading flower delivery store is guiding you with the top picks on what to plant for having fantastic summer garden. Let us have a look at those options:
Ø  Roses: It is great to plant bare-root roses while they are in the dormant state during this time of the year. As a result, planting them during Spring allows them to get established before the growing season. Some of its shrub variants like the peachy, blousy flowers can be the real showstopper from the late Spring.

Ø  Sweet Peas: These are must-have flowers for your cottage-garden that makes a lovely cut of flowers. The Sweet Peas are considered to be great for the children to grow and even the seeds are easy to handle. These flowers are easy to grow in the garden and blooms well with the heavy-handed watering.

Ø  Poppies: The delicate, silky petals of the Poppies and their masses of blooms is one of the most attractive features that adds texture and movement to the garden. These blooms work well in the summer gardens as it will make your garden look heavily filled with flowers in the Summers.

Ø  Pansies: The Pansies are among one of the hardworking plants that flower forever and works greatly for the containers as well as for filling gaps in the borders. Their attractive shades in the Cool Summer Breeze gives a fantastic look as the light fades on Summer evening.

Ø  Shasta Daisies: Daisies are one of the sweetest and loveliest flowers that are appreciated by all. These Shasta Daisies are tall at around 90 cm and they result in making a great cut flower. Besides that, they also provide a real structure to the border. This flower is beneficial to the pollinating insects as well and is a must have variety to introduce in your garden.

Ø  Monarda: Monarda is a great choice for those who want a great impact and heighten plants. The Monarda flowers are appreciated through the Summer into Autumn and would work well at the back of a mixed flower border. Also, it is a fantastic plant for the pollinating insects that can help in breeding these plants at different places.

Ø  Azaleas: The Azaleas must be planted out now as they are compact and work well with the containers. This can also look well with the front border as they will retain their leaves all the year round while giving you a gorgeous display of the flowers in Spring. There are a number of varieties of these flowers and also has a great colour in Autumn season too.

Thus, these were some of the best flower variants that you can opt to plant this Summer.